this is us

I always, always, always wish for more pictures of Gordon and I together. As a couple. Just us. But, it never seems the right time, or I feel awkward asking someone to take our photo or I think about it and then forget about it again before I get the camera out. Or I think I'm not know the "my hair's a mess and I don't have any make-up on and this is the oldest shirt I own" moments.

This is us.

Typically, I wouldn't have taken this photo. 

He was working on his other full-time job {taking care of the property} and asked if I wanted to go up to Papa's cabin with him. Ugh. I had not even taken a shower, I'd been house cleaning and organizing all day, but I slapped on some blush and some lip gloss and hopped in the truck. 

These days, I've realized that it's more important to go with the flow and seize the opportunities of time spent together. One never knows what lies ahead for us tomorrow. Or even this afternoon.

Typically I wouldn't have taken this photo.
And I would have missed out on one of my new favorites. 
This is how I want our kids to remember us. 
This is us.


  1. I made this same decision about two years ago! It wasn't easy for me either! I don't photograph well and my husband isn't the most social, lol but we have over come all of that and now we grown to enjoy documenting our time together! We want our kids and grandkids to know that God's Gift of marriage is good and they come from two people who love each other very much! We realize life will throw hard stuff someday and we want to be able to look back and remember all the good we have had in this life! And by the way, I enjoy your blog very much!!

    1. Amen, I don't photograph well at all either, but we are our own worst enemies. And our husband's sound alike as well. But, I have to say that he is getting better at allowing me to snap our everyday moments without as much fuss. Marriage is a gift, I believe the same way you do. Thank you ever so much for dropping in and for taking the time to share with me, it truly made my day to read your comments. And may you and your family be blessed with a lack of the hard stuff. Sending smiles and hugs!


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