31 Minutes for 31 Days

My March has been filled with sweet little peeks of sunshine through the clouds on rainy days, daffodils popping up, periwinkle blooms reminding me that Spring is almost here, daylilies beginning to sprout their green leaves and dogwood trees forming their buds.

I do love how a Spring garden unfolds, don't you?

I've been working to carve out 31 Minutes for 31 Days, doing a project that is on my list of things to do AND that makes me smile. Nothing earth shattering, just being aware of taking the time to slow down and do something not business related.

I Organized Some Crafting Supplies
Okay, so this was more for my peace of mind and sanity and was more business related than personal, but a girl who works from home has to do what she can to keep her in-home office neat and presentable. When your family tells you it's a little messy out in the studio, you know it's time to do something.

So, even though this wasn't entirely for me, it brought me joy!

I Journaled
I'm doing a couple of different listing challenges this month and decided to do some watercoloring for a few pages, using some Stencil Revolution stencils. I can't wait to try using the full Home Sweet Home design on a larger project - coming soon!

Here's a post where I share more watercolor + stencil adventures and more Travelers Notebooks.

I Crocheted 759 { not really} Granny Square Circles
As I was in the middle of the Great Craft Studio DeClutter and Clean Out, I found all these colored crochet rounds. So, I went down the rabbit hole of Pinterest pins trying to find the Granny Square pattern that matched up.

I'm still not finished with the squares, but the rounds are completed. Don't you love a Granny Square that begins in the round? Here are a few more crochet posts.

These began as a way to use up all the little yarn ball scraps I had left over and then just exploded from there. I'm trying to decide whether to mix up the yarn colors for the square part: match the center color or different colors or all the same color no matter what color the center is.

What would you do?

I Read All Afternoon and Did Not Feel Guilty
I don't usually read on my Kindle, but who can pass up good reads for free with Amazon Prime Reading? I really enjoyed this one and couldn't put it down. Well, I did to cook dinner, but I pretty much really all afternoon.

Here are a few What I'm Reading Now posts.

I Played with Paper
I love coming up with new ways to use products. Read more about this project here.  I used some journaling cards and tags from the shop. 

I Gardened
That's just a fancy way of saying I raked leaves and pulled weeds. And this Mama is sore today, let me tell you. I can definitely feel my years creeping up on me after an afternoon spent working in the yard. I'm not as fast as I once was and the stiffness sets in by nighttime. Yikes.

When I remember I've been over at @iloveitallshop, with the hashtag #mw31minutesfor31days.
Find out more about the 31 Minutes for 31 Days with Kellie Winnell.

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