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Two ways, of many that come to mind, to store your growing collection of washi tape.


projectSTUDIO washi tape storage | iloveitallwithmonkawright.com

Quite by accident I found that this bowl I made with an old LP record is quite the pretty way to display my PERSONAL stash of washi tape rolls. I'll be sharing how I made this bowl in an upcoming post.


projectSTUDIO washi tape storage | iloveitallwithmonkawright.com

Inside one of my tool chest drawers, I have items that I use when packaging my Etsy orders and heart themed washi tape is a staple, of course! What, you may be asking, IS that practical storage item I amusing to corral my BUSINESS stash of tape?  Why, it's an upcycled + recycled Velveeta cheese box. Not too proud to say that Velveeta cheese helps to make my potato soup extra yummy.


projectSTUDIO washi tape storage | iloveitallwithmonkawright.com

I debated on whether to share this or not. Because I keep my personal, business and DESIGN TEAM tape stash separated, here's how I store my decorator tape from My Mind's Eye. I add a tag to each binder ring {available in 1", 2" and 3" here} labeling the collection they're from so that I can keep track when I have to reference them for projects. You could easily fit more than just 3 on each ring, just so you know.


  1. What a great idea! I'm glad you shared the rings because I love it!!

  2. i see again we like the same stuff, i love following you ! i need to feature your new serie on my blog !

  3. cant find your reply but just wanted to let you know that my first book on washi tpaes projects should be out (in France) by next september :))


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