charleston, s.c. :: a mini-album {continued}

Day 2 of our 4-day adventure in Charleston began with a late wake-up {remember, the kids are not with us} and a leisurely breakfast at the hotel. The photo of on the left side of this photo was in the park/courtyard adjacent to our hotel {which was the original Citadel}.

And if you are wondering why some of the photos from our trip are really clear and crisp and some are well, beloved Canon 40D decided to give me the dreaded Error 99 while on our trip. We found a camera store, but were told that the camera would need to be shipped back to Canon for repair. Therefore, we have photos from the Canon before it pooped out on me, my iPhone and my husband's Blackberry.

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A really nice couple took the photo of us above. And the mix of photos just adds to the uniqueness of the album, and the trip, to me. Not that I wouldn't have been thrilled to have all awesome photos, but...

And that's the reason you'll see some photos printed two up on a page. The quality wasn't really all that good for larger prints.

Originally, the weather was supposed to be cool and overcast. Being blessed with a change in weather plans meant that I needed some short-sleeved shirts {on sale for $20 at Abercrombie} and Gordon needed a hat {which he got at Jimmy Buffett's store}, the sun was strong for March. And he picked up the ten-gallon drum of his favorite smelly stuff, just for fun!

We did a walking tour as well as a horse-drawn carriage tour of Charleston. Both were lovely. And we even walked around more re-visiting some of our favorites. Having spent much of my childhood in Germany, the European flair still evident in Charleston was a real treat for me.

I was sure to add some of the history in different parts of the I have been known to say... 

"I don't remember, that's why I scrapbook."

I make a mean cupcake {courtesy of a recipe found in Southern Living magazine} with an over-the-top cream cheese frosting, so you know I asked my sweetie if we could try out a cupcake at the bakery just down the street from our hotel!

This card is an American Crafts birthday invite that I cut down for the mini.

We decide to try a new restaurant for dinner, which was a recommendation.  BTW-some of the really cool graphic cardstock I've used are from out-of-date sales husband works for a paper company and sometimes, if I'm lucky, I get what's left over.

Because I used business cards, maps and other ephemera in the mini-album, Gordon has been able to tell several friends/co-workers where to go, where to eat, what to see, what to do...very easily. It makes me happy that he had such a good time there, too, that he recommends a romantic Charleston getaway to them!

If you're still willing to stick around for more photos of our adventure, Day Three will be revealed tomorrow.


  1. I'm loving this mini! Now I want to go to Charleston!

  2. I just love love this this album. It has totally inspired me to make one!!

  3. Love it Monika, I don't want it to end!
    D.H works for a paper company? heeheehee, beyond perfection ;-)

    I'm wondering how much scrapbook material you brought with you.

    Another question for the expert of Dailies that you are=> is there a size you find that works for pretty much all the events you have covered? Do you make you Dailies the same size? ( okay, that's more than one ;-)


  4. alexandra:

    The mini was pretty much finished when I took it with me. All that I added while there were the postcards, business cards, etc. I printed the photos at home and added those then. I did have a few embellies in my baggie so that I could do what I could while we were chilling out in the hotel room. All of the other things in the album were pre-designed and cut before the trip and I made whatever I wrote fit into the space I had available.

    I think something close to 4x6 works best for an on-the-road kind of album. I like an odd size rather than a square when I do mini's for some reason. It's more appealing to me. I think it's fun when there is more than one size of paper/pages in a mini.

    Even my scrapbooks have 8x8, 8.5x11, 12x12, 6x12 sizes all in one album. I like that. I just punch holes in the page protectors where they need new holes. And the Type-A in me doesn't seem to mind that, which is surprising!

    Thanks for asking, I'm so happy you did. Sounds like you might be talking yourself into a mini-making session soon.

  5. Your blog and albums have given me a new appreciation for doing mini albums. We actually went to Charleston 2 summers ago but I haven't done anything with the pics..I think I am going to go with this approach. You have truly inspired me! Thank you!

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