heart string art

Love is in the air today with a quick and easy project using baker's twine, nails and a random wood plaque I had in my stash. While I was pulling out some our Valentine's Day home decor I wondered if there was anything I could add. Why yes, there is and here it is...


Find a wood plaque and glue some random book page strips to it before adding your nails. I chose a heart shape and used a die cut as my guide.

Remove the die cut shape and you'll be left with your heart shape.

I wanted an aged look, so I dabbed some stain on my plaque. After doing so, I was quite disappointed with the splotchiness of the stain. But, what can a girl expect from a 50 cent plaque from the hobby store?

Rather than call it a fail, I went to Plan B. Plan B had me painting the border of my wood plaque, which worked wonderfully. Then it looked very stark compared to the stained book pages. I then added a light layer of stain to the painted edges as well to mimic the book pages. And then I really loved it!

You can see that I strung my baker's twine around the nails to form the heart shape and added a love pennant to the plaque as well. Be sure to outline the shape of the heart in addition to just wrapping across the heart.

Aaaah, much better.

I also added a little pennant banner. I had to. After the project was finished, I realized that my heart shape was not centered and I thought that the word pennant kind of tricked the eye.


Gold Shimmer Baker's Twine and a glitter die cut equals one cute card! | I Love It All


  1. Cute!! :) You are so creative!!
    :) Rebecca

  2. This is so cute! I've never seen little string-art, it's normally giant pieces that take up a large chunk of wall! This, though, is more my size!!


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