thank goodness it's friday

Yesterday at Write.Click.Scrapbook. Amy shared a color palette that I just adored. It made me happy, made me smile and made me pin it here so that I could continue to be inspired by the yumminess.

TGIF Download for Project Life |

If it makes you happy, too, just drag the image to your desktop and print. It's sized to 3x4 to fit inside your Project Life page protectors. Or, add it to a card base and send it to your bff. Use it as an embellishment for your next scrapbook layout. Hey, how about just printing it out and washi tape it on your fridge.

Hoping your Friday is good.

back to school

The girls have almost four weeks of school under their belts.

Back to School | Monika Wright

I continue to be amazed by their love of school and good grades. I'm thankful that homework is relatively pain free. Learning seems to comes easily to them, but they do have their favorite subjects and excel at those more than at their less favorite subjects. Zach was a highly intelligent child and surpassed my skills in Math and Science at an early age, but I don't know that he enjoyed school as much as these girls do.

Back to School | Monika Wright
Back to School | Monika Wright

Every day I wonder how I already have a 5th grader and a 2nd grader. It feels like just days ago that I was wondering when I was ever going to feel something other than exhausted. I nursed each of my kids for a year each. They never had a bottle and didn't sleep through the night until I stopped nursing, which means I woke for feedings every 4 hours every night for a whole year. Yes, I was tired.

Sometimes, I find myself thinking about how I would be an empty nester if Gordon and I had not had our girls. We are lucky to have them, as I had secondary infertility and underwent fertility treatments to bring these two precious girls into our lives.

And I wouldn't change a thing. It was totally worth being exhausted to have still have two special young people around to hug my neck, say Mommy 30 times a day, tell me I'm the best and shower me with I Love You's.

Back to School | Monika Wright

I'd say it has been an excellent return on our investment!

calendar cuties | september and october 2013

September + October 2013 Calendar Cuties |
There's a crispness to the air...and I love it! After our Summer of rain, rain and more rain, our cool mornings and evenings are a welcome proposition.

If you happen to download these calendars and use them in a project, leave a comment with the link to a photo gallery, Facebook status or blog post and you'll be entered to win a $20 gift certificate to my shop. Contest ends October 10th and it is the winner's responsibility to claim their prize. 

right now | august 2013

Even though it's been quiet here on the blog, I've been busy behind the scenes. Very busy. And productive. It feels good to cross things off my To Do list that have been there much too long.

Right Now Mini Album Download |

What's on your To Do list?

august | 8.16.13

energized with the clean-up + purging. pensive about the news from Zach.

on the to do list
clear out the garage. print photos. take items to donate. start stocking up on shop goodies.

my guilty pleasure
enjoying the quiet days after a summer with two lively girls at home.

deli rolls from public with a grilled buyer and cappuccino gelato for dessert.

dreaming about
the gorgeous fall days that are ahead, not a fan of our humid, rainy summer this year.

grateful for
the great team g and i are...making decisions we're both happy about on our mud porch.

Here's the post where I share how I created my mini album.

right now archives

never too old to learn

At one time, I could crochet just a bit. Time has passed and what little bit of crochet knowledge I had has been forgotten. After wanting to relearn the craft, I finally signed on to take a class at my local Hobby Lobby. 

Class was last night with a delightful instructor and four other ladies ready to learn.

Learning to Crochet | via monikawright_iloveitall on Instagram

I'm hooked.

back to the school bus challenge | the twinery

We're beginning our third week of school today. Routines have been established, enthusiasm is high, and the girls even have a few tests under their belt.  In celebration of all things school related, The Twinery is happy to release its newest challenge which runs through the 30th.

Back to the School Bus Challenge #0009 for

All you have to do is to create a school themed project incorporating yellow twine, it's that easy. Here's a sneak peek of my project that's featured over on The Twinery blog today:

Back to the School Bus Challenge #0009 | Monika Wright for The Twinery

metal rimmed shipping tag collection here
glassine bags here

To reward you for your efforts, one person will win this fabulous prize. Wow, can you believe it, a $90 value!

Back to the School Bus Challenge #0009 Prize Package |

Link up your project here for your chance to win!

baker's twine reference chart | the twinery

I'm lucky to have quite the supply of baker's twine and I'm tickled to share with you one of my latest creations...a little bit home decor and a little bit reference tool. 

Baker's Twine Display Frame |

Not only is this an awesome way to add color to your craft space, because there's every color of the rainbow, but it also serves as a handy tool for all the fun names of baker's twine. I left room at the bottom of my display frame...just in case the collection of shades and shimmers continues to grow!

Baker's Twine Display Frame |

After punching two sizes of tags, I decided upon the smaller tag for this project, as it fit inside my frame better but if you are space challenged, you could decide instead to hang yours on a book binder ring and tuck it away with the rest of your crafting tools. 

How do you store your The Twinery baker's twine? 

my studio | featured at craft storage ideas

Originally featured at Craft Storage Ideas

I began scrapbooking in 2009 with a small 3 drawer paper organizer atop an old dining room table and here I am 4 years later with more paper than that old organizer ever dreamed of storing. I'm a gal who doesn't like clutter, so I battle with my need to have quick access to supplies and tools while wanting to keep things hidden and pretty.

I have been known to splurge now and then, but I also have a practical side and have found that empty food packaging make wonderful storage bins. I recycle snack cracker cartons, fruit cup containers and gift boxes to fit inside drawers that no one but me will see anyway. 

What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

When I moved from my son's former bedroom out to our sunroom a few months ago, I knew that I would need quite a few items. Because of the growth of my business the past 12 months and my need for optimal storage, I wanted to invest in myself and my business' future for the long haul and I knew that it was going to cost some money. While the IKEA product line was budget friendly, the three tool chests were by far the largest expense, but worth every single penny paid. It would have been more cheaper to go with more of the IKEA storage units matching the two I purchased, but they would never have held the amount of goodies in such an organized manner that these chests do. I will have them forever.

Here's a link to specific items I purchased for my Studio overhaul.

What was your greatest challenge?

There are a few things I had to keep in mind when designing the room. 

1.  Since my Studio is directly off our dining room, I wanted to keep in mind the visual appeal of what was seen from a high traffic area of our home. That I placed the small settee, floor lamp, rug and ottoman that were already in the sun room where they are was a conscious decision to give my otherwise utilitarian room a soft, inviting feel.

The bonus about having a sitting area in my Studio, I find, is that my husband and I often drink a cup of coffee here together while we chat and catch up on our e-mails. And, as I prepare this post, my youngest daughter is playing games and talking to me about a zillion different things. My kids love to be in here with me!

2.  Because the sunroom is an addition and not originally part of our home, all electrical outlets run along the wall to the right of my desk are, behind my IKEA Expedit shelving unit. There are industrial grade spotlights above the tool chests and my husband had the bright idea to use electrical conduit along the ceiling to hide the wiring so that I could have light above my crafting area, which is an unexpected twist to the ultra modern pendant light I have above my computer desk.

3.  This isn't just a crafting room, it's also the office space I use to conduct business for I Love It All, my Etsy shop. That meant finding space for two printers, the specialty paper I use to create the art prints I design, a professional grade paper cutter, various other crafting tools and the usual amount of paperwork that goes along with owning a business. Therefore, I had to find creative ways to store Design Team papers and embellishments, my personal paper stash as well as the crafting supplies I use to create mini books and journals and art prints for the shop. I'm guessing you can imagine how much paper that really is.

Are you an "organize it once" kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

Generally, I am an organize it once kind of girl and while I do find new ways to organize, I am a huge creature of habit and once I find a plan that works, I stick with it. What you probably don't know is that my Studio is really still in limbo and these images required some creative rearranging to snap the photos I'm sharing with you today. I imagine there will still be a few tweaks to my system until I'm comfortable with my new space and have a {final resting} place for everything. 

What is one thing you'd like to improve about your storage/organization?

I'd like to find a short rolling cart to slide under my desk area that would allow me to store both my sewing machine and my vintage typewriter so that they're both within easy access. I rarely use my typewriter as I have to pull it off the shelf and try to find an empty spot when I'm in the middle of crafting, which means that every available flat space is covered in paper with no room for more gadgets. I'm thinking I will repurpose a white laminate paper cube and add some wheels I already have instead of buying something new.

Find more STORAGE posts here.

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encouraging words | home decor

During Paper Kit Week at My Mind's Eye a while back, I created a project featuring the Find Your Wings and Fly collection by Rhonna Farrer. I chose to use the "Sky's the Limit" Paper Kit for my home decor project because when I began pulling all the goodies out of the kit, I was so inspired by the uplifting words and messages found on the sticker accessories sheet.

I began by covering an oval wooden shape I found in my stash with the patterned cardstock. I then die cut more of the gorgeous papers and used foam adhesive to add dimension to my inspirational art piece. 
Inspirational Home Decor |

I've been displaying this cutie in my Studio, and it is especially nice to see on those days when I need a little bit of extra sunshine and words that do me good.

Encouraging Home Decor | Monika Wright

pinterest inspired | the twinery

If you spend any amount of time at all on Pinterest, I'm sure you've pinned an item or two {or two thousand} for inspiration. Why not take a quick browse through your boards, find a project and get to crafting with your favorite shades of baker's twine.

Why? Because The Twinery has a new challenge and wants you to share your Pinterest Inspiration projects with them.

And here's what you can win.

Solid Twine Sampler Pack
retail value $30

You can find a few projects I've made with baker's twine here and the details and directions to link up your project can be found here.

gratitude journal coupon code |

The new Gratitude Journals are in the shop and ready to ship!

Gratitude Journal Coupon Code from

I am humbled by the kind comments I have received from people all over the world that are using their Gratitude Journals from I Love It All.  Just the other day a friend mentioned to me that she has written in her Journal every single day this year. I have not, I will admit and I miss those days that I don't. 

Taking the time to pause for a moment every day to reflect upon a smile that made a difference, a kind word someone said to me or hearing the words I Love You from the man who rocks my world are just a few of the "little" things that make a BIG difference to me.

it's all about perspective | a mini album tutorial

As we scrambled to fit in the last days of Summer fun {school began this week} I took a few moments  to pause and think about how truly wonderful our life is and documented it all in a mini album. 

Perspective Mini Album |

For my Mini Albums with Monika feature over on the My Mind's Eye blog in July, I used the Kate & Co. Cambridge Court collection, focusing on the polka dotted patterned papers for my mini album. I loved the graphic appeal of those dots and the fabulous colors are so fun. Keeping it clean and simple, I scored my 12 x 12 papers at the 6" mark and folded it over to form my pages into 6 x 12.

Perspective Mini Album |

For the cover, I used the Chipboard Elements and lots and lots of foam adhesive to make each layer of chipboard a little higher than the layer below. I like how you can peek beneath and still see the patterned paper.

Perspective Mini Album |

Because it's fun to have different sized pages in your mini albums, try trimming the journaling cards and placing them between your larger pages, plus the extra journaling room is an added bonus. For the 4x6 card, I scored and folded it in the middle and chose photos that were then {2011} and now {2013} to reinforce the theme.

Perspective Mini Album |

Sprinkling a few enamel dots around your page ups the cuteness, too!

Perspective Mini Album |

What can I say, we're still crazy about each other after all these years. We've been lucky in love for 15 years now and looking forward to the next 15!

I've enjoyed my year with My Mind's Eye and getting to share with all of you my first love in scrapbooking, the mini album. Working and creating with all the colorful, lively, inspiring collections from My Mind's Eye has been a true privilege and such a thrilling experience for me. I hope that in some way, I've inspired others to try their crafty hand at making one or two for themselves. 

5 on the 5th | august 2013

It was the First Day of School!

5 on the 5th |

We've officially ended Summer vacation and today is the second day of school.

1  |  She's in the 5th grade. There are 30 kids in her class this year. She sits between two boys, one she thinks is pretty awesome and one she thinks talks too much. She loved her first day of school!

2  |  She's in the 2nd grade. There are not 30 kids in her class. She sits next to a boy and is at the end of a row. She said he was persnickety last year, but thinks they're going to be pretty good friends this year. She loved her first day of school!

3  |  Pretty awesome when your uber sexy Tech support guy is also your uber sexy husband. Lucky me that he takes care of all the mundane, must do tasks that I always seem to let slip my mind.

4  |  Usually, special after school treats are reserved for Friday. But, Mommy, today is the first day of school and you have to earn your first "You're the Best Mommy Ever" merit badge of the off we head to the new ice cream place in town we've been meaning to check out. Thumbs up on the Cheesecake soft serve.

5  |  In an effort to get all my lists, scraps of paper, plans, dreams, numbers, codes and anything else that needs to be organized all into one place, I've purchased a pocket organizer. I am loving the whole write it down, make it cute, figure out a system of it all. {See #3}

P. S. I'm a sucker for Scholastic book orders and sometimes have to restrain from ordering and say we'll just check the book out from the library...but not today.

follow along on Instagram {monikawright_iloveitall} where I tag my photos with #5onthe5th
all photos made using my iPhone with Instagram and edited with the Valencia filter

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hanging on

After Isabella's 10th birthday party yesterday, the girls were ready to walk up the driveway to Nana's and Papa's for a quick swim. After all, they wanted to hang on to their last official day of Summer vacation for as long as they could.

Our Girls |

My two girlies love to swim and splash and are getting stronger and better every day. Yesterday, they were doing time trials to se how long they could swim underwater without breathing. They both achieved 13 seconds underwater, going from one end of the pool to the other. I'm not a swimmer, but I think that's pretty impressive.

Goodbye Summer.
Today is our first day of school and we have 2nd grader and 5th grader in the house!

wright now

Because we are at the age, and stage, in our lives that we can afford a few of the nicer things in life...we splurged! Big time! BIG time.

1  |  After an exhaustive search at our locally owned lawn + garden home decor shops, the big box stores, chain home improvement stores, we just had to bit the bullet and purchase two of these beauties. We opted for the in stock color and did not special order the cushions in a designer color. What we will have will look exactly as pictured. I can not wait!

2  |   This table speaks to me. The wood and rusted iron fit in perfectly with our rustic mountain setting, but it also has a bit of an urban appeal to it. Just a perfect combination. We had such a good experience with this purchase. The clerk looked to see if there was another one in stock {we needed four} and there were plenty so she gave us the sale price for our rain check item, which was 40% off. And then, because we had a store loyalty card, there was an additional 15% off coupon that she allowed us to download on the spot since we knew nothing about it. Awesome, awesome customer service.

3  |  Nana and I were invited to a Kaffee Klatsch recently and while there, I spied this ceiling fan. {Actually, they had 6 or 8 of them...their space was that big. And gorgeous.} Deb so kindly offered to send me the  link and my Sweetie was able to find an even better price for us. Our space has just one, but it's just   lovely.

I'm so looking forward to the memories that will be made while lounging on our mud porch.