easter egg candle wrap

A light bulb went off in my head.

I noticed the small holes in the Easter eggs that I had bought for the girls and wondered if I could somehow add a "ring" to them so that I could make a wreath similar to our Christmas ornament wreath.  You can and I did. 

Wonder where the wreath is? Monika realized she had too few eggs for a full sized wreath, so I made a candle wrap instead. Don't know if there is such a thing, but now there is...thank you very much.

Gather your supplies and begin.

  1. Cut a short length of floral wire and fold in half. Thread floral wire through one of the holes in egg. Sometimes I used the hole at the narrow end of the egg and sometimes I threaded the hold at the wider end of the egg. Just to be different, you know. 
  2. Twist the wire a few times to hold the wire in place and then separate the two strands of floral wire to keep it from slipping back through the hole
  3. Now your egg has a "ring" to slip onto a length of floral wire to form your very own Easter egg candle wrap. Or, if you have lots of time, make a wreath.
  4. Wrap some of your eggs with washi tape if you so wish.

I noticed that there were some spots where I could still see the floral wire and decided to tie simple ribbon bows around the floral wire to fill in the bare spots. Love how it turned out!

When I realized that I didn't have enough eggs for a wreath, I thought it best to use the floral wire for my candle wrap and I'm glad I did because it was much easier to bend and wrap than the wire hanger we used for the Christmas ornament wreath.


  1. This is so super festive and fun!

  2. So cute!! The washi and pretty green ribbon are the perfect finishes!!

    1. I agree, the ribbon just took it over the top for me, Gina!

  3. Very clever! I have a friend who would adore one of these - maybe I can do this for her. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I hope you DO make one for her, it just makes me smile every time I walk by ours!


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