Days 5 - 9 | December 2018 30 Days of Lists

Snow flakes were falling yesterday for just a bit, getting bigger...then smaller, then bigger again before stopping all together. Surprisingly, there was more accumulation in town than here in our little spot in the Smoky Mountains.

The journal I'm using sold out, but here are a few more with similar papers and different numbers of pages inside.


Day 5 | How I Am Staying Organized
I wanted to showcase that peppermint patterned paper, which I did with the "wonderful" journaling tag, you can find it here, and decided to use the lined page on the left for my list.

Day 6 |  ______ Makes The Season Bright
I used the SNOW on the journaling card as a jumping off point for my list.

To attach the shipping tag  I used a blanket stitch and added a rhinestone embellished snowflake, a negative die cut from this shipping tag

Day 7 | On the Agenda This Month
I used two identical die cuts, one for the list prompt and one as a place holder for the date. I folded the journaling card and allowed it to spill over to the Day 8 list page. 

Day 8 | Money Can't Buy _________
The folded over journaling card from my Day 7 list is perfect date holder spot. Then, I keep my journaling shop and sweet, yet full of meaning, using a sticker

Day 9 | A Few of My Favorite Things About December
Any time it feels okay to eat four or five cookies at one sitting, it's a good day!

I trimmed down my journaling card a bit to fit inside my polka dot bag, you can find them here, and embellished it with washi tape as a pull tab. 

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Using Three Gratitude Journals In One Week

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There are some weeks that I don't journal my thankful thoughts and grateful moments even one time. And then there are those weeks that I journal more regularly and even in more than one Gratitude Journal. I'm also sharing my #ilovethursdaythanks over on Instagram along with the I Love It All Brand Ambassadors: Jeanne, Lisa, Elaine, Sarah and Kate.

I decorated the back side of my cardstock tab page for December with an embellished gift tag, you can find them here.  And then I printed out the Hello December journaling card, find your free download here, on a book page which I first painted with a light layer of white. See this tutorial sharing how you can add ephemera to your spiral bound mini books.

#gratitude journal #journaling #grateful #gratefulness #mindfulness

I first printed the journaling card on just the book page and it didn't really show up. After swiping the page with a light layer of white paint the image and words showed up perfectly.

#gratitude journal #journaling #grateful #gratefulness #mindfulness

#gratitude journal #journaling #grateful #gratefulness #mindfulness

Hello December journaling card. 

#gratitude journal #journaling #grateful #gratefulness #mindfulness

#gratitude journal #journaling #grateful #gratefulness #mindfulness
#gratitude journal #journaling #grateful #gratefulness #mindfulness

Gathering together as a family for the annual middle and high school combined choir Christmas music program has been a highlight of our December celebrations for five years now.

#gratitude journal #journaling #grateful #gratefulness #mindfulness
#gratitude journal #journaling #grateful #gratefulness #mindfulness

Love that music hymnal washi tape? Check out my DIY tutorial here.

#gratitude journal #journaling #grateful #gratefulness #mindfulness

If you're not a mini book kind of person, how about downloading some journaling cards, adding a binder ring and document your thankful thoughts that way? I'll definitely be using these cards as a quick way to gather my grateful moments. Oh, and new colors will be added to shop inventory over the next week!

Holiday time is so often a time where we reflect upon loved ones no longer with us. And I wanted to celebrate how happy I am that as a family we are handling our grief and celebrating life. We aren't forgetting, we are just learning to live with how life is now.

#gratitude journal #journaling #grateful #gratefulness #mindfulness
#gratitude journal #journaling #grateful #gratefulness #mindfulness
#gratitude journal #journaling #grateful #gratefulness #mindfulness

And for longer stories to document, I use my composition book.

#gratitude journal #journaling #grateful #gratefulness #mindfulness
#gratitude journal #journaling #grateful #gratefulness #mindfulness

Here's what you get when you place your order!

#gratitude journal #journaling #grateful #gratefulness #mindfulness

See more of my Gratitude Journal posts where I document my thankful thoughts and grateful moments in my travelers notebook, my notebook, my junk journal and just recently, my journaling cards. Oh and my composition notebook, too

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Photos to Take This Month | 30 Days of Lists

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I don’t know that I ever come up with any original and new ideas from year to year, but I do try to capture the same events each year with a new perspective. It brings me joy to look back on photos and I think it's nice to see the same photos from year to year. 

EDITED TO ADD | This journal has sold out, but several new holiday journals have been restocked here.

I  know there will be so many more photos taken, but for sure I’ll be taking photos of...

#30 Days of Lists #30lists #list challenge #December Lists #mini book #mini album #I Love It All

…the kids in front of the tree. They’re 27, 15 and 13 now, but Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve in front of the tree is non-negotiable!
…baking cookies. I’m married to the Cookie Monster, so we usually begin baking right after the Thanksgiving clean-up is complete.
…decorating the tree.
…just because. I love capturing in the moment, they-don’t-know-I’m-taking-their-picture photos. If I can get away with it!
…the whole fam. These are special. And rare. I treasure each and every single one of them.

I knew that I was going to use the camera die cut - it's part of the freebie download I designed for the challenge, have you downloaded yours yet? Instead of just using a 1" circle punch, I used my scallop punch for that little bit of something different.

#30 Days of Lists #30lists #list challenge #December Lists #mini book #mini album #I Love It All

See that little green rhinestone? It carries over the design from the list side of my design. It comes in the add-on embellishment kit of the journal, but you can also find them in other Embellishment Kits at I Love It All. 

I used a shipping tag, my snowflake punch and paper scrapss. After punching the snowflakes, I glued scraps of red paper behind each snowflake to give the tag some dimension as it was nearly the same color as my foundation page.

#30 Days of Lists #30lists #list challenge #December Lists #mini book #mini album #I Love It All

To make the snowflakes stand out more, I added some green rhinestones to the centers. For the title page on the left, I carried over the rhinestone theme on the camera lens. I first added the rhinestones to the snowflakes, the camera lens was an afterthought to tie it all together.

#30 Days of Lists #30lists #list challenge #December Lists #mini book #mini album #I Love It All

Leave me a comment with one of the photos you plan to take this month and I'll choose a winner for a pack of shipping tags!

#30 Days of Lists #30lists #list challenge #December Lists #mini book #mini album #I Love It All

There's still time to register for the December challenge, read more about it here. 
My December Lists   Days 1-3  |  Day 4  |   Days 5 - 9

December 2018 30 Days of Lists | Days 1-3

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The December 2018 30 Days of Lists challenge has begun and you'll see my lists and journals all month long as I make my way through the month. This will be my 18th time to participate, so yeah, you can say I love it!

EDITED TO ADD | Holiday journals have been re-stocked!

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DAYS 1 - 3
Day 1 | My Reasons To Document
My list is written on vellum and added to my journal page. I find that using a Sharpie Fine Liner works wonderfully on the vellum with no smudges at all.

Using the back side of the kraft bag, I added my title using a combination of letter stickers and handwriting. I'm a huge fan of including my own handwriting in my memory keeping projects. Years from now, I'm hoping that my kids will be thrilled to have a sample of my lettering just as I am thrilled to have handwritten notes from my grandparents.


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You asked and I'm delivering...Christmas journals are now back in stock! It's so perfect to use for your December Daily project or for the December 30 Days of Lists challenge like I'll be doing.

EDITED TO ADD | This journal has sold out, but new holiday journals have been re-stocked!

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There are only two journals available, so if you've been thinking about snagging one, now would be the time to add it to your cart and checkout. You'll get a mini kit plus a really fun add-on embellishment kit.

#30 Days of Lists #December Daily #I Love It All #memory keeping #scrapbooking

I'll be using this same journal for the December 30 Days of Lists December challenge. This round will be my 18th challenge, so yeah, you can say that I kinda love this project.

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