Printable Goals List for Filofax + Travelers Notebooks

Projects Lined Notes | part of a 3 sheet set

Personally, I haven't made resolutions in years. But, I do like to set goals and writing them down is a way for me to "remind" myself of my good intentions. If you're the same, print out a sheet or two to tuck inside your planner or journal as personal reminder to yourself make 2018 a very good year.

A few of my goals for 2018 are:

  • read more | I read mostly for pleasure and 2017 was a great year for that. I read more books than I have in a very long time. As much as I love holding a real book in my hands and turning the pages, reading on my Kindle Paperwhite {make a Kindle cover for under $1.00 with my easy peasy tutorial} has allowed me to read and finish more books than ever. And, without those pesky overdue fines from the library because I didn't make it back into town in time! 
  • spend more time outdoors | Being a small business owner responsible for all aspects of making it run smoothly, I tend to spend more time in my craft studio that overlooks the creek than I do outdoors splashing and splashing IN the creek. I must change that, life is too short to work all day without a little play time.
  • date night | I am so often reminded that a little "we" time goes a long way in making our family time all that much better. Too often we think of the family unit and forget that we need time alone together to make it all work.
  • think first, then speak | Yes! I too often speak my mind when I should just allow what is on my mind to remain unspoken.

I have more to add, but they're for my eyes only, wink, wink.

Things You Should Know About Me

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The December 30 Days of Lists challenge has begun and I'm all in. I guess you could say that I really do love this concept, it will be my 15th time journaling my right now story. Now on to the lists! Oh, and you may have notice that the polkad dotted card is not included in the journal. I used this tutorial showing how to add pages to your spiral bound mini books and journals so I could have a reminder of the month and date.

Here's the journal I'm using for this round, there are only 2 left and they are a ready to ship item. Included is an awesome embellishment pack that includes that cutie pie red and green pom pom paper clip.

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Metal Rimmed Tags | Set of 10

The red polka dotted journaling card was a part of a 4-card freebie set with registration but you can also find it in the shop. I like to include an "All About Me" card for each round of listing and I used a holiday themed card, part of the Tis the Season journaling card set, to tuck inside the kraft paper bag pocket.

Here's the post sharing how I embellished my Tis the Season card.

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I usually snag all my mostly used letter sticker sets and use them for the list prompts, but that takes make sure that whatever set it is has all the letters to spell out at least one word in the list prompts. So, I decided that my much neglected letter and date roller stamps will get a work out for list prompt duty this month.

List 1 | Things You Should Know About Me
If you've been hanging around with me for a while, you know more than a few things about me. Maybe much more than you really want to know. But here are a few more to add to the list of Monika. Oh, and I should have added that I am the world's most horrible stamper, but it's fun and done.

Red Bracket Journal Card | part of a 4-card set
Kraft Paper Bag | sets of 10, 25 and 50

I have more fun mixed paper journals and mini books in the shop and even a Gratitude Journal with 80+ mixed papers, envelopes, more. This year, I even offer the option to only have the papers {without the monthly cardstock tabbed pages} giving you more freedom to journal your thankful thoughts on your own schedule. Shop all Gratitude Journals here, to choose which one is your favorite.

Free December Calendar

It's December {already} and that means this will be our last free calendar of the year. 

Our chilly weather has arrived but on the days we have bright sunshine, I seem to have an extra bounce in my step. And we are in full holiday mode here: the girls have already baked the first batch of {homemade} sugar cookies - we'll share that recipe soon, it's super easy, our tree is decorated, almost all our gifts are purchased and we are all just in the "right" place in our hearts.

You may remember our Christmas tree, I shared over on Facebook and Instagram.

When I found the ribbon, I was also lucky enough to find a table runner that matched. Gordon has been wanting a plaid ribbon for ages and this year, I found the perfect pattern! Even our reindeer has his little bowtie on.

The girls are more excited about the Advent Calendar activities than the table runner and ribbon, though. Here's a Flashback Friday for you, from my very first year blogging in 2010, with a list of advent calendar activities AND a photo of my babies when they were still babies.


Find your December Calendar Cutie download here...and enjoy your December my friends!


December may be the busiest time of the year, but don't let it get away from you. This countdown calendar has a fold out list for you to help your sanity. Download your Countdown to Christmas Calendar, also available in letter size for the kiddos.


I've been working on some new designs for Instant Download calendars in the shop. They'll be available in the 4 x 6 and 4 x 8 sizes and I hope to have them listed before the holidays so you can download, print, trim and GIFT these cuties to family and friends. Buy once, print as many times as you want, how cool is that?
Here's a colorful Perpetual Calendar from the shop you may like, it makes a wonderful gift. It's a great way to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates. I've even had customers use them as Gratitude Journals

Joy Christmas Embellishment Kit

Silly me! In yesterday's roundup of Christmas Embellishment Kits, I had a photo of the kit you see above, but the wrong link {it's fixed now}. When I investigated further, I realized that I had forgotten to hit publish. Aaaaah, now I understand why this kit 100+ items JOY Christmas Embellishment Kit hasn't sold a single time since I *thought* I listed it.

Here are some more details shots:

And here's the stack of joyful holiday embellishments! Washi tape, tags, ribbon, paper clips, bags, crochet goodies, die cuts, letter stickers and chipboard. I may have packed this one too full, but I just couldn't stop. I love this part of my job!

Click here to head to see more details and to make your's ready to ship and ready to decorate all your holiday memory keeping projects and gifts.

December Daily Embellishment Kits

Christmas Embellishment Kits are in the shop and ready to ship. And ready to add a whole lot of fun to your paper crafting and memory keeping projects. I always have the most fun creating the kit collections, assembling little bits and baubles that help you to create your own unique journal, mini book, travelers notebook and cards.



Set of 15 Metal Rimmed Gift Tags | Holiday + All Occassion


Countdown to Christmas Calendar | Free Download

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A countdown to Christmas calendar and list of lists all in one? Yes please, sign me up. Holidays always ramp up my need for lists. Lists for gifts, to do lists, lists of things to buy, you get the idea: lists to keep my life organized. If you're the same, I'm so happy to share this Christmas calendar with you. Just print, trim and enjoy your holidays knowing you have a list.

After trimming your Countdown to Christmas Calendar, just fold on the light grey line and fold to the back. You don't have to embellish with washi tape, but I like washi tape, so I do. It's one of the few things I do to decorate my planner pages.

I love it that I'll have one place to track all my lists. I can even use the back side to add more lists. I used 28 lb. bright white paper to print my Countdown to Christmas Calendar, which is thick enough for pens not to bleed through but not so thick that it adds too much bulk to my Filofax.

If you don't need the list page, just trim off the flap page {there's a line to guide you} and you're all set to tuck it into your planner as a dashboard, especially if you print it on cardtstock.

Download the full size page calendar and trim to size for your favorite planner. Here's what it looks like trimmed from the full size page to fit inside a half-page planner notebook.

Set of Colorful Shipping Tags

The kids can have their own Countdown to Christmas Calendar, too. After printing, slip your freebie under a clip board and use one of the Command Strip thingies to hang it low enough for the kids to color in each day that passes.

Download your free Countdown to Christmas Calendar and enjoy the season.
Find the Spring Countdown here, more free downloads here and Filofax and Travelers Notebook posts.

See this post from 2014 for more how-to ideas.

Happy Thanksgiving | Free Download

Let us give thanks for the friends and family we hold dear to our hearts and the blessings we may often take for granted but for which many people would be grateful to call their own.

Just drag this image to your desktop and print onto 4x6 photo paper or cardstock. It's the perfect little art print to greet your guests or to add to any memory keeping project.

Decorating with Laser Cut Words

As much as we think of gratefulness more around Thanksgiving than at any other time, it's a sentiment I try to carry in my heart all through the year. On some days, gratitude is as simple as finding cute little pumpkins that grew in the spot where you dumped the seeds from last year's pumpkins. Wink, wink.

One day, I saw some of the cutest wooden phrases and I knew that decorating with laser cut words would be fun project to work on. And so perfect for our Thanksgiving decorating as well. Knowing me, I'll probably keep this canvas in one spot or another in our home all year long...we all need a little reminder every now and then of the tiny blessings in our day.

I've had this linen covered canvas for probably a year and can't even remember what project it was that spurred my to make my purchase. But then I saw an IG friend post some adorable wooden laser cut words from this Etsy shop, I just had to get some for myself. So I did.

Because I wasn't sure if I would want to keep this as a permanent design, I just used some glue dots on the back of the wood elements and it has worked out beautifully. I'm actually surprised that the words haven't fallen off once.


I don't waste a moment if I can help it. In the car riders lot last week, I figured that I could put those 30 minutes to good use. I gathered scissors, my wreath {from Magnolia last summer}, a long length of jute twine and the word blessed and headed out to the car.

By using the jute twine to tie the laser cut word to my wreath, I'll still be able to change it out and not booger up the wreath or the word. I think the jute is almost unnoticeable, but does add a rustic touch  to it as well.

If you're feeling grateful and blessed and also enjoy documenting your thankful thoughts and grateful moments, you may find joy in some of the notebooks, mini books and journals from I Love It All, my handmade boutique. From as small as 3x4 all the way up to 8x10, there might just be a journal that will inspire you to capture the moments that brought a smile to your face today. And tomorrow.