Mixed Paper Journal | On Sale Now!

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I've heard, over the years, that those monthly tabs in the flagship Gratitude Journal strike fear in your journaling hearts. It makes you feel like you have to fill every page behind each tab or else you’ll feel like you have failed, or aren’t grateful enough. 

No, ma’am, we don’t need any of that! 

Plus, it's on sale now for 30% off but only two remain.

So, here’s a journal with a retro office-themed patterned cardstock cover and 54-ish inside pages...and that ephemera pack you see will be included as well.

#gratitdue journal #gratitude #Journal #mindfulness #mixed paper journal #junk journal #smash book #smashbook #iloveitallshop

Call it what you will, use it for quotes, thankful thoughts, as a diary or a memory keeping album. It’s all good, you’re the boss, you make the decision. But it would definitely be a wonderful little chunky journal to document your thankful thoughts and grateful moments. 


Hello June | Free Pocket Page Card

June means the beginning of summer...and it's our anniversary month. And both events are always looked forward to with a smile and a happy dance.

I'll be adding this free journal card download to my travelers notebook, along with my monthly pep talk to myself. Yeah, you heard me right.

You can see more of the HELLO series here.

...and they match!

I've designed a complementary journal card set to use with the free card up top, or on its own, or however you choose to create with it. Here's a peek...
Here's a link to find the Hello cards for January, February, March, April and May.
Grab your Hello June journal card download.

Currently | May 2019 ➸ and a Free Download

I've corralled a small little collection of Currently Journal Cards on a binder ring and it's getting a little chunky. Not that I'm saying chunky is a bad thing, you know that. This journal is totally chunky becuase I've also been using a paper pack collection for other projects, mainly gratitude journaling, and adding them all to the same book ring. By adding in journal cards and tags as well, it's making for a hodge podge little journal, in my opinion.

As a side note, the $3 Sale Special is still going on, some items have sold out.

If this ring bound journal has you intrigued, you can see where I shared some of these DIY Journal Card Mini Journal pages here:

Do you have the same problem? You know, too many projects on one binder ring?

Well, no more.

Here I am using the free Currently cover page download, link below, with a 1" book ring.

Free Printable Mother's Day Gift Tags

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Honor your Mother with an extra hug, an "I Love You" and a card full of words of love...not just today but every single day you can. 

And if you have a gift to give, tuck one of these {free} cuties on top and she'll love it even more.

I mean, have you seen these lovely gold foil accents? Love, love, love.

Floral not your thing? Find more Tags, Tabs and Labels in the I Love It All shop.

Choose Joy

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How we react to what happens around us determines our day. Some days it's easier to choose joy, sure, but it's almost always worth the effort. Keep choosing it, every day.

See you next week with another The Sunday Quote!

Butterly Kisses | This Week in My Gratitude Journal

Even though I don't remember butterfly kisses being a "thing" for us, it reminded me of all those nights when Gordon came home from work. The girls would go running toward the door waiting for him to enter and begging for running hugs.

I hope that I'll always remember the joy, the screeches of, "one more" and "it's my turn now."

Just a simple die cut and words. Sometimes, that's all you have time for and sometimes that's all it takes to tell your story.

What is #ilovethursdaythanks? It's a way for me, and you, to connect with other like minded souls. Those of us that find joy in documenting our thankful thoughts and grateful moments. Those moments that sometimes could be so quickly forgotten, those thoughts that haunt us and won't let us go, those words that touched our heart when we needed them most, those people who made a difference just by being there.

Join us over on Instagram and share your #ilovethursdaythanks.


Most weeks, I journal at least once in the flagship | original journal. And this week, it just happens it was the only time I journaled my thankful thoughts. Not that I didn't have tons to be grateful for, it's just how this week developed.

Want to try your hand at gratitude journaling? 

reduced pricing for partial year journals  |  May - December is only $28