using embellishments in your mini album

Using embellishments in your mini albums doesn't have to be intimidating. I've had people tell me  that they love the kits, but are at a loss for what to do with them.  I'll be using this journal for the September #30lists challenge. This will be my 14th time participating!

Let's say you're using this kit...

...there are so many cuties, but where does one begin to know where to begin?


When I create the embellishment kits for the mini albums in the shop I choose the majority of the items to coordinate with pages that are within the journal. Then, I choose a few items that contrast with pages and then I just go through and add a few things that are fun. Those items may not fit with the journal at all, but if you're a crafter you'll find a way to make them work - either on this project or on something else you do {cards, layouts, goody bags}.


To begin, I lay out the embellishments on my craft table and then begin flippng through my mini book to see what items naturally coordinate with the pages. Here, I thought the natural tones of the mini shipping tag fit well with the muted tones of the leaf page.

See the orangey-gold file tab sticking out there? I pulled out my small letter stamps and added "six" in black ink.

So here I'm combining the chevron tag from the kit and adding two paper strips from my drawer full of paper scraps that I've cut into to make a pennant banner shapes. I'll tuck my list inside and more than likely will add a number atop the small tag on the paper bag.

If all that pattern is bothering you, I totally understand. I would never, ever wear clothing with that many patterns going on at the same time. But, somehow, when it comes to paper, I like putting things together that don't necessarily match but coordinate and play off of eacho other.

For me, the white medallion pattern on the kraft bag, plays off the white in the chevron paper and in both paper strips. That's the way I see it at least.

To cut the cute sweetness from all that pink, the black and white sticker label seemed like a solution. I'm thinking I'll use some other black elements to pull it all together. Maybe black letter stickers and some black and white baker's twine to tie through the hole on the pink shipping tag.

I shared this photo on Instagram just because I thought the washi tape was soooo cute!

One of my favorite hashtags to use is #makesmesmile, so I made a die cut and added it to the kit. The colors were so perfect for this bright yellow polka dotted bag. I added yet another paper strip from my stash. More than likely, I'll use a colored shipping tag from this set to slip inside the bag to hold my list.

The left page comes pre-embellished for you with the label tag. 
What will you use it for?

For the right side of the page, I used the pink paper clip and pink rectangle label die cut as a starting point. Who knows which direction l'll go from here, but I do know it will be fun trying to figure it all out. Find a set of more rectangle label die cuts in the shop.

Here's more information and how to register. { affiliate link} 

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