Dwell in Possibility

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I know that I dwell in the world of possibilities. It's how I'm wired. Will it happen? Can I even do this? Is this a good decision? Will she get it? Can we handle it? Are we doing the right thing? Is this a good "risk?"

Yeah, all those what ifs in our heads are us dwelling the the possibility of what might be. And isn't that a good place to be? Granted, the possibilities we dream of and hope for are not always what happen, or what is even possible, but living in that place is so much better than dwelling in negativity and self-doubt.

I’ve revamped my weekly quote series to focus on a different theme each month and the  theme for April is CALMVisit with me every Sunday for more inspiration and motivation for The Sunday Quote.



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  9. In this passage, the author reflects on their tendency to dwell on possibilities and questions about the future. They acknowledge that constantly considering "what ifs" can be a positive and motivating mindset by watch wwe belt. They also introduce their weekly quote series, with a current theme of "CALM" for the month of April, inviting readers to join them for inspiration and motivation every Sunday.

  10. Embrace the world of possibilities! Dwelling on "what ifs" can be a positive mindset. Join me every Sunday for inspiration on The Sunday Quote, with April's theme being Swertres Result Today.

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