wright now | february 2015

Wright Now is a sometimes monthly, mostly random series where I share a handful of things I'm crushing on at that moment in time. 

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1  |  I've been going back and forth between wearing a stack of bracelets and not wearing anything at all. When I posted that photo, Lisa Leonard liked it AND started following me...I think that's pretty cool! I've only been wearing silver bracelets and found this simple chain bracelet, which I love for it's simplicity and the price.

2  |  I do love ballet flats and fear the day my favorite pair might bite the dust. I've had them for a few years now and still adore them so very much even though they are beginning to show some wear. I found this company, but can't really decide which color I like the most of all.

3  |  Mr. wRight picked this eye cream up for me at Walgreen's recently {he said he asked a clerk about eye creams and she said this one was wonderful...I wish I could have been there to see him doing that...and I've been using it {mostly} faithfully twice a day to see if I can see the difference they say it can produce. 

4  |  I use this shampoo 99% of the time and I might just cry if they discontinue this line. Okay, I will cry, but promise to do it in private. I actually buy it in the liter size, so I don't run out as often. Sometimes I think I can get away with another brand, but it never works out for me. It's the perfect blend of moisturizing shampoo and deep cleansing shampoo without making my hair flat or greasy. Yes, at nearly 51, I still have oily hair. Sigh.

What are you crushing on right now?

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