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tassel necklace tutorial

12.15.2014  at 8:00 AM

Never worry about having the perfect accessory for your outfit again! Today I'm going to share an extra easy DIY craft that takes just minutes and will be sure to get you some oohs + aaahs at your next get together.


The look of your tassel all depends upon the length of cardboard that you're wrapping and the number of times you wrap.  For the gold choker above, I wrapped my card on the short end and wrapped it twenty times, trimming the two Pink Sorbet tassels shorter than the Cappuccino tassel.

For the tutorial below, I opted for a longer tassel and again wrapped it twenty times.

  1. Choose your desired length of heavyweight cardstock to wrap. Begin with the loose end hanging down.
  2. Wrap until your desired fullness is reached. 
  3. Trim a longish piece of baker's twine before easing the tassel off your cardstock, holding onto  the tassel in one hand.
  4. Wrap the tassel with the longish piece of baker's twine several times and knot on the back side. Trim the tails from your knot
  5. Pull your choker or chain through the opening and trim your tassel to length.

I purchased my gold choker and silver ball chain {with the longer, single tassel} at a craft + hobby store, with a coupon of course, so it makes this project a great holiday gift giving idea as well.

How fun would it be to make these in school colors. Or as a pair of earrings? Or as embellishments on your gift bags and packages? Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.

Find more baker's twine projects here.
And here are more tutorials for you.

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love you more than the first cup of coffee

12.10.2014  at 9:00 AM

Welcome coffee lovers! If you haven't heard, there's a blog hop going on and you're invited. Find out more here and read all about the awesome prizes to be won just for commenting.

download your print in three colorways here

Because it's super busy in the shop, but I do love me some coffee and wanted to participate in the hop, I thought you wouldn't mind if I designed a free art print download instead of making a card.

I loved using these dark, coffee-ish shades, but there's a latte color included in the file, too. I popped mine in a cream colored frame and it looks fabulous. I would have included a photo in the post, but I never imagined it would be so hard to take a photo of a frame with glass and NOT get reflections.

Now, be sure to enter to win the giveaway below and have fun being inspired today while you hop away!

You can download your print here.
Looking for more free printables?

Enter the giveaway below...
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december 30 days of lists | days 1 - 8

12.08.2014  at 9:50 AM

Another round, another class, so you know I'm in for the December 30 Days of Lists adventure. Again.

30 DAYS OF LISTS | December Edition

To keep my journals somewhat similar, I created a holiday themed list journal and am having fun using it and seeing some fun holiday colors and cheerful paper inside as I journal each day. I've included some office inspired pages, like the library cards, manila coin envelopes and kraft bags from the shop, and added in some index cards, message notepad paper and an envelope like #30lists journals past.

Day 1 | It's the One Season

Day 2 | It's Never Too Early For

Day 3 | Photos To Take This Month

Day 4 | Friends and Family I'll See This Month

Day 5 | Changes I Made in 2014

Day 6 | Favorite Words to Write

Day 7 | What I Think About In the Shower

Day 8 | Things That Put Me In A Good Mood

Read more of my 30 Days of Lists postsincluding past classes I've taken.

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