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i love you more

2.03.2015  at 8:00 AM

I'm a fan of a simple style of crafting and this card couldn't be any simpler. The design combines a few of my favorites...mason jars, hearts, my own handwriting and layering. 

I highlighted around the jar and the lid with a light tan Copic marker to give it a little dimension. I am no expert in the art of shading, or markers, but I tried.

I am a fan of our family of 5 and often incorporate the number into my projects. The 2 of us plus the 3 kidlets, equals I punched 5 hearts to include inside the mason jar.

I hope my Sweetie likes his card...simple, but full of heart.

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  1. It's the perfect card for Valentine's day - it's cute and it is meaningful for the both of you!!

  2. I did this to my hubby! Thanks a lot for sharing, it was very useful! Have an amazing valentines day <3


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