While I'm finishing up my #30lists album, I wanted to let you know about another list challenge that you might find interesting. Check out @TheResetGirl on Instagram for all the details.

I'll be using this mini book for the challenge and if I use the back side of some of the pages and use this tutorial for adding pages to my spiral bound mini book, it will work perfectly.

I've already embellished the cover with a button tied on with baker's twine from The Twinery, a heart die cut and a chipboard element from My Mind's Eye. And a few of my favorite journaling markers, too!

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a tour of my craft studio | letter sticker storage

Knowing that I was never going to use all the letter sticker sets I had shoved in a drawer, I set about to corral and organize them. Because they were such a mess, I kinda sorta didn't even want to open the drawer because I knew that it would take a long time to even find what I was looking for.

Trust me, this looks so much better than the scary before photo.

I already had the bins, so the job went rather quickly. I also used glassine bags from the shop to corral some of the smaller sticker sheets. And if you are a crafter, they also work really well for acrylic stamp storage, too.

#storage #organization #stickers #scrapbooking

Funny how a little cleaning out also clears my mind as well. It was like a breath of fresh air blew through my Studio and invigorated me to work a crafty project for me. More on that in a later post.

How do you store your letter stickers?

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30 days of lists | day 26

Most of the new people I meet these days are Mom friends, as Victoria calls them. Moms of friends that the girls have, ya know.

Day 26 | Ways to Meet New People

I don't get out as often as I used to, since I now work from home creating charming art prints and awesomely fun journals and mini books. And, well, I have become quite fond of spending my days working in my Studio and don't need people and conversation as much as I used to, or maybe I've just become more used to the quiet.

I used one of my favorite stamps and then hand trimmed it to make it look like it was a punched die cut, which is one of my favorite little tricks. It's just a $1 bin stamp that had a saying I didn't need, so I asked Gordon to use his Dremel to rub off the saying and voila, custom stamp just for me!

mini book, ink, scissors, stamp, glassine bag, washi tape

Sometimes it's fun to make lists interactive, so I just tucked my tags inside a small glassine envelope.

And of my gosh, these stickers have to be at least 9 years old, but I still have them and I still use them. It's always a game to find a way to make a list title work with the orphaned stickers I have left in my collection, but that's part of the fun.

If you like lists, join me in the March 30 Days of Lists class. I'm a sponsor and would just love to have you listing along with us. You can create your own journal, buy a journal from my shop, or just post your lists on Facebook or Instagram. There are no rules, just fun!

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why i love our bedroom ottoman

Will you use a bedroom ottoman? You know, for something other than a place to stack that laundry that needs to be put away?

#bedroom #decorating #ottoman #restorationhardware

When it comes to decorating our home, luckily Gordon and I agree on just about everything. He's not a complainer, so when he actually does say something about how I've decorated, I listen. And that was the case when we purchased this ottoman several years ago. Mr. wRight wanted a place to sit down and take his shoes on and off every day while the whole time I was wondering if we would be disciplined enough to keep it cleaned off and not a clutter catcher.

I have always loved the look of an ottoman at the foot of a bed when I've seen it in magazines or on decorating show, so we went for it and have not regretted the decision. And, I'm happy to report that our ottoman is not a clutter catcher. In fact, it's a wonderful gathering place. As Gordon returns home each evening and heads up the stairs to our bedroom, one {or both} of the girls {and all of the cats} head up with him and settle on the ottoman and begin the sweet chitter chatter of updating their DaDa about their day.

I love to overhear their sweet little conversations. 
And it's for those sweet overheard moments that I love our bedroom ottoman.

30 days of lists | days 7 - 16

Another update on the March 30 Days of Lists class Im taking, which brings us up to day 17 and a little behind because I didn't list while we were on our Spring Break in Charleston. I also have a free printable planned for this week, so follow along.

You can find days 3-6 here, days 1+2 here and a bonus list here.

There's only one more of this 30 Lists journal left in the shop, but you can find more here.

good words chipboard mini album | mini albums with monika

I'll let you in on a secret, I have a crush on the Chipboard Elements from My Mind's Eye! They never fail to elevate a project to just right or even, if you dare, over-the-top perfect. Chipboard Elements add dimension, color and texture and can either take the stage as the star of the show or fall back into the chorus line and be easily as effective.

30 days of lists | days 3 - 6

I caught up on a few lists last night while watching car shows with G last night and then realized that I hadn't shared the ones I had already finished. It's kind of hard to take supplies downstairs, wondering what I'll want to use for each list, but I tried and it was okay but not nearly as fun and satisfying as being upstairs in my Studio where I can just choose something from my stash.


Day 3 | My Jams
My Sweetie totally turned me on to George Strait and I can't ever imagine not enjoying his music. And anything from the 80s rock genre is so fun to hear and gets my blood pumping. I have been known to get up and {try to} boogie. Do people even say that anymore? This is probably where my 23-year old would roll his eyes and say that I'm embarrassing him.

find more cute tags and labels here

During the day, I work in almost total silence. I prefer it that way. I used to listen to the radio at full blast, but now just prefer silence as well. I guess because I know that as soon as my darling daughters walk through the door, my life will be filled with music and laughter and squabbling and giggles, that I just enjoy the quiet moments while I can.

Day 4 | Favorite Online Communities I'm A Part Of

I love, love, love wide ruled notebook paper! I thought it would be fun to write my name, date and subject in the corner like teachers used to make us do back in school. Remember that?

Day 5 | Cures for the Winter Blues

I'm okay with Winter for a while, then it sets in and I miss the blue, clear skies and the warmth of sunshine. It's really Gordon that has a harder time with Winter than I do, but hearing him talk about it makes me yearn for Spring even more.

Day 6 | Books I'd Like To Read

Trust me, there are way more books I want to read. I actually keep a list of books in my Filofax on these fun cards so that when I'm at the library with the kids I don't draw a total blank as to what I actually want to search for. Am I the only one that just freezes when they enter a library and draw a total blank on author's names or book titles?

What's on your reading list? Leave me a comment and I'll choose a winner for a set of library cards from the I Love It All shop!

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this is us

I always, always, always wish for more pictures of Gordon and I together. As a couple. Just us. But, it never seems the right time, or I feel awkward asking someone to take our photo or I think about it and then forget about it again before I get the camera out. Or I think I'm not picture-worthy...you know the "my hair's a mess and I don't have any make-up on and this is the oldest shirt I own" moments.

This is us.

Typically, I wouldn't have taken this photo. 

He was working on his other full-time job {taking care of the property} and asked if I wanted to go up to Papa's cabin with him. Ugh. I had not even taken a shower, I'd been house cleaning and organizing all day, but I slapped on some blush and some lip gloss and hopped in the truck. 

These days, I've realized that it's more important to go with the flow and seize the opportunities of time spent together. One never knows what lies ahead for us tomorrow. Or even this afternoon.

Typically I wouldn't have taken this photo.
And I would have missed out on one of my new favorites. 
This is how I want our kids to remember us. 
This is us.

shamrock love

I've been friends with Patty since we were in the 8th grade. That's a long, long time She was the one that got our friendship rolling and I've been ever so thankful for that. I don't know that she's particularly fond of shamrocks or green or even St. Patrick's Day, but her birthday IS March 17th. 

In honor of her upcoming birthday, I'll do a giveaway of the newest download I've added to the shop. 

To enter, leave a comment sharing how long you've been friends with your BFF and I'll pick a winner on Wednesday. I'll announce the winner here and on Facebook.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Ravejest, you are the winner...please e-mail me!

warm feet, warm heart

While browsing Southern Living magazine during the holidays, I read about a company creating fun, colorful socks with organic cotton in an old sock mill in Ft. Payne, Alabama, which caught my eye because Ft. Payne is also home to the music group Alabama. Intrigued by their story, and cool designs, I ordered three pair with the coupon code provided.

Check out these awesome finds from Zkano, which are actually my second order because I love them that much. I love the stripes, I love the colored heels and yes, they're really that good. I ordered this pair and these, but the third pair is no longer available.

If you're looking for a quality sock, you've found it. And here's the bonus, they're a Southern family run company since 1991. I think that's awesome.

NOTE | This is not an affiliate link, I just like this product and their story.

30 days of lists | days 1 + 2

All month long, I'll be taking a few minutes to think about a topic, write my list and embellish the list in my mini album. Other than having an excuse to make a really cute mini album for me, and add to the shop, the other really great thing about this challenge is that I take the time to go through my stash and add them to my lists. 

For example, the mini album I'm using from the shop comes with an embellished front cover. But I decided to add a paper doily behind the white card and glued it to the folded kraft bag. Then I added a tab to a journaling card and tucked it inside the "pocket." I added the #30lists die cut I had designed for a previous class to the metal tab that comes with the journal.


Day 1 | Why I Make Lists

One of my favorite ways to journal on top of patterned cardstock is to cut strips of paper, trim it into a  banner and glue it to the page. I'm using my favorite set of Thickers ever made...the font, the foam, the color!

Day 2 | Resolutions That Never Stood A Chance

I added the number 2 to the back of my Day 1 page and used foam dots to adhere the list title that I created in my word processing program.

I don't kid myself anymore, I'm just not that into exercise. Yes, I know I should. Yes, I know I need to. I go in spurts about drinking enough water, but generally I still need to drink more. And patience? I'm going to be 51 soon and I've still not mastered that.

If you like lists, join me in the March 30 Days of Lists class. I'm a sponsor and would just love to have you listing along with us. You can create your own journal, buy a journal from my shop, or just post your lists on Facebook or Instagram. There are no rules, just fun!

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