Joy Christmas Embellishment Kit

Silly me! In yesterday's roundup of Christmas Embellishment Kits, I had a photo of the kit you see above, but the wrong link {it's fixed now}. When I investigated further, I realized that I had forgotten to hit publish. Aaaaah, now I understand why this kit 100+ items JOY Christmas Embellishment Kit hasn't sold a single time since I *thought* I listed it.

Here are some more details shots:

And here's the stack of joyful holiday embellishments! Washi tape, tags, ribbon, paper clips, bags, crochet goodies, die cuts, letter stickers and chipboard. I may have packed this one too full, but I just couldn't stop. I love this part of my job!

Click here to head to see more details and to make your's ready to ship and ready to decorate all your holiday memory keeping projects and gifts.

December Daily Embellishment Kits

Christmas Embellishment Kits are in the shop and ready to ship. And ready to add a whole lot of fun to your paper crafting and memory keeping projects. I always have the most fun creating the kit collections, assembling little bits and baubles that help you to create your own unique journal, mini book, travelers notebook and cards.



Set of 15 Metal Rimmed Gift Tags | Holiday + All Occassion


Countdown to Christmas Calendar | Free Download

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A countdown to Christmas calendar and list of lists all in one? Yes please, sign me up. Holidays always ramp up my need for lists. Lists for gifts, to do lists, lists of things to buy, you get the idea: lists to keep my life organized. If you're the same, I'm so happy to share this Christmas calendar with you. Just print, trim and enjoy your holidays knowing you have a list.

After trimming your Countdown to Christmas Calendar, just fold on the light grey line and fold to the back. You don't have to embellish with washi tape, but I like washi tape, so I do. It's one of the few things I do to decorate my planner pages.

I love it that I'll have one place to track all my lists. I can even use the back side to add more lists. I used 28 lb. bright white paper to print my Countdown to Christmas Calendar, which is thick enough for pens not to bleed through but not so thick that it adds too much bulk to my Filofax.

If you don't need the list page, just trim off the flap page {there's a line to guide you} and you're all set to tuck it into your planner as a dashboard, especially if you print it on cardtstock.

Download the full size page calendar and trim to size for your favorite planner. Here's what it looks like trimmed from the full size page to fit inside a half-page planner notebook.

Set of Colorful Shipping Tags

The kids can have their own Countdown to Christmas Calendar, too. After printing, slip your freebie under a clip board and use one of the Command Strip thingies to hang it low enough for the kids to color in each day that passes.

Download your free Countdown to Christmas Calendar and enjoy the season.
Find the Spring Countdown here, more free downloads here and Filofax and Travelers Notebook posts.

See this post from 2014 for more how-to ideas.

Happy Thanksgiving | Free Download

Let us give thanks for the friends and family we hold dear to our hearts and the blessings we may often take for granted but for which many people would be grateful to call their own.

Just drag this image to your desktop and print onto 4x6 photo paper or cardstock. It's the perfect little art print to greet your guests or to add to any memory keeping project.

Decorating with Laser Cut Words

As much as we think of gratefulness more around Thanksgiving than at any other time, it's a sentiment I try to carry in my heart all through the year. On some days, gratitude is as simple as finding cute little pumpkins that grew in the spot where you dumped the seeds from last year's pumpkins. Wink, wink.

One day, I saw some of the cutest wooden phrases and I knew that decorating with laser cut words would be fun project to work on. And so perfect for our Thanksgiving decorating as well. Knowing me, I'll probably keep this canvas in one spot or another in our home all year long...we all need a little reminder every now and then of the tiny blessings in our day.

I've had this linen covered canvas for probably a year and can't even remember what project it was that spurred my to make my purchase. But then I saw an IG friend post some adorable wooden laser cut words from this Etsy shop, I just had to get some for myself. So I did.

Because I wasn't sure if I would want to keep this as a permanent design, I just used some glue dots on the back of the wood elements and it has worked out beautifully. I'm actually surprised that the words haven't fallen off once.


I don't waste a moment if I can help it. In the car riders lot last week, I figured that I could put those 30 minutes to good use. I gathered scissors, my wreath {from Magnolia last summer}, a long length of jute twine and the word blessed and headed out to the car.

By using the jute twine to tie the laser cut word to my wreath, I'll still be able to change it out and not booger up the wreath or the word. I think the jute is almost unnoticeable, but does add a rustic touch  to it as well.

If you're feeling grateful and blessed and also enjoy documenting your thankful thoughts and grateful moments, you may find joy in some of the notebooks, mini books and journals from I Love It All, my handmade boutique. From as small as 3x4 all the way up to 8x10, there might just be a journal that will inspire you to capture the moments that brought a smile to your face today. And tomorrow.


Free Journaling Cards

Today, I'm going to dive into my mini book journal and begin prepping pages for the December 30 Lists challenge. You can learn more and register here {affiliate link}. When you register, you'll find this journaling card set I designed on the private blog as a freebie download for everyone who participates. Hope you love it! Read more of my 30 Lists adventures here.

carry out a color theme
If you missed my page tab hack a few days ago, I think you'll love how quick and easy it is. On this journaling card, rather than a square, I used a circle die cut for a different spin.

To carry out the color theme from the front of my journaling card, I used more circle die cuts and trimmed the overage.

shipping tags
When I found these polka dotted bags, I knew they were the perfect size to tuck a shipping tag inside. I love when journaling pages are interactive, inviting the reader to flip up a card, pull out a tag or open a flap. 

I am an affiliate of 30 Days of Lists and will earn a small fee if you use my link to register for the challenge, there is no extra fee for you to use my link. This will be my 15th time participating and I think you'll enjoy documenting your story in lists as much as I do. 

My 30 Lists Journal for December

I've been prepping some pages in my 30 Lists Journal for December. If you've been here for a while, you know that I love to go through my pages and use the embellishment kit that comes with each journal to see what goodies fit well with the patterns on the pages. 

Did you know that registration opens today!? {affiliate link}

I used the red banner pennant shape to make a pull out tab for my journaling card. When I'm decorating my 30 Lists journal, I like to tuck something inside the pocket formed by the folded over kraft bag to use as either a recap of the whole month or a "who I am" right now list. 

Here's how I did that...

30 Lists Journal for December | Monika shares an easy trick to turn a paper scrap into a pull-out tab.

Trim the cardstock piece in your kit to your desired length from the straight edge. This will allow you to still use the pennant end on another page {I'll show you in another post what I did with mine}.

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Using my mini stapler, I attached the paper square to my journaling card. Now, I'll be able to easily access my journaling card tucked inside the pocket.

30 Lists Journal for December | Use this easy trick using a journaling card and a paper scrap to make a pull-out tab.

I know, it's nothing you don't probably already know, but this fun hack is a great way to add a pull-out tab to most any project using nothing but the paper scraps you probably already have on your craft table.

Next week, I'll be sharing more ideas on how to pre-embellish your 30 Lists journal for December listing. I'll have more tricks, tips and ideas for you, so do drop in. If you don't already, follow me on Instagram, I'm @iloveitallshop, where you'll get real time updates and sneak peeks.

Read more of my 30 Lists adventures here.

I am an affiliate of 30 Days of Lists and will earn a small fee if you use my link to register for the challenge, there is no extra fee for you to use my link. This will be my 15th time participating and I think you'll enjoy documenting your story in lists as much as I do. 

Free Thanksgiving Art Print

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On this Thankful Thursday, I present to you these free Thanksgiving art prints for your home. There's nothing wrong with having a little fun with the idea that we'll have that little wobble after getting up from our Thanksgiving meal.


Last night we were at the dinner table and our conversation revolved around what desserts we should make for our Thanksgiving feast this year. And it is a feast, Oma and Nana always bring a scrumptious recipe to share with us all. Everyone has their signature dish: Oma makes German Potato Salad and Cucumber Saland and Nana makes the Broccoli Casserole that Gordon looks forward to every year. We gather together, both sides of our family, in thanks and gratitude and prayer.

But, more than that, we are blessed to be able to have the privilege of living near to each other so that we can gather and not have the "worry" of wondering what desserts we'll make for our feast. So many people in our own home towns, maybe even our neighbors, are wondering how they're going to feed their families the rest of THIS week, let alone wondering what will be for dessert a few weeks from now.

So if you feel blessed, and are able, find an organization that you can partner with that helps your local community to reach out and help those families, veterans, children and elderly in need. We try to do our part, but should probably do more. We can always do more.

Didn't mean to get long winded, just feeling all the grateful vibes for the comfort of a warm meal in our tummy and a pantry full of food.


If you like to change out the wall art with the seasons, like I do, here are a few more art prints from I Love It All that may bring a smile to your face. And find more home decor art prints here.

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You can download your Gobble, Gobble Thanksgiving wall art here. If you would, tag me on Instagram @iloveitallshop with the hashtag #iloveitallshop so I can find you I'd love to see how you're using your free download! And while you're at it, tag your friends so they can grab their free download, too.


It seems that in November we tend to be more aware of our grateful moments and thankful thoughts.

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I have used this journal in some form or other since 2010, you can read more about the Gratitude Journal here. I'm not always good about documenting my thankful thoughts every day, but man when I do, my whole outlook on my life and how I approach the day is so much different...and better.


Leave a comment telling me which Gratitude Journal is your favorite for a chance to win a $10 coupon to I Love It All. If you are so kind to pin an image from this blog post to a non-giveaway Pinterest Board, leave your Pinterest link in the comments to earn two extra entries!

September 2016 30 Days of Lists | Days 27 - 30

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Somehow, this post was never scheduled so here you go...the last few days of my September 2016 30 Days of Lists journal. I hear from the #30lists gals that the December 2017 registration is opening soon and I'm eager to see what new prompts they've created for us. This will be my 15th challenge, I'm an Ambassador and also an affiliate {which means I'll earn a small fee if you register using my link....thanks}. Won't you join us in telling your Right Now story?

Day 27
I Wish...

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You might remember me showing how I added the tag to this page, but if not...check this out. In the meantime, I decided to fold the tag over to the back side of the page, which you'll see on the Day 28 list.

The I Wish speech bubble was part of the free download I designed, and all class participants received with their registration packet, and it was just perfect so I hand cut it and added it to my page.

Day 28
Daily Rituals

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Mason jars are so good, love them. This also happens to be one of the pre-embellished pages that comes in this mini book. The left side of the page has the back side of the manila shipping tag from Day 27.

Day 29
Favorite Movies I {Still} Want to See

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Just a quick list, nothing elaborate. My floral background behind the number on the left is just a few strips of washi tape arranged haphazardly. I popped the scallop die cut off the page with a foam dot, added the number stickers and glued the Favorite cut out on top {it was part of the freebie set I designed}.

Day 30
What I Want to Finish Before 2017

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Well, lots and lots, of course. Don't forget to rummage through your sticky note collection, they're perfect additions when your list is short.

Blog Hop Bonus List
Things I Love About Monday

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The End

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Did you have as much fun as I did? Want to see more of my #30lists journals?

I'll be using this journal in the December 2017 list challenge...

#Christmas #December #Daily #Journal #Mini #Book #30lists #lists

...and I'll soon be doing a post on how to prep your pages beforehand using elements from the included Embellishement Kit. Here are photos of the inside pages.

Read more about my 30 Lists adventures here.

Don't forget, there will be another round of list prompts soon, chekc it out and consider joining in on the fun. Find out more about 30 Days of Lists and join me in my 15th round of list challenges with the #30lists gals. I'm an Ambassador and an Affiliate and I'll earn a small fee if you use my registration link.