Christmas Embellishment Kits

Don't call me crazy, but I've loaded so many fun and colorful Christmas Embellishment Kits to the shop, it's just cray cray. Can I get a Ho Ho Ho? The countdown is on, just two months until Christmas, and now is as good a time as any to begin formulating your holiday memory keep projects. Use the coupon code IWANTIT20 to save 20% off your order of 2 or more items.

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Christmas Labels Embellishment Kit | stickers, labels, ribbons, paper clips and tags


Happy Holidays Christmas Embellishments | Pom Pom + Camper Paper Clips, Chipboard Die Cuts


Bags Embellishment Kit | Rhinestone Stickers, Canvas Tag, Crochet Heart


Christmas Ephemera | Gold Washi Tape, Journaling Cards + Die Cuts


Green + Red Embellishment Kit | Ribbons, Stickers and Journaling Spots

More Christmas goodies in the I Love It All shop:  ART  |  MINI BOOKS  |  MIDORI INSERTS
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Decorating For Fall

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Because we live in the mountains, the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, I feel like Fall colors just work with our home. We live in the home of Gordon's grandparents who passed before we married, so I never had the chance to meet them. If you've followed along with me over the years, you've seen some of the home renovation projects we've undertaken. Gosh, I would never have suspected that I would love a reno project as much as I do. 

So, here are a few photos of what our home looks like right now.

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I'm still trying to figure out if I should leave the word GRATEFUL natural or paint it and the floral vine a contrasting color. What would you do?

Need some inspiration for your Fall home decor? How about a cute print from the I Love It All shop?

Crochet Heart Planner Clips

You've probably noticed a lot of cute little crochet heart paper clips in my social media photos lately. What started as a project to see if I had the skill to even crochet a heart turned into me using every color yarn I had in my stash to make a crochet heart. And then I had so many, I decided to create paper clips with them to add to my Embellishement Kits.

I'm in love!

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Today I Am Grateful For Composition Book Gratitude Journal {comes with Heart Clip}

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Free Download on the left | Midori Inserts Gratitude Journal

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Today Mini Book  what I'll be using for Day in the Life next week | Embellishments Included

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Thank You for Shopping With Me!

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If you like cute paper clips, this set has a jumbo sized gold clip,  this one's Pinkalicious and this set of arrow clips for $4.00 is also in the shop.

Events That Inspire Me

 Pack of 25 Hexagon Die Cuts

List 28 | I Would Like to Reconnect With
I used to be such a social, outgoing person. Now that I work from home, there are days {sometimes several in a row} that I don't talk to a person outside of family. I've become a loner and comfortable in my own skin in my own home all by myself. Oh, I do love conversation and people and getting out and about, buy quiet is good, too.

Here's a quickie tutorial showing how to stretch your number stickers, like I did with the number 28.

List 29 | Events That Inspire Me

If you are using the same mini book I am, you might be wondering where that white journaling card came from. I added it in, as a place to hold my list prompt, using this tutorial for adding pages to your spiral bound journals + mini books.

After you tuck the page into the spiral binding, I doubt anyone would know that your page wasn't original. I use this idea all the time, I think you will, too. The journaling card I'm using is from the Hello Journaling Cards {an instant download} set from

Label Stickers from this Embellishment Kit | Hello Fall journaling spot

List 30 | Goals to Be Accomplished Before the End of This Year
Between choosing flooring for the laundry room and furnace room that we are not in love with and the discontinuation of the shelving that we chose, our laundry room is still not complete. Sure, I can get the job done, but it's not a pretty sight in there.

My December Daily 2009 album was massive {i used every inch of the 3" binder rings for all the photos and stories} and I'd like to do another in-depth capture of our December at this moment in our lives, especially now that the girls have grown and Zach is out on his own.

Bonus | Next Month

Remember those Hello Fall journaling cards I used? You can get your own Hello Fall journaling card set for free by subscribing to the newsletter.

REGISTRATION for the December 2017 #30lists opens soon! {affiliate link}
See more of my 30 Lists adventures here.

Ways to Celebrate the Season

As I work my way through posting all of my September #30lists prompts, I'm already working on putting together the mini book I'll be using for the December #30lists challenge. It will be chock full of charming papers, ephemera, die cuts, washi tape and an embellishment kit {of course}. I have this one remaining from last year if you can't wait until the new one is listed.

List 22 | Ways To Celebrate The Season
Generally, any time we have a change in season, Mr. wRight tells me to charge my camera battery and takes me for a Jeep ride back through the 'holler to see what's blooming, ooh and aaah over the wildflowers and just enjoy the peace. Sometimes we see a wild hog or a bear. Other times our inquisitive, but sneaky owl hoo hoo's at us on our way back to the cabin. 

List 24 | How I Keep My Creative Supplies Organized

It's been ages since I've shared photos of my Studio, but those chests are just the best. Mr. wRight is just the best "finder."

List 26 | I'm Still Not Sure About

I'm guessing that once we allow the girls to enter the world of social media, they'll be all too skilled and proficient in all things that befuddle me. Until then...

List 27 | Ways to Show Self-Love
I am getting better about giving myself permission to spoil myself. And I work hard to be okay with doing something just for me.

Perhaps you might like to list along with me for the December challenge, registration opens in November {affiliate link} and I'll also have holiday themed mini books for all those #listnerd buddies like me out there.

September 2017 Challenge:
Printables and How to Use Them  |  Using Embellishments in Your Mini Album
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BAREPro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation Review

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I received the bareMinerals BAREPro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation for free from Influenster as part of a VoxBox and for complimentary testing purposes. I shared the above photo on Instagram and wanted to review the product here in depth for those of you who have asked me about it. 

To start it all off, silly me actually twisted off the cap rather than pulling off the top to access the pump top application. I wondered why there was just a stick inside to apply, definitely not used to a pump. After using it, the pump feature is quite nice and makes the morning routine that much quicker. 

On my hand, you can see that the color is pretty light for my summertime skin tone. I thought I chose well, but it can be hard to get a perfect match when looking at tiny swatches and I'm definitely not a make up aficionado. This is my slightly tanned summer color, but I bet once winter rolls around and I'm quite a bit paler this shade will actually be a closer match to my skin tone than it is at the moment.

After applying the foundation below, you can see that the tone is not actually too far off from my facial skin tone. I really liked that it camouflaged some of the red tones in my skin. After letting it rest fora bit, I did decide to top it off with a little bit of bronzer, just to warm up the tone a bit. I felt like I was a little ghostly without the bronzer, but again, for my wintertime skin tone it would probably be okay.

#BARE #pro #barepro #review #foundation

I haven't worn liquid foundation in some time, I switched over to a powder foundation in the Spring mainly for the ease of application, but I don't recall having to work as hard to blend the foundation as much as I did with this one. While applying the foundation, I used a foundation brush and definitely felt like the foundation was tugging my skin. It was not smooth and did not glide. Because I had a lighter color than what I felt would be the perfect color for my skin tone, blending and smoothing so there were no lines took some work. Had I chosen the perfect color, that might not have been the case.

I feel like with a powder, I don't have to blend as much as I do with a liquid. For me, liquid foundation is definitely a more full coverage look and I don't feel as low key and care free when wearing it I feel more made up. Not a fault of the BAREPro foundation, just my personal opinion.

#barepro #review #foundation

After looking at the photos for this post, I think the BAREPro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation does a really good job of giving me a finished, put together look. I will definitely use the BAREPro Foundation again this winter, but will remain a fan of powder foundations for now.

#barepro #review

If you have a question I didn't answer, leave a comment and I'm happy to answer it for you. A big thank you to Influenster {referral link} and BAREPro for providing me this free foundation for review and testing purposes, all opinions are my own.

Want to find out how to test and review products? By using my link, the first 20 people who sign up will allow me to earn me bonus points and chances at more complimentary products to review.

I Can't Stop Talking About

List 14 | I Can't Stop Talking About
I changed up the prompt to "Eating" - at Halloween, I cannot control myself, I just want to eat all the snack pack size bags of Sour Patch Kids! Well, all except for the yellow and green, kind of thankful that Victoria likes those flavors.

The paper I used for my list also makes an appearance in a Days of the Week travelers notebook set {seen below} available in 3 sizes.

List 15 | Today's Play ListIsabella is our in-home playlist. She sings every moment she can. She wasn’t able to take Choir this year {sad moment for us all} because it conflicted with her Honors classes. Bonus, she has to learn the French national anthem {for French class} so we’ve all been “learning” the French national anthem.  

The paper selection was totally random, but don’t you just love when things like that happen? 

using journaling cards in your memory keeping projects

This journaling card set can take on so many personalities just by switching up the embellishments you decide to use. And even if you only use the cards and die cuts that are included, you'll be set for all the seasons and even be ready to welcome in 2018.
3x4 Journaling Cards 
By purchasing the instant download file for these journaling cards, you can print the file as many times and as often as you like! I printed several sheets to have plenty of cards to decorate cards and have ready to go when I've got a few moments to create.

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For the Hello Winter card, I punched the journaling spot with a 1" circle punch, which gave me slight colored border. I then punched a 1.25" circle from textured cardstock to layer beneath it, using a foam dot to add it to my 3x4 journaling card.