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where i've been

8.03.2015  at 8:00 AM

If you've wondered where I've been, I've been taking it slow.

And I liked it.

I may have liked it too much.

I liked that I made time to read, even if that meant that I didn't do the laundry that day.

I liked that I wasn't crazy busy this summer with my shop. That doesn't mean that I didn't worry that my numbers weren't where they were last year or that I was going to have to readjust my goals, but sometimes things happen for a reason. And I took that reason to mean that I needed to step back and enjoy the moments that I had with the girls, and with myself, and with Gordon.  After all, moments only come once. 

I liked that I had time to have time. Time to do nothing. Or anything. 

Honestly, part of me taking it slow is that I'm struggling a bit with a few things in my life and for the first time I'm feeling kind of lost and I'm questioning myself. And that is leading me to compare myself to others, which is a scary slide to be on. I'm old enough to know that there are ups and downs and seasons in everyone's life. 

And I know that it will all make sense. 

And I know that it's okay to struggle and question.

But, here's to the girls having a wonderful first day of school today which means we're back to a schedule. Schedules have always been a good thing for me.

And speaking of schedules, be on the lookout for some some fun, new projects I'll be sharing soon.

Thanks for reading. 
Thanks for your friendship. 
Thanks for sticking with me.

Thank goodness for each new day!

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christmas in july sale

7.27.2015  at 8:00 AM

Head on over to the shop, there's a big sale going on now!

#christmas #sale #etsy #art #christmas in july #home decor

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what i'm reading now

7.22.2015  at 8:00 AM

I made a little promise to myself earlier this year that I would make the time to read. I love to read, to escape into someone else's world, to get caught up in their story.

Gordon and I found this oak chest, which I now use as my nightstand, one afternoon when we were doing errands. It was sitting in the parking lot of a local antiques shop and I spied it as we drove by. I mentioned it and we turned around to check it out. We even came home with a server for our living room that day, too. Oh yeah, and a vintage globe.

The G and M book ends were found at TJ Maxx while I was Christmas shopping and the myrtle wood bowl is from my Dad's family and I ended up keeping it when he passed away in December. The photo of my Sweetie and I was taken by Zach on a vacation to Destin way back in 1999 and it's still one my most favorite photos ever.

So, on to what I'm reading now:
  • The Appeal, John Grisham  |  I always enjoy a Grisham read and this one was especially compelling. Does this really happen? Also read The Summons a couple of months ago and have a few more on the shelf to read, which I know I'll enjoy.
  • Personal, Lee Child  |  Zach likes reading this author, so I thought I would finally read one, too. And I now know why he likes them so well.
  • Every 15 Minutes, Lisa Scottoline  |  This author was recommended to me by our town Librarian. I've read others by her and they've all been enjoyable. This one, though, is different. Enjoyable is not the right word, but don't get me wrong, it's a good read, just a different subject matter.
  •  Silver Girl, Elin Hildebrand  |  I happened upon this author by scoping out someone's IG feed, so I don't remember who to thank for the recommendation.  I've just begun this one but read Summer People and Barefoot while at the beach in June and wasn't disappointed.
  • Mean Streak, Sandra Brown  |  Oh wow, if you've never read Sandra Brown, read this one. Totally didn't expect that. Earlier this year I also read Play Dirty.

What I've read recently: 
  • Home Safe, Elizabeth Berg
  • A Year of Pleasures, Elizabeth Berg  |  Will definitely reread this one again soon. 
  • The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion
  • Ladies' Night, Mary Kay Andrews 
  • Bel Canto, Ann Patchett

I definitely read more for pleasure than as a learning tool and almost always choose Fiction over Non-Fiction. Thrillers, mysteries and suspense are probably my favorite genres, but I'm not opposed to anything...if it's a good story.

What are you reading now?

Thanks for stopping in!

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