thankful thursday

My word of the year is GRATITUDE.

And I am reminded daily of the simple things in life I am grateful for. You know, an unexpected kindness on a day that is going all wrong, wrong, wrong. Or finding that you have all the ingredients for a meal when you thought you were going to have to go to the grocery store. Or a smile. Or a hug.

More about my One Little Word in another post.

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wright now | january 2016

The kids are back in school today and now I'm ready to jump back on the blogging bandwagon. I'll be bringing back some projects from the past, reworking some ideas and brewing up new ways to wow and amaze you. Just kidding. Well, maybe not.

I let blogging take a back seat because I felt that I wasn't getting any feedback or a response. Everyone likes a comment now and then. But, then, I realized that I'm not really doing it for anyone other than myself. So there you go, that's my story.

I haven't done a Wright Now in a while, so here's what's going on in our world right now.

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1  |  I'm signed up for the Inspiration Wednesday series of classes with the wildly talented Donna Downey and today's the first video! I've known of Donna for years and my buddy Kate has even been lucky enough to travel to North Carolina to take a class with her in person. I purchased the video tutorial so that I could make my own cover, but purchased the inside signature booklet {at Kate's recommendation} so that I could be on the "same page" as Donna while I try to figure out if I even have an artistic bone in my body. I'm creative, yeah, but artistic? Not so sure about that one. But, I'm gonna have fun giving it a go and letting my inner wild child emerge!

2  |  I let time get away from me before Christmas break so we'll be gifting a supply of Expo markers with a new eraser and spray cleaner to teachers for a Happy New Year gift of appreciation along with a gift card to Target. And we didn't forget the Teacher's Aides either, they're getting a Target gift card, too. Because, really, who can't find something they NEED at Target?

3  |  All 5 of us found one of these t-shirts under the tree this year and they were a hit! They come in women's, men's and children's sizes. And all 50 states. And they have other way awesome goodies, too. Plus, they sell on Etsy, too, so that makes me smile! Don't worry, the guys got orange...not pink!

4  |  As someone who is shamefully terrible at removing her makeup in the evening, I picked these up a few nights ago while we were at Target. In the past, I've used similar cleansing cloths from Neutrogena, but found that they were much too drying for my skin. I haven't used the CeraVe long enough to have an opinion, yet, and would love to know if you have any recommendations for cleansing cloths.

5  |  I bought three of these as gifts for Christmas. One for me and one for each of the girls. Initially, only Victoria was excited about the journal, but as Isabella began reading the prompts and saw that Victoria and I were so into it, she warmed to the idea. As they get older, I want to still have Mommy time with the girls and thought that this little journal would spark creativity in us all and a few interesting conversations as well.

hello 2016

HELLO 2016, it's so nice to meet you.
And have I got plans for you, so watch out!

I don't make formal resolutions, but do have ideas in my head on things I want to improve upon. Or try. Or do. Or not do.
How about you? Resolutions...yes or no?