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I find it so refreshing to open a new year's calendar. I love to plan and list and organize and, while I'm not always the most organized, I do try to have a plan and stick with it. It helps me to have it all in writing. And I just like looking back and looking forward to see what we've done and what's still ahead of our little family.

If you're a paper planner like I am, or just like lined note paper, enjoy these downloads while you document your...

hopes, dreams, plans, lists, ideas, travels, goals, secret desires, books read

You may have seen me post a sneak peek of this download I'm sharing on Instagram yesterday. If you're on Instagram, too, look me up...I'm @iloveitallshop

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And while I was writing this post, I decided to write a letter to myself with some mini resolutions, but I'm not calling them that...let's just say I'm gently reminding myself. Hence, the photograph with horrible lighting shadows and a yellow cast.

You might want to print out the January Calendar Cutie and pop it into your planner as well...I think it's pretty cute! Here's another download I shared not long ago that is a great reminder each and every day of the year.

restocking the shelves + a giveaway

Perpetual Calendar |

I've been restocking the shelves over at the I Love It All shop with some goodies that I've had brewing in my mind and finally had a chance to design and put together. If you haven't stopped by the shop lately, I encourage you to browse around!

Perpetual Calendar

I am pleased to see that many of you have already purchased the Perpetual Calendar! Obviously, you are on the same mission as I get organized and stay that way.

Never be at a loss for when the next birthday, anniversary or some other happy day you want to remember occurs. There's even space to doodle, add a photograph or embellish with some of your scrapbooking supplies like I did. I used washi tape...surprise, surprise.

Mega-Size Gratitude Journal

While sprucing up my Studio yesterday, I happened upon some Mega-Sized Gratitude Journals that I had forgotten to add to the shop. They're a bit more than the regular journal, but most of the pages are embellished with washi tape, machine stitching, paper clips and journaling spots. It's a super fun Journal just begging to be used and enjoyed all year long.

Gratitude Journal |


I created these fun notecards for a local friend, she and her husband love to ride their bicycles. Get them either as personalized notecards or as thank you cards. Just the perfect size for a short note of gratitude.

Bicycle Note Cards |

Find more charming notecards here.


I was asked by a family member to help create a special print for her daughters, who are adopted,  and their biological sisters for an impending meet up during the Christmas holiday. Makes my heart happy that she asked me and how sweet that these six sisters got to spend some special time together!

Find more awesome prints here.


Be sure to head over to The Twinery, where I'm giving away a Gratitude Journal AND there's a discount code, too! Don't you just love when there's a discount code when you found something new you just have to have?

Gratitude Journal Giveaway |

Enter the giveaway here.

top ten projects of 2013 | blog hop

Welcome Crafty Friends…so glad you've joined us for the 2013 Top Ten Blog Hop. What fun it's been to browse through the projects from the last year and choose a few of my favorites. You might notice that I'm a huge fan of mini's my most favorite way to document memories and I make a lot of them. Memories AND mini albums.

Be sure to stick around until the last project, as I'll have a giveaway prize for you as well!

Top Ten Projects of 2013

Mini Albums

Project One
It takes several full sheets of beautiful scrapbook paper, some chipboard elements and some ribbon, but it is totally worth the time. You'll see what I mean when you hop over to check out the tutorial for this gorgeous mini album.

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Project Two
I met my husband in Nashville {he was there already on business} and we had a long weekend just the two of us. He arranged for Nana to watch the girls and off I went to meet up with my Sweetie. Of course, you knew I was going to make a mini album about that, right?

#minialbum #mymindseye #scrapbooking #iloveitall

Find more detailed photos of this chunky little mini album here.

Project Three
I love creating mini albums. Here's one of many I made this year, I tend to make a lot of them for my husband and he happened to think this one was pretty cute!

#washitape #minialbum #minibook #tutorial #diy #scrapbooking #tags #love #heart

Here's where you can find more washi tape projects.

Project Four
I'll be 50 in March and I had this bright idea of journaling on 49 different list topics as I head into my fifth decade. Sheesh, can I really be that old? This post shares a few of my lists and I'll be updating beginning in January so that all 49 of my lists are revealed!

#lists #scrapbooking #minialbum #journaling #mixedmedia #iloveitall

The blog post has several tutorials on how I created the album by repurposing an old book and many of the pages as well. Find more projects made while I was a member of the My Mind's Eye Design Team.

Find more mini albums here.


Project Five
I love creating free download and here are a few for Father's Day, Mother's Day, Granparent's Day and for Birthday's too! You might notice that I sneak in a little baker's twine from The Twinery on every single one of them. I'm a Senior Designer for the team and there's a Design Team Call going on now…so hurry and submit your application, it's such a great team to be part of!

#download #birthday #card #tutorial #diy #printable #fathersday #mothersday #iloveitall

Find more baker's twine projects here.

Project Six
Sometimes simple is best, it lets the story shine. And that's what I've done here with this page template {a free download} sized to 8x8. I print out a ton of them, trim them, insert them into page protectors and then all I have to do is add a photo and journal our family traditions.

#download #printable #family #scrapbooking #album #minialbum #iloveitall

Here's another blog post about this same album


Project Seven
This project was so, so fun and I hope you have a chance to make one for your own home. Don't worry, this is a battery-operated candle…and here's the tutorial to make your own Easter Egg Candle Wrap. You might also be interested in a  similar idea my girls did together, using Christmas ornaments to make a wreath.

#easter #diy #tutorial #candle #eggs #washitape #homedecor #iloveitall

Project Eight
Why not let your crafting supplies be a part of your home decor? I do it all the time! Do you love baker's twine as much as I do?

#bakerstwine #homedecor #diy #tutorial #crafts #twine #iloveitall

Find more tutorials here.

Blog Features

Project Nine
I have several ongoing blog features that you can find links to in the sidebar. It's a nice way for me to document some family history and a few things about myself as well.

Right Now is a blog feature where I document my thoughts each month. Many bloggers do the same thing using the terms currents or currently, but this is what I chose to name my series…kind of a play on our family name. Feel free to download the page template and get started documenting your right now's.

#scrapbooking #rightnow #currents #currently #minialbum #download #printable #iloveitall

5 on the 5th is where I take 5 photos on the 5th of each month. I just use my iPhone and post to Instagram with the hashtag #5onthe5th {feel free to join in…I'm @monikawright_iloveitall} and then I do a blog post documenting the extraordinary moments of our ordinary, everyday life. One of my favorite things to do each month, for sure!

#photography #family #project #instagram #5 #iloveitall

Project Studio is a sporadic, but ongoing blog feature where I share how I organize my crafty supplies. As many of you know, organizing a crafting place is a never-ending project and we always find new ways to organize that work for a while and then our needs change. And that reminds me, I need to do a major clean-up right now!

Project Ten
I've always been a planner user, but have just recently become more committed to really using it and making it my one source for all things:  my business, my family, dreams, lists, projects, plans and more. I use a Filofax brand planner, but there are so many choices out there…use what works best for you.

I've found that my love of organization mixed with downloads that I create for my own use and share with others and loads and loads of my scrapbooking supplies, I'm able to add a bit more sanity to my life because my memory is not what it once was.

A friend and I just recently began a new blog series called Filofax Friday {#filofaxfriday on Instagram} where we'll share tips, tricks, tutorials, downloads and inspiration the first Friday of each month. Join us in our adventure to better organization.

And in my Esty shop, I Love It All, the top three "projects" this year have been:

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Gratitude Journal
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10 Things I Love About You
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Find More 
Top Ten Projects 
with these fabulously talented bloggers:

                              Monika Wright  ---> you are here
 Lisa Swift  

And now for the giveaway prize package...

Your choice of one Color Pop Mini Album kit in either Pink, Green, Orange or Yellow. Find all the details on what's included in these fun mini album kits here. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Entries will remain open until Monday.

calendar cuties | january 2014

Calendar Cuties January 2014 |

Let's get ready for the New Year with the January 2014 Calendar Cutie! 

These printable downloads are perfect to add to your Project Life albums, a scrapbook layout, print and pop into a 4x6 frame for your desk or just hang it on the fridge with a sweet little magnet. You could even washi tape it to the filing cabinet at work!
I hope you continue to enjoy using the monthly calendars and if you're ever in need of a past calendar, just do a search for Calendar Cuties in the Search box in the right sidebar and print what you need.

Find more:

right now | december 2013

It's the final countdown…just days until Christmas and then a few more after that and 2013 will be a memory. Lots of good ones, a few that took my breath away and some that won't soon be forgotten.

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december  |  12.20.13

good. really good for this close to Christmas. and I love it.

on the to do list
finish all the laundry + ironing…that would be a great gift to me.

my guilty pleasure
okay, so I bought a few things for me while Christmas shopping.

my new UGG boots I'm using for houseshoes. no more cold ankles.

dreaming about
zach coming home for Christmas.

grateful for
two Santa-believing sweet little girls.

Download your page template here
Here's the post where I share how I created my mini album.

right now archives

wishing you joy, peace and love

It's been a few years since we've sent Christmas cards and I'm so excited to be sharing this one with you all. We ordered our cards from Minted this year and even though there were two other designs I had in mind, I just felt that this one was a natural fit.

We had this family photo taken last year, but I feel totally okay using it this year because we all kinda sorta look the same, even if thee girls are taller and more beautiful. 

I had been holding out hoping that it would work out that Zach could be in the photo, but it never did. And then I got busy and neglected to get cards made. So, our 2013 greetings are sent with a 2012 photo, but still full of love either way!
Wright Family Christmas Card |

Here's hoping your 2014 is filled with:
the joy of laughter, memories and friendship
peace of mind
and love to warm your heart.

From The Wright Family.
And Zach, too, even if he's not in the photo.

right now | november 2013

Nothing like a Right Now for November in the middle of December, but wait…the December edition will be here Friday.  As always, I welcome you to create your own mini album, to document your right now's and to download the template, you can find the link at the bottom of the post.

november  |  11.23.13

not at all like I could possibly be the mom to a 22-year old
{this was Zach's birthday!}

on the to do list
purging holiday decorations

my guilty pleasure
working in my jambes if I want to!

family movie night tradition

dreaming about
a lovely holiday, not as frantic as last year

grateful for
the people who buy my products, I continue to be amazed by it all

Download your page template here
Here's the post where I share how I created my mini book.

right now archives

30 days of lists | days 1-12

I always enjoy the 30 Days of Lists projects, and I'm so glad I decided to join in this month. You may have already seen these on Instagram, but if are days 1 -12. For a few of the lists, I altered the title to work best for me, wink, wink.

Here's the Journal I'm using {there are a few more available}. I added a chipboard M to the small white tag that comes with the embellished cover and tied the #30lists tag {comes with the embellishment kit} to the string.

Lists 1 - 15

List 1 | Before the End of the Year
I used a Project Life card to tuck inside the kraft bag.

List 2 | Around My Home

List 3 | This Is the Only Time of Year I

List 4 | I Am Happy to Report
Scrap ribbon stapled to cardstock that's been inserted into a glassine bag.

List 5 | Traditions

List 6 | On My Reading List
I love to read, but since opening the shop, I've had less time for pleasure reading. And I miss it terribly. Reading is my escape and a guilty pleasure!

List 7 | What I'm Going To Remember About Today
Loved my afternoon with Isabella. My oldest girl is growing up so quickly and wants to be mature and grown up one minute and our little girl the next. 
I don't sell these large green tags separately in the shop, but they do make an appearance in the Gratitude Journal!

List 8 | On My Movie-Watching List
That Sharpie is one of my favorite journaling pens and doesn't bleed through the page.

List 9 | My Favorite Outfits + Accessories
Using some of my favorite baker's twine from The Twinery and a shipping tag from the shop.

List 10 | I Was A Friend This Year
I've been using up a lot of random letter stickers I have. I added part of the title to a small glassine bag and trimmed down a shipping tag.

List 11 | Without _____ I Would Be _____

List 12 | Places I Went This Year
Not a very exciting list, but it was all good! This neon index card appears in the Gratitude Journal, too!

Find more 30 Days of Lists posts.
Learn more about the #30lists challenge {affiliate link}.

printable planner giveaway + blog hop | lime tree fruits

If you've been hopping along on the LimeTreeFruits Pre-Order Party, welcome to I Love It All, I'm so happy to have you here!

Now let's take a look at the colorful, fun and creative planner pages Raine has designed for 2014.

No matter how you prefer to plan:  weekly, monthly, with a simple To Do list or by dividing your day into segments, the LimeTreeFruits printables will allow you to stick with your tried and true method, or give you the tools to try out a new system and perhaps find something new to love.


Here's where it gets really exciting...enter below to win the 150+ page planner printable set. You read that right, over 150 pages of planner cuteness with endless organizational options. The giveaway ends this Friday and the winner will receive their LimeTreeFruits planner pages directly from Raine!

a Rafflecopter giveaway