#30lists December Challenge

The #30lists December challenge is over and I'm still playing catch up with posting my lists.  And can it even be that we're already into our second week of 2018? If you missed my journal set up, how I'm using journaling cards or List 1 now's the time to go check them out.

List 2 | On My Calendar This Month
Because everyone's December calendar is sure to be full, here are just a few highlights:

Our December's have included Parks and Rec basketball games for years and years and years. It won't even seem like December when our last kiddo ages out next year. Sniffle. The Pom Pom paper clip came with the journal embellishment kit {still one remains} and you can find sets of the retro red lined labels in the shop.

Want to find out what I tucked inside the kraft paper bag?

List 3 | Moments to Capture This Season
Time gets away from me during the holidays...activities, sports, practices and then of course, the shop. I didn't let that stop me from making my list though, I just rummaged through some phrase stickers and chose the ones that made me smile. And of course, moments to capture.

The arrow die cut came in the embellishment kit.

List 4 | Affirmations to Keep in Mind
In my opinion, positive self talk goes a long way. It's so easy to be brought down by any number of things, circumstances and actions throughout the day, so me reminding myself that even on a not-so-good day that there is something to be thankful for is a good thing.

List 5 | My Winter Style
We had a crafting event at church which ended with lots of ribbon scraps and everyone knew to pass them along to me...I don't let a thing go to waste. I just scrunched up the scrap and attached it with my mini stapler. Ta Da!

Library Cards | sets of 10 and 20 

...and now that I look at my list, I'm not sure my winter style even changes from year-to-year.  I've been lucky to find great bargains on cashmere at TJMaxx so I don't feel so guilty about treating myself.

List 6 | This Time Last Year
For some time, I had been trying to convince Isabella to sing in the church choir. She wouldn't. Then, one day she said she would if I would.

The choice of paper for today's list was quite by accident. But when I saw it, I knew exactly what I could document. Isabella and Victoria have lovely voices. Me, not so much. Isabella said that she would sing in the Church choir if I would sing as well. So, yeah, this Mama did that. She's definitely the superstar, though. You can listen to her singing, "Mary Did You Know" here, scroll down to the December 4th post.

List 7 | Things I Always Have Handy Just In Case
Just last night, when Victoria asked if I had a pen, Gordon chuckled at the thought that I would be without a pen. Guess he has my number.

Journaling Card | Set of 4

If you like mixed media journals like this one, check out the Mini Books + Journals section. The next #30lists challenge {affiliate link} begins in March!

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