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You didn't think I was going to let this week go by without including a cute little mini album did you?

Don't want to make it yourself? 

It has been ages and ages since I've made a coupon book for my Sweetie and it's high time I gift him with one. He has mentioned the lack of coupon books lately, so I know he likes them! I often say, "I'm the lucky one" in notes and cards to Gordon, so I thought that would be a fun twist on the title.

{quick + simple} tutorial
  1. join two shipping tags together with washi tape
  2. continue until you have the number of coupons you desire
  3. form your binding by wrapping washi tape from front to side to back of coupon book

cute stuff

I don't know that I have ever given anyone anything on St. Patrick's Day, but this year, I can't wait to give this to Gordon. I loved how it turned out and hope he does, too.

Throughout the mini album, I used decorative washi tape from My Mind's Eye. The stickers are from American Crafts and October Afternoon and the wood die cuts are from Studio Calico. You can find manila shipping tags and other cool crafting supplies in my shop, I Love It All on Etsy.

After adding the gnome couple, I thought it would be cute to have a peek-a-boo effect, so I punched a bracket shape from the shipping tag in front of that page. To add more fun, I outlined the bracket punched shape with marker on both sides of the page and to the left side as well.

Sometimes, it's all about the details. And you can see that there aren't many words here, it's more about the fun size, the fun elements and the layers.

More stickers, more washi tape, and just a few more words. Oh, and the coupon.

The whole reason for this mini album was to find a cute, and unexpected, way for me to present my Sweetie with a coupon. We have a history of coupons in our relationship that's quite funny. To us, anyway. So as he quickly blows through this mini book, he'll find a coupon on the last page and it might just stop him in his tracks. I've added the dollar amount and the expiration date on the back side of the coupon. I will NEVER EVER forget to add expiration dates to coupons again. And that's part of our funny coupon book history.

All packaged and ready to gift to my lucky charm on St. Patrick's Day.
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  1. ohhh it's so cute!! I just did a love booklet for my hubby "just because" and he loves the coupon's as well!

    1. Now that makes my day! Coupons really are a great gift for guys, don't you think? Let me know if you ever try the washi tape + shipping tag method, Diana.

  2. I thought you might like this with a new Sweetie in your life! Might not be a bad idea for your teen Sweetie, either!

  3. This is fabulous! What a great idea!

  4. What a great idea to use washi tape to bind the tags. I have loads of washi tape that I'm saving for 'the right project'. (Such a hoarder.) This looks like just the ticket. Quick question: Does the washi have enough oomph to hold the whole book together or does it need a little reinforcement underneath it?

    Thanks, Monika - can't wait to try this!

    1. I'm so glad you're going to use your stash and get creative, Julie. The tape from My Mind's Eye has plenty of oomph and staying power, no need to reinforce it with anything at all. One strip will hold it. Don't forget, though, to add a wider strip of tape to all the edges from front to side to back to hold it all together...that's what helps with the staying power. I will say that I've used a few other tapes that don't have the same oomph, but you will not be disappointed with the MME tapes, which I've used in this project, they are wonderfully sticky and strong.

  5. Monica, I love this mini. What a great idea for the binding and I love how simple the album is but oh so cute!!!

  6. Hi Monika,
    I love this mini book, looks so easy.
    Now I know what to do with my hoard ofwashi tape and shipping labels.
    My sweetie would love this:)

  7. I love this mini album. Thank you for sharing this cute idea. By the way, I tried this with my 25 pupils (8 years old), they enjoyed it very much. We were making our own Little Red Riding Hood mini book. :)

    1. I am so happy to hear this, Jacquelyn! I have 7- and 9-year old girls and they love to craft with Mommy. How cool that you were brave enough to do this with a whole classroom...love that.


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