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My apologies. As I was composing this blog post, my computer quit. Hmmmph!

Of course, Gordon was out of town. Zach and I tried to work some magic, but obviously, we weren't holding our mouths just right. We tried lots of things, but nothing. It ended up being the outlet that the computer was plugged into. Zach was going to replace it, but I didn't let him. I guess I should have trusted in him and I would have avoided being without a computer for almost 2 days. Gack. Didn't like that at all!

The winner of our Ella Publishing giveaway, and the newest eBook, How to Scrapbook Your Personal Heritage is:

There were 31 comments, but one was to notify me that the post was being shared elsewhere, so I backed out that one, leaving me with 30. Commenter 21 is Mollie and she said:

And now for the layout I created using this eBook for inspiration. I used the layout from page 19, designed by one of the authors, Aby Garvey. The prompt was:


and she shared her thoughts on Captain Kangaroo, and having the opportunity to meet her childhood hero as an adult. Although I don't have a heritage photo related to Captain Kangaroo, and he might not have been my childhood hero, he is part of my childhood and a fond memory of my younger days.

So, I ran with it. Using her layout, the prompt, and her childhood here, I made this layout about Captain Kangaroo. I just love that reading her journaling brought to mind an aspect of my childhood that I've thought about before, but never put down on paper. My brother, James and I, would run through the hallway of our family's apartment {we were in military housing} at Bitburg Air Force Base when we heard the theme song of Captain Kangaroo on Saturday mornings. I think I need to add that thought somewhere on the page, now that I think about it! I can still seeing us doing the {run and slide} as we reached the living room!

So, tell me, are you going to scrapbook some heritage photos this weekend?

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  1. Glad you're back--I was beginning to worry because you hadn't posted! :) Cute page!


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