30 days of lists | march 2015 registration is open

Who's in for joining me in the March 30 Days of Lists class? I love that each day there's a new list prompt that makes me stop for just a moment {or five} and think. And ponder. And create a mini scrapbook layout in my journal using bits and baubles from the kit and from my very large stash.

I'll be using this mini book for my March lists. It's similar to the other journals I've created for past classes and I like that continutity. But, you could use this journal if you like to write lengthy lists and if you don't mind using the back sides of pages, or adding more than one list to a page, these would be fun journals, too.
Registration is now open for the March #30lists adventure! If you like lists, journaling and challenges, join the thousands of listing fanatics and register today. {affiliate link} I sayIt's always a good day to make a list!

You can find that cute mini book you see up there in the I Love It All shop.
Similar 30 Days mini albums are here.
Read more of my 30 Days of Lists postsincluding past classes I've taken.

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  1. I love your books - they are so cute and everything in them goes together so well! I've tried a version of this 30lists thing before, and it's alright, but I felt far too often that the lists were things that just didn't apply to me (one in particular about favorite architecture was one that comes to mind!). But writing something every day in a cute book is always appealing!!


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