this is why

This is why.

This is why I am going to be "that" kind of Mommy, Wife, Sister, In-Law, Daughter again. I have wandered from taking so many photos because I got the feeling that the family was tired of seeing me with my camera in my face or my iPhone always in my hand.

This is why we all need to be comfortable with constantly taking everyday photos that at the moment might seem kind of silly or unneeded. 

This is why.

July 2013 | Mud Porch Project

I'm working on getting together a series of posts about our mud porch project written and ran across this photo of Father and Son. Together.

it's finally summer!

For my three kidlets, it's not really Summer until they've had their first swim in Nana's pool.

And Nana spoils them and turns the pool heater on so that it's not soooooo very cold. Living in the mountains with limited direct sunlight makes a girl thankful for the the pool heater, whereas the guys think it feels like bath water. Hey, Nana and I think the warmer the better!

felt + baker's twine coaster tutorial | the twinery

I do love my cup of coffee. Well actually, my several cups of coffee,  if I'm truthful! And everyone needs a darling little rug mug, right?

Hi there, I'm over on The Twinery blog today with this quick project and super easy easy that you might want to make one to match each of your favorite mugs!


Let's get started:

Felt + Baker's Twine Coaster Tutorial | Monika Wright for The Twinery
  1. Choose the size and shape you want to create and cut two layers of felt. 
  2. Cut another shape, somewhat smaller than the first two you cut.
  3. Place the smaller shape between the two larger layers, which offers a bit more protection for your fine furniture.
  4. Thread your favorite shade of baker's twine, I used Marigold Stripe.
  5. Because the baker's twine is a thicker than sewing thread, I used this hole punch to aid me in getting my needle through the felt.
  6. Begin the blanket stitch to join your two layers together. Remember the third {smaller} layer of felt is sandwiched between the two larger shapes.
And now, you have a sweet coaster for your favorite cup of tea or mug of java.

Find your favorite shades of baker's twine here:

filofax friday | hello sunshine and a bucket list

It's been a long, wet, coolish Spring but our days have begun warming up and I am loving the wonderfully breezy  afternoons sitting on the mud porch with a good book. Here in the southern United States, it is not uncommon for us to have over 90*F temperatures with 80* humidity. Translation, you are quite sweaty the moment you walk outdoors!

Welcome to another...

#Filofax #planner #organiser #diary #agenda #free #downloads #lists #organization

...where thinking about all this sunshine has me also thinking of projects and fun things to do with the girls on their Summer vacation, which happens in 3 days!

I plan on using it as our Summertime Bucket List, because we all know how much I love list making! I've also been keeping a list {see the Summer tab?} behind my Family section of field trips we'll make this summer...hopefully one per week.

I used a small alpha stamp set I had on hand to label this page Our Summer Bucket List, what will you use yours for?

#filofax #download #free #printable #lists #organization #planner
#filofax #download #free #printable #lists #organization #planner

That cute subway art print gets shipped free with every order from my shop, while supplies last, and I found the planner template here.

I marked a majority of items of my Countdown to Spring check list and am in the process of moving the still-to-do items to the Hello Sunshine graph paper note page.

#filofax #download #free #printable #lists #organization #planner
#filofax #download #free #printable #lists #organization #planner

Download your free Hello Sunshine graph paper and Sunshine lined note page and get to listing your Summer plans!
Find more fun downloads.
Here are more Freebie Friday goodies.
And here are some Filofax posts and downloads.

Now, head on over to visit with Francine to see her Filofax Friday post...her nifty planner organizer is too cute!

the twinery + top dog dies | blog hop

Welcome friends and fans, The Twinery Design Team is showcasing a variety of the shades and shimmers and stripes and solids available to craft and create with all while using the fun designs from Top Dog Dies

You should have arrived here from:

...if not, be sure to leave a comment on The Twinery blog from Monday through Wednesday to be eligible to win the Sampler Pack of Solid baker's twine you see above. And don't forget to visit with Top Dog Dies, too, for their giveaway prize!


With just over a week left in school this year, Teacher Appreciation gifts have been on my mind. 

While looking through my crafty stash, I found this notebook and some felt scraps. Hmmm, seems like a perfect combination using the Pretty Petals and Vintage Alphabet die sets along with some bright, beautiful baker's twine.


I began by die cutting two sets of alpha's so that I could make my own dimensional sticker alphabet, I simply glued two letters together before adhering them to my notebook. Next time I want to try this same technique using foam to make my own Thickers.

After laying strips of adhesive tape on the notebook flap, I laid rows and rows of Caribbean baker's twine, adding a bit of sparkle! This technique works best for me to trim the baker's twine strands longer than needed and then going back to trim to size for a nice, crisp edge.

To make those darling felt flower die cuts pop even more, I tied a variety of french knots and simply strung Lilac, Solid Maraschino and Solid Mandarin through the holes already in place in the flower designs using this sewing needle technique that never lets me down.



Be sure to leave comments on posts on The Twinery blog on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for your chance to win a Solid Sampler Pack. And, be sure to visit with Top Dog Dies to enter their giveaway with a value of $50.00, too!

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$25 value

wright now | the landscape edition

I never shared our progress from last Spring as we went from small entryway deck at the kitchen door to big, beautiful mud porch. But I will.

Fast forward to this Spring and we are progressing on finishing up loose ends on the mud porch, adding stone to the block foundation and making decisions on landscaping. We've had a load of dirt delivered, so we've begun distributing that around the various beds as we wait for the next step...plant installation.

First, though, come the final decisions on what plants we'll choose.

Wright Now | Landscape Edition

We are lucky enough to already have two white dogwood trees to plant and will take advantage of some free rootings from Nana on the Creeping Jenny, but will wisely put our dollars into getting in our foundation plants first and then fill in with smaller plants and ground covers, hoping that eventually the need for mulch will all but disappear in a few years. Gordon will be using the tractor to place the landscape rock that we have on hand and supplement those with some found on the property.

We're all thrilled with the prospect of project completion, but me especially. And I can't wait to share pictures when we're all finished.

Photo Credit for #5 belongs to me! I was lucky to capture this a few years ago.

no matter what

No matter what, I was determined to get a photo of me with two of my three children. And Gordon helped to make it happen. One of these little cuties was being super silly and didn't want to cooperate with my request and I might have had a little temper tantrum.

In the end, we were treated to a lovely shot of Mommy with her girls.

Want to see an outtake?

That little Victoria, she makes our world a brighter, happier place! She presented Oma with a box and inside was a gift card. Oma oohs and aaaahs, of course, and then cracks up when Victoria tells her, "Oma, there's not any money on your gift card, I just liked the pretty colors." She often exits retail locations with gift cards that catch her eye with absolutely no money on them. Soooo, we often have to figure out if the gift cards she and we have are cards with actual money on them or the random gift cards she swipes at stores.

Photo Credit | Victoria

Victoria also presented Oma, Nana and me with very special handmade mini books, titled 3 Things I Adore About You. Victoria just goes with the flow with her spelling and penmanship, which kind of drives me nuts, but I point it out when she's giving a gift. Schoolwork, yes.

Here are my three things.

I was speechless when my Mom presented me with a treasured family keepsake, a Meissen vase. I have always loved this vase and was near tears when she walked up with it in her hands and handed it over to me. I thought she was just bringing the flowers and I would have to return the vase. I am honored to now be the lucky caretaker of this wonderful gift.

And meet our extra yummy, 2,000 calorie Mother's Day treat, Bread Pudding that Gordon deemed just as good as Famous Dave's! We used this Bread Pudding recipe and I would suggest using 2 loaves of french bread and make just 1/4 of the Praline sauce if you don't want oodles and oodles of sauce left over. We plan to use it as an ice cream topping, but don't say I didn't warn you. 

goodbye, scout boy

Our dear Scout has passed away.

Goodbye, Scout Boy |

He had a relapse of the same ailments he had back in September and even after another stay at the Vet, IV's and antibiotics, he just couldn't kick it. So many tests were run, x-rays, and more. We even sent a sample off to UC Davis to have his DNA tested to rule out a genetic disorder common to Border Collies.

He stayed well for a few days and then quickly became ill again. Even a second round of antibiotics didn't help. And really, he didn't even want to take them. We couldn't even bribe him with bread, his favorite treat. 

Oh gosh, his puppy dog eyes. It hurt me to see him so sad. I think he gave up, knowing that he just couldn't beat it. He laid his snout on my lap, looked up at me, and we said our goodbye.

He loved life. He loved his girls. He loved everyone, really. 

This sweet boy that was born on Valentine's Day has been gone a week, but I couldn't quite get the courage to write about it.

Goodbye, Scout Boy.

freebie friday | mother's day card downloads

Mom's make the world go round, this we know is true. So remember to tell her {with this free download} how her awesomeness, devotion and hugs at all the right times have made THE difference in your life.

You may remember that last year I shared this card that was hand-stitched with baker's twine, but it's just as cute without if you don't feel like pulling out your needle.

#mother's day #card #free #download #mom

Find more card inspiration here.

wish lists and keeping track of them

Often, when either Isabella or Victoria are hanging out with us, they will mention something that interests them...a book, a movie, some type of clothing they have their eye on. I try to remember what it is they mentioned and will then write it down in my Filofax.

If we're out doing our errands and they mention really wanting a book or movie, or some other item, I generally grab my phone and take a photo of them standing with the item they have their eye on. That way, when the Grands or Uncles ask what the kids are wanting for report cards or birthday, I can e-mail them the photo and tell them which store they can find it at.

It is a cool little trick and worked really well for us at Christmas. Give it a try, it may work for you, too.