goofing around

Spring Break is over and everyone here is back-to-work and back-to-school. Unfortunately for us, the warm weather we had the weekend before Spring Break did not last and it was so, so cold. During that glorious weekend of warmer weather, I was able to snap a few photos with my iPhone on a ride back through the 'holler in the Jeep.

I have a photo of Zach taken at this very same spot when just the three of us {Zach, Gordon and me} went for a hike one Fall day ten years ago. Zach was eleven and Isabella was just 3 months old, so she stayed with Nana and Papa while we had a little family time with our boy.

Here's one for Mommy.

But these turned out much better!

These girls just wanna have fun! They love their new Charley One Horse cowgirl hats and Chaco's, that's for sure. This really great shot from Papa's cabin was taken on the same day. 


  1. Love it! Your girls are such cuties! :)

  2. What cute pics! Ones you'll treasure forever. Isn't it nice to take special pics that you look back on years later and they'll make you smile and remember that special time. I <3 photos!!!!! You do an awesome job capturing the moment.


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