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As a rule, I don't include photos in my list journals. But today is different. I recently participated in Ali Edwards' Pieces of Us selfie challenge and came away with some great stories and a few good photos.

This is one of them.

And since 80% of the time, I don't like photos of myself because I usually have my eyes closed or look uber awkward, it was a total surprise to come away with this gem. When I look at it, I see peace and happiness and contentment. And I hope the rest of the world sees that in me, too.

If you are new to 30 Days of Lists and would like more information:

Day 1 | Let Me Introduce Myself
I knew that I was going to include a photo of myself here but didn't want to cover up all of the lovely florals and gold foil accents which made me decide to trim down my photo. 

#junk journal #list #lists #list journal #mini book #journal prompts #journaling #mixed media journal
#junk journal #list #lists #list journal #mini book #journal prompts #journaling #mixed media journal

I used a book page scrap which had been stamped on, because reading is such a big part of who I am, and then scattered some pink sequins around the photo and decided to add a touch of gold glitter washi tape to reinforce the glittery gold theme.

It was quite by accident that my sweater had a pink word phrase on it, but a happy accident I must say.

#junk journal #list #lists #list journal #mini book #journal prompts #journaling #mixed media journal

I also used a book page scrap as a journal prompt holder that I tucked under my photo on the left side. The "list nerd" die cut is part of the free printable I designed for the March challenge and once you register you can access the download on the private 30 Lists blog.

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A technique I use now and again is to hide my journaling. Sometimes it's because it's kind of heartfelt and personal and private. But not today. Today, I used a glassine bag and pink shipping tag to journal on only because my page was already full.

I also used the "one" tag from this printable number tag set.

#junk journal #list #lists #list journal #mini book #journal prompts #journaling #mixed media journal

I repeated the book paper scrap and the leftover scrap of neon pink that I used on the floral page with my photo. See, I told you I was a scrap hoarder.

#junk journal #list #lists #list journal #mini book #journal prompts #journaling #mixed media journal

My List
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and Picture Taker
who loves hard + is a tough critic
of herself.

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