nine is fine

Nine IS Fine! But, where did my baby go? We find it hard to believe that nine years have passed by so quickly. Now, when I was getting up 4 times a night to nurse her for a year, I didn't think I would ever catch up on my sleep. I wouldn't give up the nursing experience, but I would gladly have accepted any of my three children to sleep through the night before they were a year old...but they didn't.

Isabella requested a Pink and Orange birthday party. Total surprise that it wasn't a Pink, Pink and more Pink party, actually, but pink and orange we accomplished.

Using my word processing program, I designed the invitation as a 5x7, but printed on the lighter colored side and trimmed the paper a bit longer so that I could score and fold it over.  I then added a border punched from some orange textured cardstock. I used a french knot made with baker's twine to adorn the pink flower {it's a dingbat font}, this time using Strawberry, one of the four new colors from The Twinery. FYI | It wasn't too bulky that I couldn't send these through the mail.

And how about matching thank you notes? Check! 

We'll be making these cupcakes for the Nine is Fine Pink and Orange birthday party. Mmmmm.


  1. We too have a nine birthday coming up.
    You have such inspiring ideas. Love the invitation.
    And be sure to let us know how those cupcakes turn out.

  2. Adorable -- and I'm totally jealous that she gets to have a birthday party in a place called "Greystone Cottage." How awesome is that?!!

  3. BOn Anniversaire Isabella!!
    Love your invitation Monika!
    Girls born in 2003 are extra special ;-)

  4. Such cute invitation and thank you cards! Love the pink and orange together. Happy birthday to Isabella!


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