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using scrapbooking supplies in my gratitude journal

1.18.2017  at 8:00 AM

Late last year, I took some time to embellish a few pages in different sized notebooks I was going to use for Gratitude Journals in 2017.


This Gratitude Journal is a Field Notes sized notebook, a really perfect size for me. I love that I can toss it into my purse for on-the-go journaling, but is big enough to allow me to journal as much, or as little, as my heart or time allows.

I added a vintage book page scrap and stamped shipping tag along with some washi tape...just enough of a starting off point to document my thankful thoughts.


While the girls were taking their turns at piano practice, I took that time to journal. On the left side of the page, I just bullet listed some highlights from the past couple of weeks, kind of a roundup of good moments and feelings. The right side the page is also a roundup of sorts, in more detail though, of Isabella's growing interest in cooking and recipes.

See more Gratitude Journal posts.

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chalk paint canvas + hand lettering

1.17.2017  at 8:00 AM

Isabella and I had the most lovely time together browsing the aisles of Hobby Lobby a few days ago.  Gordon and Victoria headed home after her basketball game, where she scored two points, and we hightailed it to crafty-town! During our hour {or more} there, we stocked up on canvases, paint and a few other goodies.

And I made this.


  • chalk paint | I used Folk Art Home Decor Chalk, 36303 Imperial
  • 16 x 20 canvas 
  • sponge brush
  • chalk


  • paint a sloppy coat of chalk paint, leaving the edges jagged
  • paint a second sloppy coat once the first has dried to the touch
  • cover the entire canvas with chalk, I used yellow because I didn't have any white
  • wipe off chalk, I used a barely damp paper towel leaving some chalk behind for texture


As I was rummaging through our collection of chalk, I was bummed to have found out that we did  not have any white. How did we not have anymore white? Oh yeah, must have been in the last purge when I trashed all the nubs of white chalk and then forgot to buy replacements. So, I used the pink we had plenty of and ended up being pleasantly surprised. 

Actually, I loved it!

I'm tickled how the pink on the red chalk paint gives this canvas a tone-on-tone look and actually invites you to walk up to the art and read it. It definitely is harder to read from far away at this size. My next go around, I want to get a bigger canvas and a longer quote. 

Gordon wondered why I took down the art that was hanging there, which I took as a non-subtle hint that he wanted this DIY to find a different home. So I did, but that doesn't mean I won't try it all again. Wink, wink.

Here's what I shared on Instagram: the art projects the girls created with the supplies we bought the same day. More on their finished projects later this week.

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friday the thirtheenth

1.13.2017  at 8:00 AM

It's Friday the thirteenth today!
#project life #scrapbooking #travelers notebook #Midori #printable #Friday the 13th #TGIF
Just drag this image to your desktop and print on a 4x6 card or photo paper, trim to 3x4 to pop into your Project Life albums, pocket letters or travelers notebooks. Enjoy!

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embellished daily devotional journal

1.03.2017  at 8:00 AM

CREATE is my One Little Word {the brainchild of Ali Edwards} for 2017 and I'm looking forward to so many ways it will touch my heart and my life. 

#journal #mini album #lists #notebook #devotional #iloveitall #papercraft
clip + doily from this kit  |  set of 10 mini manila shipping tags

My first creative project for 2017 was a super quickie overhaul of a spiral notebook.  I'll be using it to take notes and ponder the daily readings from my new devotional. A sweet church friend gifted me this as a thank you and I'm looking forward to the quiet time I'll be spending with it and my bible. If I'm going to take notes, it might as well be in a cute journal, right? 

Want to make one for yourself? All it took was two sheets from a MME 6x6 pad, some crafting goodies from the shop and 10 minutes.

After decorating the front cover, I punched a tag shape to add to the pocket {which you can see peeking out when the cover is closed} and used a second 6x6 sheet to make a pocket liner.

#journal #mini album #lists #notebook #devotional #iloveitall #papercraft

This is just the pennant banner shape folded over the top of the front cover.

#journal #mini album #lists #notebook #devotional #iloveitall #papercraft

And from the remaining paper scraps, I embellished the back inside cover.

#journal #mini album #lists #notebook #devotional #iloveitall #papercraft

What do you think, should I make these for the shop? What would you use your journal for?

#journal #mini album #lists #notebook #devotional #iloveitall #papercraft

When I posted this photo on Instagram, {I'm @iloveitalshop} 
Daily Guideposts shared my photo on their IG feed!


As part of the Top Ten Blog Hop I hosted a giveaway for an Alphabet of our Love journal, have you entered?

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