A New Page To Write Our Story

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Don't let a bad day keep you from telling your story.

Each new day we are given is a gift. It's what we make of our days that makes us. They can break us, they can make us stronger, they can make us question everything. But in each day, there is a little ray of sunshine that we can be grateful for, that made us smile.

See you next week with another The Sunday Quote!

I Painted a Page in My Gratitude Journal

I've been so tickled to see a little family of robins camping outside my studio and "visiting" with me throughout the day. They must have their nest just across the creek and fly over to the grassy area outside my French doors to hunt for worms. That is until Rooster, our border collie, catches on to what they're doing and they scurry away.

You've seen me hop around and use a selection of Gratitude Journals all in one week and guess what, this week I journaled exclusively in my spiral bound junk journal.

Before and After
1. With A Little Paint
This page called for something, so I pulled out some acrylic paint. I squeezed it onto my finger and smeared it on the page. The hardest part of it all was waiting for the paint to dry.

I love how the page crinkled from the dried paint. I used some washi tape to hold the ribbon paper clip in place and began journaling. Today is my birthday, so I decided to write a prayer for just a few of things I am so very grateful for.

2. With a Die Cut
If I'm not inspired by a page, I'll come back to it. And that's what happened to this notepaper on the first go around. I passed it up to go to another page to journal - and I'm okay with that.

I just happened to have a feather die cut laying out on my craft desk and laid it on the page. I've noticed a trend in my journal, it's not always gratitude journaling that I'm doing but it is always a recollection {and collection} of memories of people, places and things that have brought me joy and for which I am grateful for. 

I know I say it often, but I do miss Papa. 

3. With a Journal Card
Remember when I said that I skip around if I'm not inspired by a page? 

Well, I also add in pages. And I did that by using a journaling card and slipped it under the paper clip from the painted time card above. This is why I added the washi tape to keep the paper clip in place. 

Letting The Page Lead You
I adore using office ephemera in my junk journals, and I would say that I use some sort of office-themed paper in 80% of the journals I make. I let the page lead me and journaled about one of our favorite hometown restaurants.

I've been keeping an eye on the chunkiness level of my Gratitude Journal. I'm a memory keeper that likes to add layers and textures, but I've been leaning toward the 'lean' side of embellishing so that this one won't be 3" thick at the end of the year.

Die Cuts - feathers, mason jars and flag pennants to be listed soon!

join in
Want to document your own #ilovethursdaythanks? Write down what you're thankful for, it doesn't have to be in a journal or notebook, just list it and then head on over to Instagram to post! Be sure to use the hashtag #ilovethursdaythanks so I can take a peek!

the 2019 Gratitude Journal
For 2019, I decided on the Things I Am Grateful for In 2019 cover because I knew that I wouldn't be journaling exclusively in this journal, nor every single day. This cover choice gave me the freedom to go at my own pace without the "guilt" of having to keep up with the '365' promise. You can choose from 4 different cover designs, whatever makes you happiest.

reduced pricing for partial year journals | April - December is only $31.00

This mixed paper journal has over 80 pages that include bags, tags, hand stamped pages, cardstock, office ephemera, note paper, book pages and more. Here's a blog post with larger photos of the inside pages of the 2019 Gratitude Journal or you can head to the shop and buy it now!

Hello April in My Travelers Notebook

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I decided to jot down a few things I'm looking forward to and one thing that I really need to do. Actually, more walking won't be as hard now that temperatures are warming up and days are getting longer.

What's on your list for April?

#hello april #hello #on the list #instant download #free download #journaling card #project card

I started out trimming the floral page tab from this set. I used my mini hole puncher to punch a line of holes to make it easier for me to stitch with my pink embroidery floss.

#hello april #hello #on the list #instant download #free download #journaling card #project card

I also used my pink marker to run along the edge of the tab to give it a little punch of color.

#hello april #hello #on the list #instant download #free download #journaling card #project card

Then I trimmed out the "on the list" word phrase and popped it on top of the tab before adding it all to the page.

#hello april #hello #on the list #instant download #free download #journaling card #project card

With the floral 3x4 card in this set, I used my arrow punch and then clustered them in a group along the left side of my page spread.

#hello april #hello #on the list #instant download #free download #journaling card #project card

Get that printer of yours running, download your Hello April journal card and be sure to carve out some time this week to be crafty with your markers, washi tape and journals.

#hello april #hello #on the list #instant download #free download #journaling card #project card

If you love this free journal card as much as I do, I also designed a coordinating set that pairs beautifully with this card and where you'll find the word phrase I used and also a few page tabs. You can find more instant download journal cards in the shop and here are some fun Tags Tabs + Labels.
#hello april #hello #on the list #instant download #free download #journaling card #project card
#hello april #hello #on the list #instant download #free download #journaling card #project card

Download your free Hello April journal card.
Find other free downloads from I Love It All here.
And for more Print At Home ideas: journal cardsplanner pagesart prints and calendars are in the I Love It All shop as instant downloads!

Printable Happy Birthday Tags

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How many times over the years have you needed a birthday card and not had one?
That's me raising my hand over here!
#instant download #printable #happy birthday #round tags #round die cuts #cardmaking #birthday card
Never again, I tell ya. 

#instant download #printable #happy birthday #round tags #round die cuts #cardmaking #birthday card
#instant download #printable #happy birthday #round tags #round die cuts #cardmaking #birthday card

With this new set of 1" and 2" circle die cuts, we'll all be ready for any birthday for a long time. And the great part is that there are 5 different colorways sure to make most anyone smile.

Happy Birthday Tag Rounds
Paper Doily found in this Embellishment Kit
Polka Dot Bag like those in this Kit

Free Hello April Journal Card

When I think of Spring, I always, ALWAYS, think of flowers. 

I'm the kind of girl, though, that prefers wildflower bouquets over store bought, live plants and shrubs over cut flowers and clippings from a friend's garden over all. I had a friend long ago who had a "love garden" of all the plant clippings she had accumulated over the years from friends and family...and I love that idea. 

Here is the coordinating set where you'll find the word phrases and page tabs. I have a whole section in the shop devoted to instant download journal cards and here are the Tags Tabs + Labels.
And you can find more travelers notebooks in the shop, I'm using the A6 size and this is the exact set. It even has an embellishment kit available as an add-on to jump start your crafting adventures.


Download your free Hello April journal card.
Find other free downloads from I Love It All here.
And for more Print At Home ideas: journal cardsplanner pagesart prints and calendars are in the I Love It All shop as instant downloads!

Dandelion Wishes Card

#Dandelion Wishes #dandelion #cardmaking #card #I Made A Wish #make a wish #romantic card

It’s been on my heart to share {in words} how grateful I am for G and our life together. He is my everything.

I haven't been lucky enough to commit 31 minutes each day this month to a creative endeavor, but yesterday the inspiration for my #31minutesfor31days project was a quick card for my sweetie. 

Oh hey, did you get a chance to see my other 31 minutes projects?

I Made A Wish and You Came True. Awwwwwww. Too corny? I hope not. It’s been on my heart to share {in words} how grateful I am for G and our life together. He is my everything.

#Dandelion Wishes #dandelion #cardmaking #card #I Made A Wish #make a wish #romantic card

After printing off the journaling card set, I trimmed my card to mimic a shipping tag, popped on a rectangle label and trimmed off the excess, punched a hole and tied some waxed twine into a bow. All I  had to do then was attach it to the front of my note card and I was ready to write!

Quick + Easy!

#Dandelion Wishes #dandelion #cardmaking #card #I Made A Wish #make a wish #romantic card
If you believe in Dandelion wishes, then I'm pretty sure you're going to love the new Dandelion Wishes journaling card set, too. 

Free Hello Spring Card

Oh how I love the changing of the seasons. After all our rain, everything has begun to green and sprout and the sun is shining and the birds are chirping and life is good.

Of course, that means that the weeds are popping up, too, so I've been outdoors quite a bit pulling weeds and straightening up the flower beds. Even thought it's a lot of work, I actually enjoy spending time in the garden.

What will you be saying hello to as Spring greets us on Wednesday?

Kind Words Encourage The Soul

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Oh how an unexpected kind word can rock my world. Each and every time. And when it is unexpected, it's truly amazing how my whole being reacts to those few words. A smile. An acknowledgment that I matter. It's all good.

Be the one that encourages someone's soul today.

For the last several years, I have curated the Sunday Photos series, featuring one my photographs  along with a quote or some inspiring words that touched my heart. I'll still be sharing words that speak to me in this space each week, just in a new format.

See you next week with another The Sunday Quote!

31 Minutes for 31 Days

My March has been filled with sweet little peeks of sunshine through the clouds on rainy days, daffodils popping up, periwinkle blooms reminding me that Spring is almost here, daylilies beginning to sprout their green leaves and dogwood trees forming their buds.

I do love how a Spring garden unfolds, don't you?

I've been working to carve out 31 Minutes for 31 Days, doing a project that is on my list of things to do AND that makes me smile. Nothing earth shattering, just being aware of taking the time to slow down and do something not business related.

I Organized Some Crafting Supplies
Okay, so this was more for my peace of mind and sanity and was more business related than personal, but a girl who works from home has to do what she can to keep her in-home office neat and presentable. When your family tells you it's a little messy out in the studio, you know it's time to do something.

So, even though this wasn't entirely for me, it brought me joy!

I Journaled
I'm doing a couple of different listing challenges this month and decided to do some watercoloring for a few pages, using some Stencil Revolution stencils. I can't wait to try using the full Home Sweet Home design on a larger project - coming soon!

Here's a post where I share more watercolor + stencil adventures and more Travelers Notebooks.

I Crocheted 759 { not really} Granny Square Circles
As I was in the middle of the Great Craft Studio DeClutter and Clean Out, I found all these colored crochet rounds. So, I went down the rabbit hole of Pinterest pins trying to find the Granny Square pattern that matched up.

I'm still not finished with the squares, but the rounds are completed. Don't you love a Granny Square that begins in the round? Here are a few more crochet posts.

These began as a way to use up all the little yarn ball scraps I had left over and then just exploded from there. I'm trying to decide whether to mix up the yarn colors for the square part: match the center color or different colors or all the same color no matter what color the center is.

What would you do?

I Read All Afternoon and Did Not Feel Guilty
I don't usually read on my Kindle, but who can pass up good reads for free with Amazon Prime Reading? I really enjoyed this one and couldn't put it down. Well, I did to cook dinner, but I pretty much really all afternoon.

Here are a few What I'm Reading Now posts.

I Played with Paper
I love coming up with new ways to use products. Read more about this project here.  I used some journaling cards and tags from the shop. 

I Gardened
That's just a fancy way of saying I raked leaves and pulled weeds. And this Mama is sore today, let me tell you. I can definitely feel my years creeping up on me after an afternoon spent working in the yard. I'm not as fast as I once was and the stiffness sets in by nighttime. Yikes.

When I remember I've been over at @iloveitallshop, with the hashtag #mw31minutesfor31days.
Find out more about the 31 Minutes for 31 Days with Kellie Winnell.

Love This | Another Week in My Gratitude Journal

#gratitude journal #love this #journaling cards #i am thankful #journaling #thanfulness #hello march #scrapbooking

What are you loving this week? I am loving the little peeks of sunshine we are getting on frigid, windy days after weeks of torrential downpours. So yeah, it's cold...but the sun is out and for that I am grateful.

In the Flagship Journal
Surprisingly, this week I only opened my Gratitude Journal once. And that was yesterday. I've been journaling in my 30 Lists journal and in my Field Notes insert using lists prompts from some gals I follow on Instagram, but nada on the gratitude journaling front.

What's so odd, is that I have tons to be grateful for but just haven't taken the time to put what's in my heart down on paper.

#gratitude journal #love this #journaling cards #i am thankful #journaling #thanfulness #hello march #scrapbooking
#gratitude journal #love this #journaling cards #i am thankful #journaling #thanfulness #hello march #scrapbooking

New Product Testing
When I did open my journal yesterday, I was so excited to do some product testing with this new set of printable die cuts. There are page flags, tabs and circle die cuts in 5 coordinating colors.

#gratitude journal #love this #journaling cards #i am thankful #journaling #thanfulness #hello march #scrapbooking

I don't know, did I go overboard on the die cuts? I'm not even sure I could squeeze another one on there anywhere. I used my 1" circle punch for the circles and fussy cut around the page flag and tab.

#gratitude journal #love this #journaling cards #i am thankful #journaling #thanfulness #hello march #scrapbooking

Here's How I Created This Flap-py Journaling Card
Because the first page in the March section of my Gratitude Journal was an envelope, I decided to create a little mini book out of some journaling cards. You can find the free "hello march" pocket card download here and the pink grid journaling pocket card here.

#gratitude journal #love this #journaling cards #i am thankful #journaling #thanfulness #hello march #scrapbooking
#gratitude journal #love this #journaling cards #i am thankful #journaling #thanfulness #hello march #scrapbooking

I used a metal rim tag {I just shortened the string} to pop the "Love This" die cut onto. The coral page tab and heart are all from this set.

#gratitude journal #love this #journaling cards #i am thankful #journaling #thanfulness #hello march #scrapbooking#gratitude journal #love this #journaling cards #i am thankful #journaling #thanfulness #hello march #scrapbooking
#gratitude journal #love this #journaling cards #i am thankful #journaling #thanfulness #hello march #scrapbooking
#gratitude journal #love this #journaling cards #i am thankful #journaling #thanfulness #hello march #scrapbooking

In other news, which I haven't journaled about but I certainly should have, Victoria was selected to have one of her paintings entered into the county wide middle school art show {!!!} and Isabella was elected as President of her high school National Honor Society chapter. {!!!}

If you've been following along and seeing me post my journal pages but didn't want to buy a full year's journal and have to go back and fill in all the pages from January...

#gratitude journal #love this #journaling cards #i am thankful #journaling #thanfulness #hello march #scrapbooking

...now is your chance to grab a journal and begin documenting your thankful thoughts and grateful moments.

#gratitude journal #love this #journaling cards #i am thankful #journaling #thanfulness #hello march #scrapbooking
#gratitude journal #love this #journaling cards #i am thankful #journaling #thanfulness #hello march #scrapbooking

I used this Gratitude Journal this week and there are other styles and sizes of Gratitude Journals here if this one isn't quite your thing.

What is #ilovethursdaythanks? It's a way for me, and you, to connect with other like minded souls. Those of us that find joy in documenting our thankful thoughts and grateful moments. Those moments that sometimes could be so quickly forgotten, those thoughts that haunt us and won't let us go, those words that touched our heart when we needed them most, those people who made a difference just by being there.

Join us over on Instagram and share your #ilovethursdaythanks.