30 Thankful Thoughts Journal Prompts

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If you're looking for a little inspiration in your gratitude journaling, you're in the right place! For some people, it can be somewhat daunting to open a new journal and wonder how they might possibly fill it with thankful thoughts for

I've been documenting my thankful thoughts and grateful moments since 2010 in a multitude of journals and notebooks and planner pages. No matter what method you choose to jot down what made you smile, what simple joys turned your day around, what small deed made a difference in your day, I invite you to keep it up and keep at it day after day. It's totally worth the time and the change in attitude.


Although there are a wide array of journal selections in my Etsy shop I Love It All, this is the sweet little journal that I'll be using. My main motivation behind this choice was that it has 30 pages, which just seemed to fit in so perfectly with this 30 day challenge, don't you think?

#30thankfulthoughts #30 Thankful Thoughts #thankfulness #gratitude #list prompts #Journal prompts #thankful thoughts #grateful moments

And that fun little stack of journal cards and die cuts in the upper right next to the journal is included with your purchase. Of course, there are lots of other goodies I'll be adding to my journal pages, you  know me. I've already taken the privilege of adding some embellishments to my pages...take a peek here:

#30thankfulthoughts #30 Thankful Thoughts #thankfulness #gratitude #list prompts #Journal prompts #thankful thoughts #grateful moments

On this page for Day 9 in my journal, the list prompt is Made Me Smile. To embellish, I used the number 9 this Printable Number Set and the turquoise pennant from this gorgeous set. 
#30thankfulthoughts #30 Thankful Thoughts #thankfulness #gratitude #list prompts #Journal prompts #thankful thoughts #grateful moments#30thankfulthoughts #30 Thankful Thoughts #thankfulness #gratitude #list prompts #Journal prompts #thankful thoughts #grateful moments
And now let me share just a few more pages of the Thankful Thoughts and Grateful Moments journals.

#30thankfulthoughts #30 Thankful Thoughts #thankfulness #gratitude #list prompts #Journal prompts #thankful thoughts #grateful moments #30thankfulthoughts #30 Thankful Thoughts #thankfulness #gratitude #list prompts #Journal prompts #thankful thoughts #grateful moments


It's free and it's easy. Keep your journaling all to yourself or share with us on our Facebook Page and Instagram. You can:

  • take a screenshot of the list I posted above
  • or drag it to your desktop and save it 
  • and even join me over on Instagram, where I've shared the list and will be posting my very own journal pages daily
  • follow the #30thankfulthoughts hashtag if you don't want to miss out on what's going to be a great little community of like minded souls who see the value in documenting the simple joys of life


Should you not yet have a journal to house your 30 Thankful Thoughts lists in, I'd love it if you had a moment and would browse the shop to see if there was something you'd love.

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What is #ilovethursdaythanks? It's a way for me, and you, to connect with other like minded souls. Those of us that find joy in documenting our thankful thoughts and grateful moments. Those moments that sometimes could be so quickly forgotten, those thoughts that haunt us and won't let us go, those words that touched our heart when we needed them most, those people who made a difference just by being there.

Join the I Love It All Creative Team over on Instagram and share your #ilovethursdaythanks.

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