month-in-review | july 2012

We were holding on to the last days of Summer during July, as school starts in early August for us here in East Tennessee. Swimming still seemed to be the major event going on for us, although both girls did  get new bikes, too.

The journaling spot slides in and out of the pocket I made by adhering the photo to the page on just three sides. You can find this download, and so many more, over on Avital's blog Creativity Prompt where she shares fun projects and even freebies each Friday. I also used her epoxy stickers a while back on a mini book project for Zach.

...but the highlight of the entire Summer had to be the trip to the American Girl store in Atlanta. Thanks to Nana & Papa and Oma & Uncle James, there was some extra moolah for the girls to shop with. Yes, a very eventful month and I'm happy to have it all written down and would surely have forgetten some of the details if not for this delightfully easy way to document highlights of our life.

The 2013 Month-In-Review mini book {the same one I'll be using} is now in the shop and ready to ship! Happy to say that many of you have already purchased your month-in-review mini's from the shop and are ready to join me as we greet 2013 with a pen in hand and highlights to capture.

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365 things i am grateful for gratitude journal

Who knew that when I shared my little 365 Things I Am Grateful For journal that there would be so many people ready to run with the idea of taking a moment and record their grateful thoughts? I do know that many of you out there are making your own Journals as I see that it gets pinned to Pinterest. A lot. I mean A LOT.

UPDATE | Gratitude Journals are now in the shop and ready to ship!

2013 Super-Sized Gratitude Journal

So, I've begun making a fewJournals for 2013 that resemble the 2010 Journal above. There will be at total of 52 pages, 12 of which will have a monthly tab attached, and will include patterned paper, cardstock, glassine bags, kraft bags, handstamped pages, pages adorned with journaling spots, manila shipping tags, colored shipping tags, an envelope, dictionary + vintage sheet music + map + book pages and much more. Oh, and baker's twine from The Twinery, too! The cover will closely resemble the one you see above, just with varied letter stickers as supplies and trends change. There will also be a chipboard back cover. 

Bound with a 1.25" o-wire spiral binding, your 2013 Gratitude Journal will be jam packed not only with pretty paper and cute embellishments, but more'll have a whole year's worth of moments in your life that matter and made you smile. And memories of the days that you realized how really lucky you are. And blessed.

2013 Compact Gratitude Journal

If you're looking for a Journal with less emphasis on scrapbooking, you might find this Gratitude Journal more to your liking...

2013 Journaler's Gratitude Journal

And for an even more minimalist approach, and with much more room for journaling, here's another Gratitude Journal...

Did you know I also make custom mini books and journals? Share your ideas with me and I'd be happy to quote you a price.

good times

He was home for 5 days, but it still wasn't long enough.

Ruth and Zach with the Girls
rock paint

Yes, we had a good time.

he's home... I'll be back to blogging on Monday. Until then, in case you missed any of these on Instagram or Facebook.

Good Times.

i create | the twinery

I'm a huge fan of altered projects and often buy items with the thought, "I can do something cool with this!" in the back of my mind. Please tell me I'm not the only one that has this thought swirling around in their head from time to time. My project began with a clearance canvas as my base and one of the four newest colors of The Twinery twine to hit the market...Strawberry!

While the paint was drying on my canvas, I wanted to cover up the design that was already there, I gathered supplies: floral wire, baker's twine and wire snips. I roughly drew my word onto paper and  bent the pliable wire to form the word create. It wasn't until I was finished with that word that I decided to add the "i" and use a heart to dot it. After all, I do "love" it all!
With a little patience and a little time, I had wrapped my letters and was ready to place it on the painted canvas. If you happen to have a somewhat smaller gauge of wire, you won't have to snip your wire to create a word, you'll just be able to fold it back on to each other. I didn't do this because my wire is quite chunky.  

In retrospect, I do believe I would have used a different color twine for each letter. It would have seemed a bit more, hmmmm, creative.

Just think of the possibilities...Christmas ornaments, gift toppers, name art for a kid's room. Ready, set...go pull out some wire and twine and get ready to create! Oh, and have fun! If you happen to do this project yourself, please leave me a link so that I can stop in for a visit to see what you've created. I'm kinda nosy that way.

he loves things that go fast

We're on our way to the Muffler shop, but I had to pass him up to get a photo because he's such a happy camper right now. The motor is in and it works...obviously. I don't like his scruffy beard much, but that's probably why he's keeping it. We do irritating stuff like that to each other sometimes.

EDITED TO ADD:  The scruff is gone and I have my clean shaven hottie back!

And since I'm sharing words on a Sunday Photo day, let me share this as well. I joke with my Sweetie and tell him that this is probably the only BMW in the world with a #3 Dale Earnhardt license plate.

Other than the scruffy beard right now, he cleans up pretty well and believe it or not, wears Brooks Brothers and J. Crew during the week. Go figure, he's well rounded!

september and october

More calendar cuties for you. I'm adding mine to an inexpensive frame from Ikea, but I hear that lots of people are re-sizing them to use in their Project Life albums. Here's your download for September and October 2012. My October is on the other side of this double-sided frame, so all I have to do is flip the frame and rotate the ribbon.

52Photos | low

my 52 Photos capture

There have been times when I was low and my thoughts were full of self-pity. They are rare and it's me who allows those feelings to overcome me. It's a situation that I let control me instead of me controlling the situation. But, it's not the way with everyone. Yesterday, I spoke with a friend who is struggling and even though I can't help her or ease her pain or turn her days or weeks around, I think of her often hoping that sunshine and hope soon abound for her. 

next week's theme


the wrap-up

Someone kick me in the tooshie to upload all my photos to the Flickr group, will ya?

fifteen minutes

Last night was the first of four Photography 101 classes I'll be attending at a local camera chain store. Small world, even though the class was in Knoxville and a 45 minute drive for me, Isabella's Dentist and her assistant were also attending.

I left home a little early, since Gordon was home already, because I needed to drop by and get some glue dots and pop dots for shop projects. In the same shopping center was an Old Navy, but I only had fifteen minutes to spare. Hmmmm.

Cha-ching. I tried on these three sweaters, a t-shirt and a jacket {which I might still get if it goes on sale} and still made it to the class on time. I hate when tees and sweaters don't reach the top of my low-rise jeans, which I wear because I can't stand anything around my waist anymore. That all started after I had Victoria.  I'm a tall gal and these sweaters are long, love that! The black and turquoise are the same sweater, just different colors. I often buy the same item in different colors if it's a good fit for me. Who will know? And I don't really care if they do.  Bonus: in store, the pullovers were on sale for $15.00.

See what shopping without kids and a little focus can get you in 15 minutes?