Date Night In My Gratitude Journal

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Last week, we were lucky enough to have Date Night...on a weekday. Yeah crazy, right? I'm pretty grateful for our time together and for the opportunity to see Del McCourey and Friends in concert right here in our little community.

So technically, this isn't literally before the pen. I had already added a tab with a cutout heart and  handwritten  the words Date Night before I took the photo. But I wanted you to see how cute it is to add little elements to your journal to make it uniquely yours. I adore how the tab is peeking out from the folded over kraft bag.

Happy Halloween | Free Pocket Page Download

Halloween is not my favorite. Well, I love all the Reese's peanut butter cups and Nerds, but the dressing up and going door to door or trunk to trunk, not so much. The kids love it, though, so onward we go.

This is a {free} 3x4 pocket page card designed to print on a 4x6. You can print on cardstock, for muted colors, on matte photo paper for more saturated colors or even on photo paper for a high shine, glossy look.

Inside My Gratitude Journal | September + October

Let's Take A Peek
Some pages you've alredy seen, but others are new to you. 

The main theme I wanted you to see all up close and personal, and why I'm sharing all my pages this week, is that you don't have to journal every single day. Don't let the idea of journaling every day stop you from keeping a Gratitude Journal. 

30 Days of Lists | Days 27 - 30

Day 28 | Favorite Teams 
And how could I have forgotten to add our Tennessee Vols?

#lists #30lists #30 Days of Lists #I Love It All #journaling #journal #lists prompts #mixed media journal #Currently
#lists #30lists #30 Days of Lists #I Love It All #journaling #journal #lists prompts #mixed media journal #Currently

Day 27 | Currently Loving
Have you ever noticed that your currently loving lists look similar? Well mine do.

#lists #30lists #30 Days of Lists #I Love It All #journaling #journal #lists prompts #mixed media journal #Currently

I had to show off my new shop stamp, I love it. Here's what I'm doing with it!
And I didn't think I would enjoy my {previously loved} Apple watch. Now that I'm wearing glasses full-time and can see without having to put on my readers, I am amazed at how useful this watch really is for me.

The journaling card came as a freebie download when you registered for 30 Days of Lists, I've already begun the design on the next freebie. And there will be another #30lists challenge in December, so do make plans to join the fun. That's an affiliate link, it costs you nothing extra but earns me a small fee if you purchase. Thank you.

Day 29 |  How I Spent My Time This Month
The original list prompt was how I spent it with friends but, well, I spent way more time with my kids in the car than anywhere else. Amiright?

#lists #30lists #30 Days of Lists #I Love It All #journaling #journal #lists prompts #mixed media journal #Currently
#lists #30lists #30 Days of Lists #I Love It All #journaling #journal #lists prompts #mixed media journal #Currently

I used a pie chart configuration with different patterned papers on top of my Road Trip journaling card. It's part of a 4-card set in the shop.

Day 30 | Things That Made This Month Special

#lists #30lists #30 Days of Lists #I Love It All #journaling #journal #lists prompts #mixed media journal #this month
#lists #30lists #30 Days of Lists #I Love It All #journaling #journal #lists prompts #mixed media journal #this month

That's right, both my Mom and Husband are Virgo's and they have to put up with heard-headed Aries me.

Love that dandelion journaling card as much as I do? It's part of a 4-card instant download set in the shop.
Hop on over to Instagram where I share more detail photos and info behind all the lists.

There will be a December 30 Days of Lists challenge...stay tuned here and on my IG @iloveitallshop and I'll update you for when registration opens!

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Week 39 in My Gratitude Journal

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Gratitude Journal    |    Tags

I didn't journal each and every day this week, but I wanted to share with you on this #ilovethursdaythanks day what I was grateful for this week. So, I pulled out my journal, decorated the page with some watercolors and got to thinking.

I just started journaling my thankful thoughts and then stopped when I ran out of space.
That's it.
Easy peasy.

#Gratitude Journal #gratitude #journal #Things I Am Grateful For #ilovethursdaythanks #Thankful Thursday #iloveitallshop

no right or wrong way
So there's me admitting that I didn't journal every single day. Or even a few days. Nope. I literally did this journal page in about 5 minutes, and most of that time was in waiting for the watercolors to dry so that I didn't smudge it any more than it already was.

Let no one, not even yourself, tell you that you didn't do it right. There is no right, there is no wrong. Just do it. A year from now, you'll look back on your journaling and it will put a smile on your face.

what I used
This week, I used the original Gratitude Journal style. There's also a larger, lined bound journal, a notebook style journal and also Travelers Notebook inserts in 5 sizes to choose from.

But, you there's also tons more - one that might suit your style of journaling better - in the I Love It All shop. You can even find the fun, colorful shipping tags you see up there in my first photo.

join in
Want to document your own #ilovethursdaythanks? Write down what you're thankful for, it doesn't have to be in a journal or notebook, just list it and then head on over to Instagram to post! Be sure to use the hashtag #ilovethursdaythanks so I can take a peek!