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wonderful world of washi | gift box love notes

3.05.2013  at 5:00 AM

Leftover from a Valentine's Day project I didn't get to, these papier mache gift boxes are the perfect size to slip a short, sweet love note inside for my girls.

Here's what I did:

For the striped box bottoms, I merely matched up rows of tape to make it appear as one seamless pattern. Photo via can see Spunky's little hands and remnants of markers and paints where she had been creative that day, too.

I do love them, seven days a week. So, why not tell them when they've done something good! And by now you all know that the blue is for Victoria and the pink is for Isabella. Their favorite colors. 

Looking for more washi tape inspired projects?

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  1. Those look great! How do you get washi tape to stick so well. Everything I've tried to stick washi tape to, it always some loose.

  2. these are so pretty. how much fun are you, monika? love this idea. thanks for sharing.

  3. So pretty cute. Thanks for the idea I may look where my boxes are. Somewhere in the office I've some of tis too.
    Best wishes from germany

  4. Cute idea! I just got some washi. Must try this soon!


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