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decorating your planner

12.31.2014  at 10:00 AM

Are you ready to plan and organize your 2015 activities? 

Visit with my over at My Mind's Eye today for this month's Mini Albums with Monika, where I'm sharing how I've used yummy scrapbooking goodies to personalize my Filofax Ochre Malden planner.

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top ten of 2014 blog hop

12.30.2014  at 12:01 AM
This is one of my favorite blog hops. It's interesting to take the time to go through a year's worth of projects and choose my top ten faves from the year. By doing so, I am reminded of projects I had forgotten about and of projects I'd like to revisit again. 

You might have arrived here from the blog of Melissa Eisner, if not, there's a complete list at the end of the post so that you don't miss inspiring, crafty projects and maybe even a giveaway, or two...or ten!

Project One
I've been doing the Right Now project for three years and each month it's fun to flip through my mini album and read what I was thinking at that moment in time. Click here to download the page template and here's a tutorial sharing how I created my mini album.

Project Two
My friend Francine and I have been sharing our favorite tips and suggestions all year in a joint project we call Filofax Friday. I've you're a paper planner addict, I encourage you to browse through the posts for ways to use your scrapbooking stash in your planner, free downloads and {hopefully} fun and inspiring ways to help you organize your life.

Follow me on Instagram, where I share loads more Filofax tips, tricks, hacks, ideas and DIY's that never make it here to the blog. Oh, and there's an occasional giveaway there as well. 
Here are more Filofax ideas, tips and photos to browse through.
Follow my to filofax board on Pinterest.

Project Three
I just adore mini albums, it's my favorite way to document our story. I also find listing is a great way to sneak in some journaling and makes me pause and be still and think about something I wouldn't have thought of otherwise. The 30 Days of Lists classes are so fun, be sure to check them out!

be sure to enter the giveaway to win your own #30lists journal

Project Four
Did you know that it's really quite easy to create your own custom notepad? Click here for the tutorial.

Project Five
Around here, we read a lot of books. All three of my kids love to read and all three received several books as Christmas gifts. I'm quite happy to report that they were all as excited about the books as they were about the toys...and that makes this Mama smile!

Click here to head over to the tutorial.

Project Six
I know that I'm not the only one that loves to gift wrap. I've used this paper flower tutorial many times over the years and think you will, too!

find kraft bags here

Project Seven
There are too many scrapbooking supplies in my stash to be running around with an ugly notepad. Repurposing goodies is one of my favorite things to do, especially after I see the cute end result.

Project Eight
I turned 50 in March 2014 and to celebrate the gift of 50 years, I shared 50 facts about myself on Instragram {for the 50 days leading up to March 28th} thinking it would be fun for my kids to read in years to come. After doing all that, I thought that it would be a shame not to document those lists in a mini album.

Yeah, like so many of my mini album projects, this mini album isn't really all that "mini" is it?

Check out my lists here.

Project Nine
Ever need to add another page to your spiral bound mini album? Here's the post where I share how to do just that!

Project Ten
I don't create near as many scrapbook layouts as I used to, but I actually pulled out my supplies and documented this story of our history of home improvement projects. Somehow, the Lowe's slogan seems so fitting for a marriage, too, don't you think?

Here's the 2013 Top Ten blog hop roundup.
Your next stop on the Top Ten blog hop is with Wendy Antenucci

And be sure to enter the giveaway, too!

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30 days of lists | days 9 - 18

12.29.2014  at 8:00 AM

My little 30 Days of Lists book is chunking up with all the bits and baubles I'm using to create my daily entries. And it's not so little anymore.

30 Days of Lists December 2014 | I Love It All
use the code BEHAPPY for a 20% discount on any mini book

Sometimes, I list just for that day. Sometimes, I list ahead a day or two. And sometimes I play catch up. I've even been known to change a list up a little bit if I'm not particularly fond of it...or if I'm not "feeling" it.

I'm adding this because I want you to know, if you ever decide to take a class, that there's no right or wrong way to do this. Don't let preconceived ideas hold you back. From anything. Just do it for the fun of it.

30 DAYS OF LISTS | December Edition

Day 8 | Things That Put Me In A Good Mood

find the manila envelopes here

Day 9 | People Who Influence Me

Day 10 | Favorite Recipes

find glassine envelopes and shipping tags here

Day 11 | Parts of My Life I Wish I Could Outsource

For this list, I used pop dots behind the chipboard element so that there was a space for me to tuck mu journaling inside.

Day 12 | Traditions I Love

Day 13 | Current Soundtrack

Day 14 | On My Nightstand

find the library cards here

Day 15 | Out My Window

Day 16 | Today I 

Day 17 | On My Desk Today

Day 18 | Things to Cross of My List

Read more of my 30 Days of Lists postsincluding past classes I've taken.
Find Days 1 - 8 of the December 30 Lists journaling here.
Find Days 9 - 18 of my 30 Lists journal here.
Find Days 19 - 30 lists here
Read more of my 30 Days of Lists postsincluding past classes I've taken.

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ornament mini album | from the archives

12.19.2014  at 8:00 AM
This post originally appeared on I Love It All in December 2010, when I had been blogging for less than six months but obviously already a huge fan of mini albums. To update our little album, I've been taking photos and adding new stories and memories. There's a link at the end of the post to download your page template.

While the ornaments are out and you're in family memory capture mode, snap some photos of your ornaments and holiday decorations. Each year, I think to myself, "Will the kids remember why this ornament is special or who gave it to us?" Probably not and one day, I won't either.

Ornaments and Their Stories | Monika Wright
photo album {Target} felt sticker {SEI} rub-ons {American Crafts} 

This project is my spin on an original idea from Stacy Julian, and you can find her version of it here. Stacy and her family recorded their advent season memories and when I read about it last year, I had planned to use the same premise to record the memories behind all the ornaments on our Christmas tree.

This year, I won't be outdone by time! I have the album I purchased last year and am using journaling cards I designed to place beside each photo with the story/memory associated with it. I could have made my journaling card more colorful, but decided against that so that the colors of the ornaments take center stage. I will probably spice it up just a bit by adding patterned paper and flat embellishments, but I'll see how all that works out as I go along. 

Ornaments and Their Stories | Monika Wright
Ornaments and Their Stories | Monika Wright

There's no right or wrong way about this project, you do what feels most like you. After all, if you capture a story and a memory, does it really matter what paper or album you chose? Not really. What matters is that you have captured pieces of your family history.

And don't be stressed. Didn't get all the ornaments photographed this year? Don't worry. Just continue with your stories next year when you pull it all out again. They'll be there waiting on you!

You can download the journaling cards here, there are three different versions and there are trim marks sized to 4x6 for you to trim them down.

Find more mini albums here.
Find more downloads here.

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tassel necklace tutorial

12.15.2014  at 8:00 AM

Never worry about having the perfect accessory for your outfit again! Today I'm going to share an extra easy DIY craft that takes just minutes and will be sure to get you some oohs + aaahs at your next get together.


The look of your tassel all depends upon the length of cardboard that you're wrapping and the number of times you wrap.  For the gold choker above, I wrapped my card on the short end and wrapped it twenty times, trimming the two Pink Sorbet tassels shorter than the Cappuccino tassel.

For the tutorial below, I opted for a longer tassel and again wrapped it twenty times.

  1. Choose your desired length of heavyweight cardstock to wrap. Begin with the loose end hanging down.
  2. Wrap until your desired fullness is reached. 
  3. Trim a longish piece of baker's twine before easing the tassel off your cardstock, holding onto  the tassel in one hand.
  4. Wrap the tassel with the longish piece of baker's twine several times and knot on the back side. Trim the tails from your knot
  5. Pull your choker or chain through the opening and trim your tassel to length.

I purchased my gold choker and silver ball chain {with the longer, single tassel} at a craft + hobby store, with a coupon of course, so it makes this project a great holiday gift giving idea as well.

How fun would it be to make these in school colors. Or as a pair of earrings? Or as embellishments on your gift bags and packages? Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.

Find more baker's twine projects here.
And here are more tutorials for you.

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love you more than the first cup of coffee

12.10.2014  at 9:00 AM

Welcome coffee lovers! If you haven't heard, there's a blog hop going on and you're invited. Find out more here and read all about the awesome prizes to be won just for commenting.

download your print in three colorways here

Because it's super busy in the shop, but I do love me some coffee and wanted to participate in the hop, I thought you wouldn't mind if I designed a free art print download instead of making a card.

I loved using these dark, coffee-ish shades, but there's a latte color included in the file, too. I popped mine in a cream colored frame and it looks fabulous. I would have included a photo in the post, but I never imagined it would be so hard to take a photo of a frame with glass and NOT get reflections.

Now, be sure to enter to win the giveaway below and have fun being inspired today while you hop away!

You can download your print here.
Looking for more free printables?

Enter the giveaway below...
...then visit I Love It All to shop and enter COFFEELOVER  at checkout for your 20% discount

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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december 30 days of lists | days 1 - 8

12.08.2014  at 9:50 AM

Another round, another class, so you know I'm in for the December 30 Days of Lists adventure. Again.

30 DAYS OF LISTS | December Edition

To keep my journals somewhat similar, I created a holiday themed list journal and am having fun using it and seeing some fun holiday colors and cheerful paper inside as I journal each day. I've included some office inspired pages, like the library cards, manila coin envelopes and kraft bags from the shop, and added in some index cards, message notepad paper and an envelope like #30lists journals past.

Day 1 | It's the One Season

Day 2 | It's Never Too Early For

Day 3 | Photos To Take This Month

Day 4 | Friends and Family I'll See This Month

Day 5 | Changes I Made in 2014

Day 6 | Favorite Words to Write

Day 7 | What I Think About In the Shower

Day 8 | Things That Put Me In A Good Mood

Find Days 9 - 18 of my 30 Lists journal here.
Find Days 19 - 30 lists here
Read more of my 30 Days of Lists postsincluding past classes I've taken.

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