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right now | march 2013

3.30.2013  at 5:00 AM

Thanks so much for all the happy birthday wishes on made me smile!

Here's to celebrating the gift of another year and how I'm feeling right now!

march | 3. 29.13

melancholy...getting older, but thankful i am where i am. life is truly a gift.

on the to do list
spring clean, organize studio, plan summer activities, mud room ideas...finally

my guilty pleasure
too many cups of coffee in a day...mmm!

sugar patch kids easter bunnies...way too good and very addictive

dreaming about
finished, mud room, furnace room + reduce clutter

grateful for
the gift of another's to making 49 fantastic!

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  1. I love this Monika! And I feel exactly the same way about aging... Melancholy but grateful.

    1. Yep, makes me wish I had listened to my Mommy about moisturizers and taking better care of my skin!

    2. Oh my, it must be typical in the mid 40s because I now remember her telling me to treat my neck like my face and I didn't.... Well, belated birthday wishes my friend!

  2. I didn't email you on your birthday but I hope you got the card I sent you. You are gorgeous!!!! And I hope you had a great day!! I keep wondering how it is that I turned into my mom and she has turned into her mom. Time flies by too quickly.


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