Things You Should Know About Me

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The December 30 Days of Lists challenge has begun and I'm all in. I guess you could say that I really do love this concept, it will be my 15th time journaling my right now story. Now on to the lists! Oh, and you may have notice that the polkad dotted card is not included in the journal. I used this tutorial showing how to add pages to your spiral bound mini books and journals so I could have a reminder of the month and date.

Here's the journal I'm using for this round, there are only 2 left and they are a ready to ship item. Included is an awesome embellishment pack that includes that cutie pie red and green pom pom paper clip.

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Metal Rimmed Tags | Set of 10

The red polka dotted journaling card was a part of a 4-card freebie set with registration but you can also find it in the shop. I like to include an "All About Me" card for each round of listing and I used a holiday themed card, part of the Tis the Season journaling card set, to tuck inside the kraft paper bag pocket.

Here's the post sharing how I embellished my Tis the Season card.

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I usually snag all my mostly used letter sticker sets and use them for the list prompts, but that takes make sure that whatever set it is has all the letters to spell out at least one word in the list prompts. So, I decided that my much neglected letter and date roller stamps will get a work out for list prompt duty this month.

List 1 | Things You Should Know About Me
If you've been hanging around with me for a while, you know more than a few things about me. Maybe much more than you really want to know. But here are a few more to add to the list of Monika. Oh, and I should have added that I am the world's most horrible stamper, but it's fun and done.

Red Bracket Journal Card | part of a 4-card set
Kraft Paper Bag | sets of 10, 25 and 50

I have more fun mixed paper journals and mini books in the shop and even a Gratitude Journal with 80+ mixed papers, envelopes, more. This year, I even offer the option to only have the papers {without the monthly cardstock tabbed pages} giving you more freedom to journal your thankful thoughts on your own schedule. Shop all Gratitude Journals here, to choose which one is your favorite.

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