How to Get More Design Options from Your Journal Cards

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I'm not much of a rebel, but I am all about making the most of what you have on hand. I love coming up with new ways to use product, so today I'm going to share with you a few ways to get more design options from your journal cards.

You can find 40+ designs in the shop, or you can use goodies from your stash. The techniques are the same and the ideas can be twisted into a multitude of new designs.

  • Today, I'll be using these two sets: Count Your Blessings + Autumn Leaves.
  • Your favorite adhesive - I use an Elmer's glue stick because it allows me to move my image around until I find just the right spot before it dries completely
  • A Glassine Bag
  • Manila Shipping Tag
  • Washi Tape
  • Cardstock + Kraft Paper

For the page divider in my Gratitude Journal, I added a few strips of washi tape as a base layer and then popped the pumpkin image from this set on top.

#journal cards #pocket pages #journal addict #planner girl #gratitude journal #scrapbooking #mini book #list challenge

After printing and trimming the cards onto white cardstock, I fussy cut around the pumpkin image to create my very own die cut. It's just a fun way to add your own style + personality to your journals and mini books.

One of my favorite techniques is to add hidden journaling to my list journals and mini books. This list prompt had me reflecting upon my brother-in-law who had passed away recently.

#journal cards #pocket pages #journal addict #planner girl #scrapbooking #mini book #list challenge

Journaling on the shipping tag and tucking it inside the glassine bag offered me a way to keep my reflections private. By adding a fussy cut leaf from this set, which I printed on kraft paper, it added another layer of privacy.

Here's another time I cut around a journal card and used it in a journal. My page already had a leaf theme going, so why not continue with that, right?

#journal cards #pocket pages #journal addict #planner girl #scrapbooking #mini book #list challenge
#journal cards #pocket pages #journal addict #planner girl #scrapbooking #mini book #list challenge

How do you get more design bang for your buck?
What are your favorite scrapbook supply hacks?

If you love list challenges as much as I do, you'll be happy to hear that registration for 30 Days of Lists is now open. You can read more about it here or use my {affiliate} link to register, it costs you nothing extra but I earn a small fee. 

Our Maple Lane Corn Maze Adventures

#barn #silo #Blount County #Tennessee #corn maze #Maple Lane

Last weekend, we all piled in the car and headed out to Greenback for our annual Maple Lane Corn Maze adventures. Oh my gosh, the weather was so perfect; blue skies, puffy clouds, sunshine, warm temps and a slight breeze.

Yep, just perfect!

#Blount County #Tennessee #corn maze #Maple Lane #sunflowers #fields #blue skies #clouds
#Blount County #Tennessee #corn maze #Maple Lane #sunflowers #fields #blue skies #clouds

The girls took turns reading the clues as we answered the multiple choice questions. We mostly knew all the answers, but it was multiple choice so it wasn't too hard after we eliminated the obvious no's!

#Blount County #Tennessee #corn maze #Maple Lane #sunflowers #fields #blue skies #clouds
#Blount County #Tennessee #corn maze #Maple Lane #sunflowers #fields #blue skies #clouds

There were several different themes to choose from, we picked American History this year. I'm pretty sure that we only had to turn around once out of the 10 clues.

These girls, they have a healthy relationship: a little competition with a huge dose of love; even if they don't want the other one to know.

#Blount County #Tennessee #corn maze #Maple Lane #sunflowers #fields #blue skies #clouds

I'm terrible at selfies, truly terrible, but I try. And it was worth it to try to get a shot with this hottie. He is my everything.

#Blount County #Tennessee #corn maze #Maple Lane #sunflowers #fields #blue skies #clouds

And then as we were corn-mazing, he called my name and I turned around. I was caught off guard and surprised to see him with his phone up and ready to snap a picture.

#Blount County #Tennessee #corn maze #Maple Lane #sunflowers #fields #blue skies #clouds

I talked Victoria into posing for photos in the Kiddie area, but Isabella was a "nope" on this one.

#Blount County #Tennessee #corn maze #Maple Lane #sunflowers #fields #blue skies #clouds
#Blount County #Tennessee #corn maze #Maple Lane #sunflowers #fields #blue skies #clouds

Proud Mama with her girls, who continue to amaze me and blow me out of the water with their talents, wit and intelligence. 

#Blount County #Tennessee #corn maze #Maple Lane #sunflowers #fields #blue skies #clouds

Then my wacky guy said that we should pretend we were models for a catalog and be very animated and photogenic. Here are the outtakes.

#Blount County #Tennessee #corn maze #Maple Lane #sunflowers #fields #blue skies #clouds
#Blount County #Tennessee #corn maze #Maple Lane #sunflowers #fields #blue skies #clouds

Clearly Isabella is not amused.
And apparently, 3 out of 4 Wrights are mad for plaid!

We'll definitely be back next year for more Corn Maze adventures, and more photos!

Yesterday In My Gratitude Journal

Yesterday in my gratitude journal, I told a story. It wasn't a long story, but it was more than I could have included in the gratitude journal I use most often {see it here} and see more of my #ilovethursdaythanks posts here.

what I used | before and after
This is my Gratitude Journal after more than a year of use. In hindsight, I probably wouldn't have added the hexagon shape going off the top of the page because it gets crumpled when I put it back on my bookshelf.

It holds some wonderful memories that I'm thankful to have and may have otherwise forgotten had I not written them down.

This is the Gratitude Journal you'll receive, which includes the embellishment pack you see.

this week's thankful thought
How could I not include a story of Isabella's bowling match on Tuesday? She bowled a 180 after having been a bowler for just 8 weeks. Wow!!!!! We're so proud FOR her and of her.

in my gratitude journal
I'm pretty sure I've shared some of these pages before, but I wanted to show how easy it is to use what scraps and bits you already have in your Gratitude Journal. I like having a few pages pre-embellished so I can just sit down and share my story.

I get it, not everyone feels the need to decorate, but it's something that makes me happy, so I do!

Don't have any paper bits or stickers? Shop the Embellishment Kits, Die Cuts, Tags and Supplies sections in the I Love It All shop to see more goodies. There are even Print At Home journaling card sets that you could use, like I did here.

join in
Want to document your own #ilovethursdaythanks? Write down what you're thankful for, it doesn't have to be in a journal or notebook, just list it and then head on over to Instagram to post! Be sure to use the hashtag #ilovethursdaythanks so I can take a peek!

no right or wrong way
Let no one, not even yourself, tell you that you didn't do it right. There is no right, there is no wrong. Just do it. A year from now, you'll look back on your journaling and it will make you all the more thankful that you took a few minutes to write it down.

30 Thankful Days | A Mixed Paper Journal

My creative time project for November is going to be a mini book dedicated to thankfulness. I'm calling it my 30 Thankful Days journal and this is what I'll be using. And if you take a peek below, you may be that pink burlap? Yes, yes it is...and I can't wait to dig in an play around!


Date Night In My Gratitude Journal

#gratitude #gratitude journal #journaling #Things I Am Thankful For #Today I Am Grateful For #thankful #thankfulness #I Am Thankful For

Last week, we were lucky enough to have Date Night...on a weekday. Yeah crazy, right? I'm pretty grateful for our time together and for the opportunity to see Del McCourey and Friends in concert right here in our little community.

So technically, this isn't literally before the pen. I had already added a tab with a cutout heart and  handwritten  the words Date Night before I took the photo. But I wanted you to see how cute it is to add little elements to your journal to make it uniquely yours. I adore how the tab is peeking out from the folded over kraft bag.

Happy Halloween | Free Pocket Page Download

Halloween is not my favorite. Well, I love all the Reese's peanut butter cups and Nerds, but the dressing up and going door to door or trunk to trunk, not so much. The kids love it, though, so onward we go.

This is a {free} 3x4 pocket page card designed to print on a 4x6. You can print on cardstock, for muted colors, on matte photo paper for more saturated colors or even on photo paper for a high shine, glossy look.

Inside My Gratitude Journal | September + October

Let's Take A Peek
Some pages you've alredy seen, but others are new to you. 

The main theme I wanted you to see all up close and personal, and why I'm sharing all my pages this week, is that you don't have to journal every single day. Don't let the idea of journaling every day stop you from keeping a Gratitude Journal. 

30 Days of Lists | Days 27 - 30

Day 28 | Favorite Teams 
And how could I have forgotten to add our Tennessee Vols?

#lists #30lists #30 Days of Lists #I Love It All #journaling #journal #lists prompts #mixed media journal #Currently
#lists #30lists #30 Days of Lists #I Love It All #journaling #journal #lists prompts #mixed media journal #Currently

Day 27 | Currently Loving
Have you ever noticed that your currently loving lists look similar? Well mine do.

#lists #30lists #30 Days of Lists #I Love It All #journaling #journal #lists prompts #mixed media journal #Currently

I had to show off my new shop stamp, I love it. Here's what I'm doing with it!
And I didn't think I would enjoy my {previously loved} Apple watch. Now that I'm wearing glasses full-time and can see without having to put on my readers, I am amazed at how useful this watch really is for me.

The journaling card came as a freebie download when you registered for 30 Days of Lists, I've already begun the design on the next freebie. And there will be another #30lists challenge in December, so do make plans to join the fun. That's an affiliate link, it costs you nothing extra but earns me a small fee if you purchase. Thank you.

Day 29 |  How I Spent My Time This Month
The original list prompt was how I spent it with friends but, well, I spent way more time with my kids in the car than anywhere else. Amiright?

#lists #30lists #30 Days of Lists #I Love It All #journaling #journal #lists prompts #mixed media journal #Currently
#lists #30lists #30 Days of Lists #I Love It All #journaling #journal #lists prompts #mixed media journal #Currently

I used a pie chart configuration with different patterned papers on top of my Road Trip journaling card. It's part of a 4-card set in the shop.

Day 30 | Things That Made This Month Special

#lists #30lists #30 Days of Lists #I Love It All #journaling #journal #lists prompts #mixed media journal #this month
#lists #30lists #30 Days of Lists #I Love It All #journaling #journal #lists prompts #mixed media journal #this month

That's right, both my Mom and Husband are Virgo's and they have to put up with heard-headed Aries me.

Love that dandelion journaling card as much as I do? It's part of a 4-card instant download set in the shop.
Hop on over to Instagram where I share more detail photos and info behind all the lists.

There will be a December 30 Days of Lists challenge...stay tuned here and on my IG @iloveitallshop and I'll update you for when registration opens!

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