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I couldn't believe it! My handsome, sexy, adoring, funny, makes-me-laugh, makes-me-cry, awesome DaDa to the kids and "Oh, so he really does listen to me" husband surprised me with a 4-day trip to Charleston, South Carolina for my 46th birthday this past March. And, he arranged for his Mom and Dad to wrangle the kids while we were gone. I know, I was impressed, too.

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This was our first trip alone together since our honeymoon 12 years earlier. Can you believe it?

As I do with my December Daily albums, I pre-assembled my pages before leaving on our road trip to Charleston, S.C. I then put the mini-album into a zipper top baggie to take with us so that I could journal and play during our down times in the hotel room. I also had my hole punch, adhesive and some embellishments in another baggie, making it easy to assemble what I had collected that day. It worked out nicely that way. My husband caught up on some business e-mails and phone calls and I played on capturing thoughts while they were still fresh!

So, on to Day One. {Days 2, 3 and 4 will be posted on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday}

The inside cover has what is called a coin envelope, which was just the right size for our room key, with a "postmark" style stamp overlapping it that states, "WISH YOU WERE HERE." I also stamped the  dates we were on our trip. The library card on the right is a free download from here. I find that the Creature Comforts blog is just so inspiring, be sure to browse all the yumminess presented!

The sticker on the back of the library card and on the room key envelope are downloads from The Givers Log and the free printables are here.

I printed the e-mail my husband sent me. Silly me thought it was just another business trip for him...until I looked more closely. Of course, I screeched and called him immediately.

The hand-assembled pocket envelope below contains all the internet research, tips and suggestions I found and an e-mail from the editor {Ellen McGauley} of Charleston Home magazine. {I picked up a copy while in Charleston, but on their home page I see that they now have a digital copy. It's a beautiful magazine with decorating, recipes and stunning photography!} I found Ellen from reading her cousin Sarah's blog: Clover Lane. {Scroll down on the blog and see the tab "Family" on the sidebar...Ellen @Charleston Home}. I was so thrilled that the Editor of a magazine would personally return my e-mail and actually offer up some suggestions to me. True Southern grace. So, so impressed.

I did the journaling on the left side {below} before we even left for our trip.

We stopped at quite a few Starbucks on our road trip...inside the Starbucks bag are the receipts from each stop we make for a hot cup of delight.

My husband was very apprehensive about parking the brand new Camaro on the streets of Charleston. Thank goodness for him, the valet parking is a perk for being in the hotel's loyalty club. He babies that baby. Ugh, big boys and their toys!

The photo of the date on the Camaro's data screen {below} shows the date of 3.28.2010 {my birthdate} and the time at 3:28, which isn't shown.

On the back of the Starbucks bag, as seen above and below, I wrote some interesting town names we passed through on our ride to Charleston.

The absolute best seafood we've had in a long time was enjoyed at the restaurant Coast. We did try others, but actually went back to Coast for a second time on a 4-day trip. That's how delish the food is. We highly recommend the restaurant and I might even cry if I hear you got to go and we didn't!

Yes, I am 46 and my husband is 38...not such a biggie now, but it sounded a bit more odd when we married 12 years ago and I was 34 and he was 27.

This ends Day One in our 4-day adventure of being alone together. The hotel we stayed in was the ORIGINAL Citadel. It would have been fun for the kids to experience, too, but maybe next time...we'd love to go back to Charleston.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Day Two in our adventure. If you liked that flower made out of old book pages that you saw on the front cover of this mini-album , and want to learn how to make them for yourself, then you'll want to read this post. If you aren't into making your own flowers from book pages, but still want some, visit here.

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  1. Aaaaah!!!! You did it again! I just love this mini- I love, love, love the look of books that are put together "on the road."

    Yeah, this one'll be in my favorites on Friday, too. Especially since I'm on the road myself for the rest of the week starting tomorrow, and I hope to make a little book of my own!

  2. Mmmm, we have a beach house about an hour north of there. The SC coast is beautiful. I'll be watching for more of your mini album!

  3. Love love love the album (and the surprise weekend away!) My husband and I haven't had one of those either in the 8 years we have been married (other than the odd overnight here or there). I'm already dreaming and scheming about our 10th anniversary in a few years. : )

    PS. I am (a-hem) a few (seven) years older than my husband, too.

  4. I just love your mini albums-they are adorable! Thanks again for the inspiration-can't wait to see the rest!

  5. Monika, you are THE Queen of Dailies!

    Your book is a jewel, it makes me so excited to read it that I actually don't know where to begin with my comments:

    * You look incredible
    * No way you're 46
    * Younger D.H? You go Girl ;-)
    * love your openess
    * awesome cover
    * great post and intro
    * adore the memetos you've incorporated
    * your handwriting rocks!
    * I've always wanted to visit that city
    * so you're the one who's married to super man?!

    I could go on and on...your mini represents everything I like about scrapbooking, I'm so happy you're sharing it with us!

    Thank you ~

    ( can you tell I'm excited? ;-)

  6. I love the album, and can't wait to see the rest. You make it look so easy, and I love your handwriting, too :)

  7. i love love love love this!!!

  8. your albums are rockin', m. seriously, i'm jealous of your work. :)


  9. Just found this via pinterest! I LOVE it! Awesome!

  10. I found this on pinterest and you do amazing work!!!

  11. I wish I could come over and have you help me make such ecletic albums!!

  12. Love the book, I also love to scrapbook my trips. The most inspiring part is your age difference, doesn't make me feel bad about being older.

  13. I'm creating a youth activity booklet to give away during our summer school holidays. I want to share this craft idea in the booklet and would like permission to use two of the images from this site.

    1. Please contact me at monikaawright { at } g { mail } dOt | com | so that we can discuss what images you wish to use. Thanks.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I was just wondering, if the pages were added before you headed off on your trip with all of the mementos and text being added along the way... or if the pages were also things that were found and that you cme across along the way as well? For example: the "GO SEE" and "it's all in the details" pages (etc). Thnks! I am so in love with the idea of creating journals and scrapbooks in this way... amazing work!

    1. Hello!

      Most of the pages were pre-assembled with some of them being embellished or made once we returned home. Each day we were there, I worked on my journal adding memories and bits and baubles and then added photos once we were home. The two pages you are speaking of were pre-assembled. The Go See page was made to hold all the info I had gathered of places we wanted to see while we were there and our hotel info as well.

      This is really one of my most favorite journals, so I'm tickled to hear you love it, too! Have fun creating!


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