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right now | february 2013

3.11.2013  at 5:00 AM

Rather quickly, as I was getting ready for my last minute trip to Nashville to spend a few days together with Gordon last month, I jotted my right now thoughts in my album as yet another reminder of the moment and another example of me embracing life. It would have been pretty easy to just say it was too much trouble to make it happen, but I didn't. 

And we had a fabulous time. Way fabulous.

*I'll be sharing the Nashville mini here tomorrow.

february | 2.21.13

rushed to get it all done

on the to do list
finish laundry
pack x3 {for me and the girls who overnighted at Nana's + Papa's}

my guilty pleasure 
a trip for two to nashville

new make-up from clinique

dreaming about
a tan + flip flops + warm weather

grateful for
time alone with my sweetie

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