keeping me company

Victoria has been home with me since Monday.

Gordon took her to the Doctor on Sunday and came home with the diagnosis of Type A Flu. Monday was a day spent pretty much in bed. By Tuesday, Victoria was bored with being in bed and watched a few movies and then came out to the Studio with me. I had forgotten just how nice it is listening to her play as she has two- and three-way conversations with whatever it is she's playing with. 

And on Wednesday there was no movie watching at all because Victoria lied to me. Even after I gave her another chance to come clean, she didn't so I chose no movies or tv shows for the remainder of the time she's home sick as her punishment for the lie. And she does love to watch a movie. 

And it has all worked out just fine. She has played alongside me in the Studio, played with Smoky, read a few books, done some school work her Teacher sent home with Isabella and even took a nap.  I suggested she choose as much washi tape as she wanted and make some Valentine hearts, which I forgot to photograph. Loved it, yes she sure did, AND I let her use my My Mind's Eye DT stash, not just the stuff I have in my personal stash. See what happens when you're home sick from school?

She had a slight fever last night, so even though the Doctor said she could go back to school today, we've kept her home so she doesn't spread germs to the rest of the school. 

Honestly, I'm glad to have her with me if for just one more day. Friday is Gym Day and who wants to miss Gym Day? And I kinda want to go get a haircut and have my gray covered up. We're both keeping our fingers crossed that it's back to school she goes tomorrow.

etsy finds | lemon street jewelry

I love to browse and shop on Etsy as much as the next person. Mostly I just browse, but every so often, I treat myself to a few goodies. Hard to believe that in the midst of Winter that I'm already dreaming of Spring, or is it? I thought that these 3 sweet bracelets {instead of the cream color, I chose the Monaco Blue to coordinate with the Tangerine and Mint Green} and necklace imagining how would it will be to wear them once the weather warms up. 

If you think Carrie's jewelry is as cute as I do, visit her Lemon Street Jewelry shop while she still has FREE SHIPPING available and her buy 2 get 1 free bracelet special! I don't see the necklace available any more, but you might ask if she would make the necklace that Monika from I Love It all bought. Worth a try, right?

NOTE  |  I have not been compensated for this feature in any way, I just wanted to share a fun shop with you. It warms my heart when people share the love for my shop and thought I would do the same for Carrie's cute, bright little shop. She was wonderful to work with, quick to respond to my inquiry about the necklace and I can't wait until my goodies arrive. 

 You see, I'm not only an Etsy shop owner, but a customer as well. 

wright now

From right now to Wright Now.  It's just a little bit messy in our home as we make the move out to the sunroom. I might even get all fancy schmancy and call the new space my studio instead of the craft room. But, my Sweetie will probably still let slip and call it my sCrap room, if you get my drift, every now and then. All in all, he's very supportive of my paper addiction now that it has turned from a hobby-type activity into a full-blown work-from-home gig.

1  | organization and function...come to Mama!

2  |  these will work nicely to help me organize my goodies.

3  |  and these, too.

4  |  two desks? check!

5  |  and a comfy seat for my tushy.

Talked with Zach a few days ago and he's trying to plan a trip home for 4 or 5 days. He'll be taking his bed and mattress back with him and who knows what else. You might remember that we relocated his bed out to the sunroom when I took over his room and now, poor guy, his Mama's moving him out of the sunroom, too. No worries, we have plenty of room for him when he comes for a visit!

right now | december + january

I have to be honest...2013 is shaping up to be a very good year. Yes, I know that we're only 3 weeks in, but I can feel is great and I'm open to embracing so many things. There really is nothing like feeling good and I want to hold on to this feeling for a long time.

I began documenting my right now moments back in December when I created this mini album for my Mini Albums with Monika feature at My Mind's Eye. I printed enough pages to last me for two years and will continue to add new MME collections as they debut.

december | 12.27.12

a little chunky...ate too many christmas cookies
happy & fulfilled

on the to do list
put away Christmas decorations
write thank you notes
work on 2014 calendar & menu's

my guilty pleasure 
eating the rest of oma's christmas cookies tonight and not sharing very many

being able to share our good fortune with an angel tree family...i needed that

dreaming about
a summer vacation to somewhere sunny & sandy
pina colada's on a sandy beach

grateful for
we had our family of 5 together this Christmas and it was so very nice

january | 1. 19.13

invigorated! finally getting caught up on to do's and feeing great about it!

on the to do list
make the move to the new craft studio in the sun room and "purge" in the process

tea tree lip balm from great clips Zach got for me while home at Christmas

dreaming about
my new studio and all the sunshine. i've missed you beautiful sunshine!

grateful for
a husband who make it all happen and with a great attitude, too!

You can document your very own thoughts every month by downloading your right now page template and following along with the supply list.

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for the home | valentine's day gift ideas

1                                                  2                                                 3

When designing prints for the shop, I choose common sizes so that finding a frame is simple. Well, simple in finding the right size, not in finding just the right frame. I tend to stick with Pottery Barn frames as they stock the same style again and again, which my OCD personality tends to like. Alot. Secondly, they go on sale at different times during the year, so that helps, too.

After picking your favorite frame, you can then choose a few different prints to change out during the year depending upon colors you tend to decorate with for that season. I know I do that and figured that others might do that as well. 

grateful journal | my mind's eye

For the past several years, I have been keeping a Gratitude Journal. Several of my journals have been making the rounds on Pinterest, but if you're unfamiliar with what a Gratitude Journal is, it's very simple. I construct a mini book made from my pretty paper scraps adding in journaling spots and other interesting bits of paper items.
Then, each day I record a short sentence about something in my day that made me smile or reminded me of the blessings in my life. Granted, there are also days when it is difficult to see goodness because I am frustrated, so I have also recorded those thoughts as well. And if I skip a day or two, that's okay. 
Know this, you will be doubly blessed when you read over your grateful thoughts at a later date. I have looked back over my journal from this year and I recorded thoughts that I had forgotten about until I reread them. That alone is worth the few moments I take to slow down and think about what made me smile that day.

Now for the Details
Make plans to raid your paper stash and begin creating your journal today!

Here are some photos to inspire you to create. This is my first page, to the left is the inside front cover. I've added in a mini shipping tag where I'll more than likely add the year as I now have several Gratitude Journals in my collection. Don't forget all the brads and 6x6 pads in your collection...all perfect for a mini book!

Let's Get Stamping

Journaling Prompts
Feel like you might be at a loss for what to write? Search through your journaling spots and embellishments for phrases, quotes and sayings that catch your eye. Add those directly to your pretty papers and be ready to journal at a moment's notice.

Create Your Own Journaling Spots
All the off cuts from trimming the papers to size are great to use for journaling spots. I've trimmed mine into little banner strips. I've even utilized my decorative tape, making some raw chipboard and graph paper part of the design process. You'll also want to grab several handfuls of journaling cards, tags and other items that can be adhered to those pages that have an overall design that complicate journaling directly on your patterned paper. 

Embellish an envelope flap and tuck your more private thoughts inside.

Even create your own embellished pages using decorative washi tape!

Multi Task Your Paper

Make it Count
This type of journal can be anything you want it to be. Daily thoughts or just deciding to journal when you feel the need to...or even use it as an art journal. Once you have your foundation, fun awaits you. 

I happen to adore this quote and it seemed the perfect ending for my back cover. I've already flipped through my Journal several times to just admire all the prettiness and this saying gets me every time.

Speaking of back covers, don't forget to fancy it up a bit as well using scraps or, as I did, more decorative tapes from MME. You could use almost any notebook to record your grateful thoughts, sure, but my reasoning is that with a journal as cute and inspiring as this one, who wouldn't want to sit down and flip through all that gorgeous paper to write?

May 2013 be filled with joyful memories for you!

NOTE  |  First featured on the My Mind's Eye blog, you can find a supply list PDF with tips, ideas and cut and trim info for several of the pages featured here.

Find Gratitude Journals in the scrapbook style, travelers notebook Gratitude Journals and composition book Gratitude Journals in the shop.

5 on the 5th | january 2013

This may be just too much sharing for you, but once I realized it was time for 5 on the 5th, I didn't have a plan. So what does a busy Mommy do...walk around the house looking for photos to quickly snap. Going with the totally random theme...wait for it is...where we sleep.

1 | don't let those gorgeous blue eyes fool you. he most definitely does not make his now almost too small kitty condo his bed of choice. he does enjoy spending time with me, but more than likely, you'll find him snuggled on the furry blanket that rests atop our ottoman that sits just outside my Studio. or because he's kinda sneaky...he likes to hop onto the girls' beds and take naps there. he thinks he's all cool and stuff  and slithers down the hall like he was just out for a stroll when he hears my footsteps going up the stairways to their rooms. yeah, and occasionally he thinks he'll try out our Tempur-Pedic which is a huge  no-no. oh, and he thinks we don't know that his favorite night time spot is nestled at Isabella's feet on her pink blanket. 

2 | aaaaah. our little oasis. we've had the same bedding for probably five sporting the winter look of down duvet with our silk coverlet at the foot of the bed...and we still love it. it was a splurge, but oh so worth it. and yes, it looks like this i cannot climb back into an unmade bed. probably comes from having a tidy German mother and military dad.

3 | once the nursery, then Isabella's room and now the cutest darn Spunkster ever resides in this somewhat always messy kingdom. she hides stuff under her bed, under the dresser, in her drawers...anywhere she can find other than where it belongs. she has the smallest bedroom in the house, but spends the most time in her room of all of us. plans are to get a trundle bed, but just can't seem to find the perfect one. she reaaallllly wants a trundle bed so that she can be just like her american girl dolls.  yes, she sleeps with all of those sleep buddies. and she makes her own bed. it's not perfect, but i dare not touch it up. she asked me one day if i had fixed up her bed. she did not like that mommy felt the need to perfect her hard work. so , from that day forward i have not spiffed up her bed, or Isabella's bed either. i'm sure Zach wishes his Mommy had been that "loose" with him when he was their age.

this was once Papa's room, we have the privilege of calling his parents' home our home now. 

4 | princess land if there ever was. pink is everywhere. she loves pink. pink is everywhere in her closet, too. actually, she would like a lighter shade of pink and asks DaDa quite often to change the wall color to LIGHT pink. not one to hide things as often as her sister, she does like her sleep buddies as well. she actually snuggles with them where Victoria just sleeps beside hers. having moved into what was once Zach's room when Victoria was born {he moved into the bachelor suite Gordon built for him in the basement}, she has the bedroom suite that belonged to Nana's mother. i see signs of a girl growing up, there's lip gloss on her vanity and she thinks she's quite the little miss when she gets to wear it. now I know why they say, "don't blink."

5 | craziness from the little girl and cat cuddles from the big girl. 

all photos made using my iPhone with the Instagram app and edited with the Earlybird filter

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valentine's day gift ideas |

I'm not such a lovey dovey kinda girl. Yes, I love a good chick flick. And chick lit, among other types of novels. And a greeting card with just the right message. But, not sappy, syrupy messages. 

When I see the Sold Orders page in my Etsy shop stats, it appears that so many people have already begun searching for just the right Valentine's Day cards and gifts for their family members. Here's what's trending right now over in the shop and as you'll see...they're sweet, but not too syrupy. 

for him & for her

1  |  52 Things I Love About You - inspired by the popular 10 Things I Love About You mini book and created as a customer request. How about ordering now and from Valentine's Day this year until Valentine's Day next year, record one special "thing" that tells them how much they mean to you. 

2  |  Originally a gift I made for Gordon, the Alphabet of Our Love mini book is popular not only in the shop but on Pinterest as well.

3  |  Simple. Modern. Perfect for him or an Anniversary card, on your wedding day, just's 10 Things I Love About You. Also great for a 10-Year anniversary gift!

for mom & for dad

4  |  10 Things We Love About Dad, which can be customized to include your Dad's or Grandfather's special name is also great to gift for Father's Day.

5  |  What do you get them? How about an art print that can be customized, for no extra charge, with their wedding date! So Happy you'll have that song stuck in your head all day.

6  |  And for the Mommy's that remember every special day and make us feel special and loved and cherished and spoil us even when we're 48 years old, there's a 10 Things We Love About Mom, which can also be customized with her special name.

Here's hoping we all find the perfect way to tell them I Love You.

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good luck

You may want to visit The Twinery to enter this giveaway. Did you see that discount coupon code?

And while you're there, you won't want to miss out on this coupon code either...includes all shades, even the new Gold Shimmer and Platinum Shimmer baker's twine!

calendar cuties | january & february 2013 download

Ready to place in a 4x6 frame like I did last here and here, or even add to a scrapbooking layout, these mini 2013 calendars cuties were created with templates from a recent blog post at where Celeste, Christine and Marnie share how they used this very same template.  

Download your January & February 2013 calendar here. The March and April calendar downloads will be available the 3rd week in February. Find more 2013 Calendar Cuties here.

journals and projects and planners and organizers

I'd say we're all the year, new day, new plan, new ideas to keep organized and on track. Surprising to me that I still haven't set up my calendar for this year as I can't decide if I'll buy one or create my own using downloads. Whew, thank goodness my 2012 calendar has the first week of January. 


The popularity of the 365 Things I Am Grateful For Gratitude Journal continues to blow my mind. And I continue to be humbled by the support of all of you and other Etsy customers, too. As each month passes, I'll continue to offer the Journal with one less month in the Journal and therefore the price is reduced with each passing month as well. So....toward the middle of January, I'll be making February-December Gratitude Journals. Make sense? This concept was so well received in 2012, it just seemed to be a good idea to continue through 2013.

                 Gratitude Journal Notebook Diary           365 Things Gratitude Journal

You have the choice of beginning the notebook journal with any month, it doesn't have to begin in January. Plans are to have a Pregnancy Journal notebook soon...just have to find the perfect paper for the covers.


I began this project back in 2011 and began offering the month-in-review mini albums for sale in the shop in 2011. This post explains my month-in-review process and how I keep track of our monthly activities. There are a few months I need to photograph and upload to the blog to have a complete record here as well and I'll do that soon.

What I love about this project, is that I use it to record the little details. I haven't been so good about making layouts this year, other than assignments for Design Teams as I much prefer mini albums, so this organizer has been great to jot down memories that would have soon been forgotten. Plus, the size is so manageable and not at all bulky. I foresee me doing this for a long time and to eventually have a really wonderful collection of everyday moments from many, many years.

right now | a mini album download

We're two days into a brand new year, can you believe it?

A few years ago, I recorded answers to the very same prompts every month for a whole year...similar to the "currently" journaling prompts we've all seen around. Fun project to do and even more fun to look back on read what was on my mind back then. I thought it was time to do this project again, so let me share with you my process, which I first featured over on the My Mind's Eye blog.

When I create a mini album project, I nearly always design the cover last. Once I began my search for goodies to embellish the front cover, the chipboard piece "Tell Me All About It" seemed just the perfect title for this collection of Right Now thoughts. You might notice that I added a chipboard arrow to cover the title that was already on the layered sticker. A little machine stitching, in red, highlights the red spiral binding and the red in the chipboard arrow that points to the title.

I'm still crushing on the decorative tape trend and I chose the gold polka dot tape to enhance the gold from the layered sticker embellishment on the front cover. For the back cover, a little more decorative tape to add a bit of interest. If you don't have a binding machine, use binder rings instead, or even try this technique.

See those blank blocks at the top and bottom of the mini album page? Here's how I decided to kick it up a notch...add more MME paper to the project! I printed enough pages to record my thoughts for two years, but left some pages unembellished so that I can add other MME papers to my mini album as new collections are released.

DESIGN TIP | When adding paper that needs to fit within a block, my go-to adhesive is a glue stick, which gives me just a bit of time to wiggle the paper around until it's in just the position it needs to be before it becomes permanent.

Enjoy 2013 {and beyond} and the Right Now mini book page template download!

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