time flies when | 30 days of list, day 22

Today's listing began with these elements. Once you see my final design, you'll notice that I didn't use the To Do rub-on I placed on the left page nor the Adventure rub -on below the scissor. The envelope is the page included in your mini book, should you be using the same one I am.

Now, let me share how I fancied up my list.

How It Developed
I added a random strip of paper and used this tutorial to add it into my already spiral bound journal. 

And then to embellish the envelope flap, I used a rub-on and cut apart the saying so that half was on the envelope and the other half remained on the flap.

Add a little baker's twine to the mini shipping tag, also added using this tutorial.

The List Title
I like to use my orphaned letter stickers, so when I do, I often have to hand letter parts of the title when I don't have enough letter stickers for the whole list prompt. Plus, it just adds a little bit of me to the journal, too. 

The List
Time Flies When...
I read. I get settled in and get caught up in the story and don't want to getup and do anything at all. For hours and hours.

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The Class

I so enjoy this concept and think you will, too. You can create your own journal, buy a journal from my shop, or just post your lists on Facebook or Instagram. There are no rules, just fun! Lots and lots of fun with a really great community of like minded list nerds. 

The March class began March 1st, registration is open now.

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