A Day With My Favorite People

I promise to finish sharing my December 30 Days of Lists mini book before registration for the March challenge begins. {affiliate link} This will be my 15th challenge and each one is more fun than the next. You can see all my #30lists mini books. Please do join us, it's such a supportive community and a creative way to tell your right now story.

Here's a sneak peek of the mini book I'll be using for the March 30 Days of List challenge, I'll finish them up and have them listed this week. But, here are other mixed paper journals and mini books you might enjoy using.

December 2017 30 Days of Lists
List 18 | When In Doubt...

List 19  | A Day With My Favorite People Includes
For me, it's always the everyday, unplanned, unexpected moments that mean the most and end up mattering the most.

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List 20 | Ways to Get on My Nice List
Really, if you're nice to my kids, you're forever on my nice list!

My Snowed In Essentials

We've only had one good snow {so far} this Winter, but my snowed in essentials would pretty much make me happy any day of the week. The girls and I love to make homemade hot cocoa and then cheat by spraying a mountain of canned whipped cream on top. And then maybe, go back for another spritz just because we can!

December 2017 30 Days of Lists
List 14 | The Best Hiding Spots
It's happened more than once...I find gifts after the gift giving event has passed. I'm guessing I'm not alone or that it won't happen to me again.

List 15 | Favorite Movies From This Year
A few before the list photos...

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And now how I changed the prompt:

List 16 | My Snowed In Essentials
I didn't even plan for this to happen, but how perfect is this page for today's list? And those snowflake punches, spot on! When I was creating the mini book, I chose this paper because it reminded me of snow. And in this part of the world, snow in the wintertime is a common occurrence.

Let It Snow Journaling Card

I trimmed off the the title of the journaling card and it into snipped a banner shape, attaching it with a few strips of washi tape. I used one of these retro red labels, added to the back of the polka dotted bag, for my list prompt.

List 17 | This Week's Menu
I use this meal planning download for my Filofax {when I'm on my A game} but most days it's just me making a meal out of the smorgasbord of goodies in the cupboard.

I am an affiliate for 30 Days of Lists and if you use my link to register for past, current or upcoming classes {the next one begins in March 2018!} it won't cost you anything extra but I will earn a small fee.

Art Journaling in a Vintage Book

I love books.

Old books, new books, books I've never read, books I've read more than once, books with pretty covers, books with lovely illustrations, books in book stores, books in the library and recently, even books on my Kindle Paperwhite...but don't worry, paper is and always will be my favorite way to read a book.

Our local thrift store always has a supply of books looking for new homes and I always pick up a few when I'm out thrifting. Please don't get mad at me when you see that I've butchered a book, chopped up the pages and altered and torn them to make new things...they've already had long, happy, fulfilling lives with multiple previous owners.

One day, I had the bright idea to upcycle a vintage book into an art journal.

I first went through my book and removed a few pages at a time, to remove some of the bulk. This will allow you to add layers of other papers, journaling cards, washi tape, paint and ephemera to the pages that remain without it getting too bulky.

My favorite adhesive is just a simple glue stick, Elmer's is my favorite. It allows me to position my paper just where I need it before it becomes permanent, which is important when trying to adhere two pages together...it gives you time to line up the pages perfectly...giving you a little "wiggle" room.
Now, don't get me wrong, I do love a chunky mini book...those of you who have been around a while will know that, but a book will only hold so much.

Before removing pages, I paid special attention to the pages that had illustrations on them as I wanted to keep most of them intact and use them as part of my art journal.

Here, I used colored pencils to enhance the illustration from the book.

I used a correction tape runner in rows acros my page to use as spaces for my journaling. I've used this technique before in my #30lists journals and you may want to browse the post, it has some fun ideas on how to incorporate hidden journaling and office supplies in your crafty projects.

Using modeling paste takes some time and that's why I do several pages at one time. I'll use wax paper between the pages once they reach the mostly dry stage so I can go on to the next. I'm impatient that way, always trying to get more done in the least amount of time.

You can see how I've used modeling paste and watercolors here, too.

I used a few stickers in my art journal. They're an easy way to add some color, or if you're using label stickers, you can add them on a page you plan to do some heavy duty journaling on.

Around Here

#snow #smoky #mountains #smokies

Around here, we've had our first snow and this is the fourth snow day in a row. The girls have already tried two different recipes for snow cream and we're going to make cookies today. I'm such a slacker, I didn't even step off the porch to take their photo and I was still rewarded with smiles!

Around here, after Gordon cleared the driveway, I headed to my annual mammogram. This was my first time with the 3D mammogram and I have to say, it was a much gentler experience...if you know what I mean. I've had suspicious reports in the past, which makes me quite faithful in making sure I take advantage of the annual exam and mammogram benefits of our health insurance.


Around here, I'm working on an organized 2018 and making plans. An easy peasy magnetic bookmark DIY is coming next week, stay tuned. Here's where you can find more tutorials and Filofax posts. If you're a planner girl, too...have you seen these print at home Filofax planner pages sets

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Around here, my birthday is just around the corner, and this tote is on my wish list. Now to decide which pattern, design and monogram style.
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On this Thankful Thursday, I am grateful for a husband that scrapes the snow from the driveway before he leaves for work, for the privilege of having insurance so that I may get my mammogram screening every year and for my hair appointment today to cover those pesky gray roots.

High Points This Week

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Whenever I think of high points of the week, I remember the "big bang" moments, don't you? But, if it were not for my habit of journaling my grateful thoughts I wouldn't remember the extraordinarily ordinary everyday moments that mean more and make my life MY life and end up being the moments that really count.

Okay, now on to catching up on sharing my December 2018 #30lists mini book. You can see more photos and learn more than you ever want to know about me here.

List 8 | Songs on Repeat
Our oldest girl sang "Mary Did You Know" at church and our youngest girl captured it on video. Whenever I listen, I get happy tears. I cannot believe that she can sing so beautifully. Of course, her DaDa has an awesome voice so she definitely gets her talent from him. Well, both my girls do, our youngest is quite the singer herself.

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List 9 | Things I Am Grateful For
Okay, so journaling my grateful thoughts is not new for me, it's a practice I'm quite used to. Some days it's as simple as finally getting to the grocery store to buy more of my favorite yogurt for breakfast and other days I need more room, and a bigger journal, to put my heart into it

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If documenting your thankful thoughts is something you might like to try, find more journals and notebooks in my shop here.

List 10 | High Points This Week
The coin envelope already came with the NOTED stamped on the flap, but I added the sticker for my list prompt and then used one of these die cuts to hold the date on my journaling card.

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#30lists December Challenge

The #30lists December challenge is over and I'm still playing catch up with posting my lists.  And can it even be that we're already into our second week of 2018? If you missed my journal set up, how I'm using journaling cards or List 1 now's the time to go check them out.

List 2 | On My Calendar This Month
Because everyone's December calendar is sure to be full, here are just a few highlights:

Hello 2018

Drag image to your desktop and print this 4x6 journaling card, in Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year, and use it for all your memory keeping projects.