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Can you even believe that it has been 9 years since we've been meeting here on the blog and in the I Love It All Etsy shop? Whew! It's been a wonderful 9 years, I have to say. Nine years full of learning curves, trends, successes, not-so-much-of-a-successes and a whole bunch of new friends made.

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#junk journal #mini book #summer book #mixed paper journal #I Love It All #iloveitallshop #favorite outdoor activities

I wanted a little project to work on during our summer break and when I pulled out this journal, I knew what it was going to be: a list journal. You all know how much I love list journaling so it just seemed natural that #mysummertimeproject would be all about telling my story through list making.

And the bonus of it all is that I get a few minutes to search for the bits and baubles I'll use to embellish my page and jot down my story.

See that metal chillin' tab? I would guess that little gem has been in my stash since 2010. I used it as the jumping off point for my journaling too. With the wood grain paper and the chillin' tab, the list prompt "Favorite Outdoor Activities" seemed a natural. I even added a little wash of watercolors to my tag.

I'm not a very sporty person, but there are plenty of activities that are done out of doors that bring me joy.

#junk journal #mini book #summer book #mixed paper journal #I Love It All #iloveitallshop #favorite outdoor activities
#junk journal #mini book #summer book #mixed paper journal #I Love It All #iloveitallshop #favorite outdoor activities

With end-of-year activities, graduation and now summer vacay, I've been reminiscing. And it doesn't help that my girls constantly remind me that they're growing up and not Mommy's little babies any more.

And then it hit me, this time next year, I'll have two high schoolers. No more kids in diapers, or even elementary or middle school. All my babies are going to be teenagers in high school.

#junk journal #mini book #summer book #mixed paper journal #I Love It All #iloveitallshop #this time next year
#junk journal #mini book #summer book #mixed paper journal #I Love It All #iloveitallshop #this time next year
#junk journal #mini book #summer book #mixed paper journal #I Love It All #iloveitallshop #this time next year

I made this fun little paper clip tag by threading through a scrap of paper, using my mini stapler to attach it and then a heart paper punch to finish it all off. It's a great way to use up all your paper stash...and it's super cute. The paper clip comes in the embellishment kit.

Using the gold paper clip and pink baker's twine in the embellishment kit that comes with this journal, I had a light bulb moment and made my own little tassel bookmark. Ha, don't you just love lightbulb moments?
#junk journal #mini book #summer book #mixed paper journal #I Love It All #iloveitallshop #paper clip bookmark
#junk journal #mini book #summer book #mixed paper journal #I Love It All #iloveitallshop #paper clip tassel

And I always like to tuck a journal card inside the pocket formed from the folded over bag. I used one of these label die cuts, folded over, and attached it with my mini stapler. It forms a little pull tab, making it easier to pull it out the journal card.

#junk journal #mini book #summer book #mixed paper journal #I Love It All #iloveitallshop #patge tab

Do you have some stories you want to tell? Some memories you want to keep?

#junk journal #mini book #summer book #mixed paper journal #I Love It All #iloveitallshop #paper ephemera

This little mixed paper junk journal is the perfect place to document those little treasures of life.

Here are more mini books + journals to help you document your story.
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On Sale, Listing Journal now under $15

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Looking for a summertime project? Me, too! 
Join me in documenting our stories with a few list prompts I've gathered. 

Here's my first list:
If I Could...
There are a number of ways I could have gone with this list prompt, obviously, but when I saw the book page, I just knew it would be reading. I have been on a reading binge the last month or so and it is driving Gordon crazy because every time he sees me, my nose is in a book. Whether I'm out on the mud porch, sitting in the living room or lounging at the beach on vacation, I have been reading.

So, if I could...I would read 24-7 and forget about all my chores. Especially in the summer. 
Who am I kidding, I would read all.the.time. if I could!

I used the orange folder label from the sticker sheet in the kit for the list prompt and then I did a background watercolor wash on my book page in orange as well. Today, I was feeling matchy-matchy, but sometimes I like things to complement or even clash when I design a page. 

Ready to join in?
Take a look at the pages inside this journal. I included some pages for you that are already embellished like these:

And then there are some pages that are left plain for you to work your own magic. I love adding in office-themed paper ephemera and that envelope is a perfect little place to tuck some private journaling into.

Grab a journal or mini book or notebook from your own stash or head over to I Love It All and choose this journal, which includes the embellishment kit AND is under $15 for a limited time.

The time I spend listing in mixed paper journals makes my heart happy and is one of my most favorite past times. I love that it gives me time to be creative, helps me to use up my crafty stash and also gives me a chance to tell my story for future generations.

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