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30 days of lists | days 3 - 6

3.12.2015  at 8:36 AM

I caught up on a few lists last night while watching car shows with G last night and then realized that I hadn't shared the ones I had already finished. It's kind of hard to take supplies downstairs, wondering what I'll want to use for each list, but I tried and it was okay but not nearly as fun and satisfying as being upstairs in my Studio where I can just choose something from my stash.


Day 3 | My Jams

My Sweetie totally turned me on to George Strait and I can't ever imagine not enjoying his music. And anything from the 80s rock genre is so fun to hear and gets my blood pumping. I have been known to get up and {try to} boogie. Do people even say that anymore? This is probably where my 23-year old would roll his eyes and say that I'm embarrassing him.

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During the day, I work in almost total silence. I prefer it that way. I used to listen to the radio at full blast, but now just prefer silence as well. I guess because I know that as soon as my darling daughters walk through the door, my life will be filled with music and laughter and squabbling and giggles, that I just enjoy the quiet moments while I can.

Day 4 | Favorite Online Communities I'm A Part Of

I love, love, love wide ruled notebook paper! I thought it would be fun to write my name, date and subject in the corner like teachers used to make us do back in school. Remember that?

Day 5 | Cures for the Winter Blues

I'm okay with Winter for a while, then it sets in and I miss the blue, clear skies and the warmth of sunshine. It's really Gordon that has a harder time with Winter than I do, but hearing him talk about it makes me yearn for Spring even more.

Day 6 | Books I'd Like To Read

Trust me, there are way more books I want to read. I actually keep a list of books in my Filofax on these fun cards so that when I'm at the library with the kids I don't draw a total blank as to what I actually want to search for. Am I the only one that just freezes when they enter a library and draw a total blank on author's names or book titles?

What's on your reading list? Leave me a comment and I'll choose a winner for a set of library cards from the I Love It All shop!

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  1. I have a never ending reading list: Private Vegas, The Nightingale, Eleanor & Park, Still Alice, The Secret Keeper, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and many more!


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