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50 until 50 | mini album set-up

4.17.2014  at 8:00 AM

My #50until50 mini album set-up is underway!

#50until50 | mini album set-up

I shared 50 facts about myself on Instagram {@monikawright_iloveitall} and most of them on Facebook as well. You can search #50until50 on Instagram and find them if you want to check them all out before I share them in my mini album. My intention with sharing them in that way was that I would be accountable for actually completing the #50thingsaboutme. There were many, many days that I skipped as we dealt, and are still dealing with, the passing of my beloved, and loved, Father-in-Law, whom we all called Papa. 

As you can see, I'm pulling out papers from my collection of Six By Six designer paper pads, stash left over from my stint as a My Mind's Eye Design Team member I do so dearly love their designs and color palettes. 

#50until50 | mini album set-up
At this point, I'm in the hunting and gathering stage and still contemplating how to design the front cover of my chipboard cover. My simple scrapper side tells me just to stick with a simple 6x6 page, but my I-want-to-play-with-paper side tells me to mix it up with different page styles.

Which side do you think will win?

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simple gift card envelopes

4.15.2014  at 8:00 AM

Gift cards are a common gift idea for coaches and teachers, at least in our community, and then how do you present them? We recently attended the Basketball Banquet for Isabella's school team, and with all our collected funds, we elected to purchase gift cards for the four coaches. 

Simple Gift Card Envelope |

One Mom took the task of purchasing the gift cards and I volunteered for the packaging duties. A gift bag is too big and, in my opinion, kind of makes the gift card look puny. Hmmm.

With envelope, shipping tag, washi tape, a thank you stamp and ink, and my favorite baker's twine laid out, I got to crafting. I don't think the four envelopes took me longer than 5 minutes to make and I find it to be the perfect combination of practicality with a little cuteness, even for the male coaches who don't have to walk out with a tissue paper and bow explosion gift bag in their hands!

And the bonus was that for all us crafty peeps, it won't cost a thing, because we already have all of the supplies on hand. 

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easter craft ideas project roundup

4.14.2014  at 8:00 AM

Just a few Easter craft projects you might have missed from the blog.

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Easter Egg Candle Wrap tutorial.
Find the downloads for the Hoppy Easter Tags and i'm somebunny special iron-on here.
Easter Art Print download.

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month-in-review | march 2014

4.10.2014  at 8:00 AM

The month of March 2014 was to be remembered, at least for me, as the year I turned 50. However, our family has been completely devastated by the unexpected death of my Father-in-Law on March 18th.

And because of that, I've held off on publishing our family facts for March.
How could I ever reduce what occurred to just one line?
I did, though, knowing that we'll always have our memories.

Thank you all for your hopeful wishes, kind words and prayers and blessings for us all.
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I didn't know what photo to choose either. And I thought long and hard about whether including a smiling photo of myself was self-centered. Again, I did it though. It's not often that I even like photos of me and I've been trying to do such a better job of trying to get in the picture.

After all, it is with this birthday that the gift of another year means so much more.

Our March
Our girls are just blowing us away with their love of learning and excellent grade cards. And their brother is extra proud, too, to hear that they've both made straight A's two grading periods in a row!

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The Cover
Feel free to design your own cover, or download the cover I'm using. I included 2013 for you as well.

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