from pre-school to college in 8.7 seconds!

How did this happen? Seriously.

Say hello to a member of the Class of 2014 at Maryville College. Go Scots! My husband, Zach's step-dad, graduated from Maryville College, too. This wasn't his first choice {Auburn, Vanderbilt, ETSU, Carson-Newman - girlfriend swayed this decision, were all front-runners}, but I feel that this is the best possible choice for him. Pre-Med major, thank goodness he has the brain for it. 

But, let me tell you now...he can do it, this we know, but WILL he do it is the question. High school was a struggle just to get him to turn in assignments, ugh. I'm not going to go there today, but trust me, the heartaches.

So, my dear, taller-than-your-tall-Mom-son, enter the world, find your voice, make a difference, be you, explore your options and conquer your fears. It's all in your hands. It's all up to you.

I love you, always remember that.

Edited to Add this e-mail from my son this morning:

I don't remember signing a consent form to be put online ;) but that is a nice story thank you.


  1. Awww ... they do grow so very fast!
    I finished the summer minialbum that I won ... I will take pictures soon (I get home close to dark, so need some natural light!)

  2. Awww, having sent my first son off to kindergarten this year, I'm already having a sense of how fast it's going to go. Good luck to your son!

  3. Have you dropped him off yet? We move our oldest into his dorm in 2 days! yikes!! I agree that it has all happened way too fast. Hang in there and enjoy your girls.

  4. It really does fly by. I'm still in shock that the oldest is in 1st grade this year. Good luck to him!

  5. Oh this is such a great and moving post monika...I have another year to go before I experience that for the first time...GOOD LUCK to your handsome son!

  6. He sounds like a funny kid. (Reminds me sooo much of one of my twins.) :)
    I just put my three oldest on the bus yesterday for their first day of school, I can't begin to imagine what a wreck I'll be when I have to take them to college!
    I hope he has an awesome first week!

  7. hahahahahah - "i don't remember signing a consent for" - I love that!! Hope he's settling into college life well. :)

  8. Just read this -- how is he doing? :) (so handsome, by the way)

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