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So many people search for Alphabet of Our Love list ideas and end up here on the blog, where it all began! I've never published an idea list and thought that, with Valentine's Day just around the corner, it might be a great time to share an Idea Guide.

The first time I featured the Alphabet of Our Love mini album that I had made for my husband Gordon, I never expected it would receive all the attention it has. Can you believe that post alone has been viewed over 323,000 times?

And then when I shared the mini album again, just in time for Valentine's Day in 2011, I featured the awesomeness of The Twinery. Each Alphabet of Our Love mini album is wrapped in a color-matched shade of baker's twine.

Alphabet of Our Love |

And then when I shared the mini album again, just in time for Valentine's Day in 2011, I featured the awesomeness of The Twinery. Each Alphabet of Our Love mini album is wrapped in a color-matched shade of baker's twine.

Naturally, many people also visit this blog looking for ideas for each letter of the alphabet. I didn't want to share all my letter ideas because, you know, they're kind of the alphabet of OUR love, but maybe these will help you to get your creative juices flowing.

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  1. I ordered this from you several years ago and it was so much fun to do! For weeks I brainstormed ideas for each letter and then when I got it in the mail, I started putting the ideas onto the pages. Wen I gave it to my husband for Valentines's Day, we had so much fun reading through all the pages together-talking and laughing as we remembered our precious memories over what was then 22 years of marriage. It was the best and I have Monika to thank for giving me the ideas and the beautiful book to create this memorable gift! Thanks Monika!!

    1. I choked up reading your comment and it just makes me so happy to know that you had as much fun remembering all your special moments as you both had together reading them again as you gave your Sweetie his gift. Guys pretend to be tough, but I have found that they really do appreciate when they are appreciated for all the mushy, kind, supportive and endearing things they do that make our lives with them precious and worthy. Thanks for sharing this, I loved reading it!

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