paper flower tutorial

Grab your books and scallop punches, we're going to make paper flowers!
And here's a DIY Crafting Kit I have in the shop that has supplies to help you get creating.

Even though I am a crafty, creative shop owner that works all day long playing with paper, glue and ink, sometimes I'm at a loss for cute packaging. When I first began blogging, I used what I had on hand and I still do. That's where the book pages come new books were harmed in the making of this craft. Just books that were no longer being read and now put to good use.


This scallop punch was one of my first crafty purchases, it's from Stampin' Up. The larger 3" scallop punch is from EK Success. I find that ten petals gives me a nice full flower for the smaller punch size. For the larger flower {seen attached to the kraft bag in the first photo} I used 5 of the 3" petals and 3 of the smaller petals and just stapled the papers together. You can see that it gives you a more open flower bloom. 

Here's a step-by-step.

Looking for more photos and details on how to create a paper flower? Check out this paper flower tutorial.

Even looks spiffy enough for a boy...this one's going on a care package we're sending to Zach.

Want more detailed photos? Here is the original Paper Flower Tutorial post.

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Find other fun supplies  and shipping tags.
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tutorial | adding pages to your spiral bound journals + mini books

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Part of the fun of a mini book, for me at least, is being able to add in bits and pieces that help to tell the story I'm documenting. You know, the receipt where the total amount just happened to have the total of the year you were born or maybe the fortune that was so perfect from your last Date Night out.

On the flip side, have you ever left a page out of your mini album?  Or  journaled so much that you needed more room to tell the whole story? Then decided that you had just one more story to tell, but no more pages to share it on?

Me, too.

I'm tickled to share with you today a quick tutorial on adding ephemera and photos to your spiral bound journals + mini books. Somehow I always end up wanting to add something extra to my journal, so I came up with a way to do just that without taking the journal apart.

Let me show you the method I've come up with and have used many times. And don't worry if you don't have a Bind-It-All machine, I'm going to show you how to use the same design principle using a hand held hole punch. 

Let's get started.

#tutorial #bind it all #notebook #scrapbooking #mini album #journal

  • Hole punch your page, either with your Bind-It-All or Cinch machines or by hand, then snip a horizontal slit into the center of each hole.
  • Position your page in your mini album and slip it onto your o-wire rings.
  • Using your finger, gently nudge the punched page onto the o-wires by placing the punched page next to the o-wire and pushing it down until it fits snugly between the spirals.
  • Finish documenting your story.

And here's the list that helped me showcase the tutorial. In case you can't read my list, which I chose from the March 2011 30 Days of Lists class topics, you can find it below. 

If you're interested in joining the next #30lists challenge class, find more info here.

In My Bag
my wallet
my life in a planer...the ochre malden {Filofax}
catch-all bag that has:
tissues, pen case, makeup bag, foldable shopping bag, business cards
coins I was too lazy to put in my wallet

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30 days of lists | september 2014 blog hop

Beginning September 1st, I'll be joining hundreds and hundreds of other listing fans for the 30 Days of Lists class. I've taken other list classes with Amy + Kam and have enjoyed the journey, each time learning something new about myself as I take a few moments each day to document my thoughts. Of course, being the mini book junkie that I am, I also embellish my lists each day as well.

Hi, I'm Monika and welcome. I'm a sponsor for the September class and I like lists!

#30Lists Blog Hop |

There's a link at the end of the post where you can find all my previous #30lists and journals, but let me share a new list from the March 2011class. I didn't take that particular class, so I chose a topic and decided add it to the list journal I'm using for this class.

30 Days of Lists |
mini books from I Love It All


To create my list, I made simple banners by cutting into cardstock strips. You can see at the top of my list, I punched a mini heart shape and used my Tim Holz mini stapler to adhere it to the page. For the rest of the list, I used a glue stick on two strips and varying heights of foam dots on the rest to give my page dimension and interest.

In My Bag |

If you like lists, join me...I'm a sponsor of the September 30 Days of Lists class {affiliate link} and would just love to have you along for the fun. You can create your own journal, buy a journal from my shop, use the free digital kit that comes with your Registration packet if you register before September 1st  or just post your lists digitally on Facebook or Instagram.

Find more fun list projects here.

I'll be sharing a tutorial on adding ephemera, pages and photos to spiral bound notebooks without having to take apart your notebook.

50 until 50 | the lists mini album

Some time ago, I had an idea to count down the 50 days before my 50th birthday with lists. I had a few ideas about what I wanted to share about my life so far, but mostly I just took a moment to think and documented my list. Each day, I posted my 50 lists on Instagram and you can find them by searching the #50until50 hashtag.

If you do check out my lists on Instagram, you might notice that there is a gap in the posting of lists. In March, my Father-in-Law passed away suddenly and I halted my posting and documenting. You might also notice though that I did eventually carry on with my project. 

My motivation for this project were my children. I wanted them to know things about me that I might never have brought up in conversation. One day when they're older, they might find this album, read these lists and perhaps they'll serve as topics of conversation between us. Or not. Who knows, that's the beauty of life.

The Prep Work

The album is from 7gypsies and 99% of the patterned paper comes from my extensive collection of 6x6 My Mind's Eye paper pads. You might want a pack of manila shipping tags like I used, too.

I was having a tough time thinking of a way to document my lists and finally came up with shipping tags and all the bits and baubles I had from my stint as a Designer with My Mind's Eye and my lovely supply of baker's twine The Twinery, where I am a Senior Designer.

The Lists

Using the same image I used for each day's list on Instagram, I printed and adhered it to the cover of my album. And I love it. Simple. Perfect. 

In no particular order, here are my 50 lists, begun 50 days before my 50th birthday. | 50 until 50 Mini Album
50 until 50 Lists Mini Album |
50 until 50 Lists Mini Album |
50 until 50 Lists Mini Album |
50 until 50 Lists Mini Album |

30 days of lists | a few of my favorite lists

I'm always moving things around in my Studio, hoping for that "aaaah" feeling that everything is just where it needs to be. Haven't heard it yet, been close a few times, but then I get busy and let things go and have to start the purge and organization all over again.

While cleaning up the other day, I happened upon my basket of mini books and pulled out each of my 30 Days of Lists journals. What a pretty sight!

30 Days of Lists |

Of course I browsed through the lists, which took a while. So, I sat down and read them all and wanted to share a few favorites:

Things to Collect

30 Days of Lists |

Overheard Today

30 Days of Lists |

TV Show I Wish Would Come Back

30 Days of Lists |

This is the mini book I created and will be using for the challenge and this is how I personalized it...the #30lists die cut is included with your purchase!

30 Days of Lists Journal |

I'm a sponsor of the September 30 Days of Lists class {affiliate link} and would just love to have you join me in class. You can create your own journal, buy a journal from my shop, use the free digital kit that comes with your Registration packet if you register before September 1st  or just post your lists on Facebook or Instagram.

right now | august 2014

We already have leaves billowing in the wind as they slowly make their descent to lay on the still, green grass. They are also turning from green to yellow, burnt orange and red. I'm not quite sure if this means we will have a cold and early winter or if fall will be unusually warm.

I do love me some Fall weather.

august  |  8.14.14

like i'm not ready for isabella to want to go into the dressing room by herself

on the to do list
same list as the last 6 months...i'm terrible at getting it all done!

my guilty pleasure
wearing the same pair of comfy jeans three days in a row

my new dyson vacuum cleaner, that thing sucks!

dreaming about
nothing really, i just feel content

grateful for
the gift of each new day. amen.

Download your page template here
Here's the post where I share how I created my mini album.

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the best is yet to come

As a Mom making her second run at motherhood, Zach is 22 now and the girls are 11 and 13 years younger than him, I knew that this would happen. I knew that the girls would become more independent.

I was totally unprepared to hear Isabella utter the words, "I want to go into the dressing room by myself." when we were at the mall last week after her 11-year checkup. I heard her say those words while at the same time seeing the grandmotherly dressing room clerk glance my way, take pity on me with a sweet smile, and then address Isabella and compliment her on wanting to learn how to go to the dressing room by herself.

I had my big girl pants on and waited just outside the dressing room and tried not to think about it while I checked my phone for e-mails. Then it hit me, I should take a picture of this. So I did.

#scrapbooking #layout #enamel dots

JOURNALING | This is me. Waiting on you. It broke my heart just a little bit when you said you wanted to go into the dressing room by yourself. But...I know that this is just a part of you wanting to grow up and be you. One day, I think, we'll be back in that dressing room together picking the absolutely perfect pair of jeans. At least I hope so. 

Gold Doily and Enamel Dot Detail |
Layered Stickers Detail |

I felt sad for not getting to go into the dressing room with her. I feel happy that she's growing up and wanting to be independent. 

And this I know, the best is yet to come.

DESIGN NOTE | I asked a question on Instagram, when I posted three paper choices, on which one I should choose. I liked the mint polka dots, too, but the gray just fit my mood and seemed the right fit with the yellowish photo and layered stickers. The gorgeous gold doily was in a goody package from my friend Gina, here's the glassine bag, the embellies are from My Mind's Eye and the grey shipping tag is from a deal site.

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5 on the 5th | august 2014

Half of the fifth day of August had already passed before I even realized that it was #5onthe5th time. Not one to be outdone, the decision to document our everyday, normal afternoon routine was made. It was noted in my Filofax, but it still slipped my mind. 

So, here we go with an afternoon in our life.

#photo challenge #5onthe5th
What is 5 on the 5th? Read more here.

August 2014

#5onthe5th #photochallenge #documenting life
1  |  One smart cookie picked up and eating her snack and we're in the school pick-up line waiting for smart little cookie number two.

2  |   This is the extra long middle school pick-up line that extends off school property onto the highway where cars park along the median to wait. 

photo challenge
3  |  Smart cookie number two is on board and eating her snack as we do our daily run to the post office to ship fun packages to my customers all over the world.

photo challenge
4  |  The afternoon #5onthe5th escapades continue as Spunkerdoodle snoozes during the 4 minute ride home from the post office. 3rd grade is wearing her out!

5  |  Our day is always better with a little ice cream smothered with fresh fruit. We sliced our load of peaches, thinking that we may try to make another batch of homemade peach ice cream.

TIP OF THE DAY: Dunk your peaches in boiling water for a bit, the skins will then easily peel off. 

follow along on Instagram  where I tag my photos with #5onthe5th
all photos made using my iPhone 5s

the twinery + pretty little studio | product showcase

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Today, I'm on the lineup for Day 3 of The Twinery + Pretty Little Studio Blog Hop...welcome to all and a big hello!

You should have arrived here from the blog of the creative 

if not, you might want to start from the beginning so you don't miss a project or an extra chance to win!


It's Back To School time around here and I am a planner nerd. I prefer paper over calendars on my computer or mobile device...just call me old fashioned, it's okay. I am also a fan of finding new ways to use my crafty supplies to brighten up my Filofax.

#filofax #baker's twine #organization

After dotting my paper clip with some glue dots, I wound the Marigold baker's twine around and around and around before carefully clipping the twine in the middle of the clip. This twine embellished clip will now be the perfect spot to hold my monthly calendars in place and will be easy to flip to with that fun spot of color peeking out of the top of my Filofax.

The SandCastle Beachside Shipping Tags were a perfect fit as a Today marker, too, and to make sure I could find it even easier, I braided some Marigold, Ocean, Strawberry and Canteloupe baker's twine after threading through the hole in the tag. I happen to love all this color, it looks so cute hanging out the top of my planner!

#filofax supplies

Making the section dividers was easy. After trimming the papers from the Nature Walk collection to height, I folded them in half and trimmed to width. I simply glued Tabs from the Marigold Clematis range to the inside of one of the pages and then glued the two folded halves together to form really strong divider pages.
 #filofax #planner #oragnization #dividers

Your next stop is with the talented


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And as if the inspiration isn’t enough – you can also win a Striped Twine Sampler:

Pretty Little Studio is giving away a fantastic prize as well – you can find the details of how to enter  to win a $50 gift certificate on their blog.

30 days of lists | using the exclusive Alexandra Rae Designs kit

I wanted to share with you a quick page I made for my 30 Days of Lists journal. You can read more about the class and exclusive kit here.

Using one of Allie's fun paper designs, I happened to like the distressed look of this one, I added a label and that darling wood grain heart. See that blurred out portion on the green bar at the top? That's a list topic, all of which are included in the kit designed by Alexandra Rae Designs. But I don't want to be a spoiler so I'm not sharing the list just yet.

I'm a sponsor of the September 30 Days of Lists class {affiliate link}and would just love to have you join me in class. You can create your own journal, buy a journal from my shop, use the free digital kit {the one I used to create the page above} which is included when you register before September 1st or just post your lists on Facebook or Instagram.