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I'm working my little fingers into a crafting frenzy while preparing projects and layouts for a guest hosting week coming up soon. I'll let you know when it goes live!

Opening up my Etsy shop has introduced me to some very lovely people, including some of my know who you are! {insert smile} Just this morning when I opened my e-mail, I had a message from this lovely blogger and etsy entrepreneur. I wish that I had known about these when my son was younger! Mothers of boys, and I know you're out there, aren't those the cutest thing?

In the e-mail, scarletpoppe sent me a link to her blog post that featured one of my newest items in the shop...the rules of love art poster print. {I originally titled the print :: love rules :: but my 18-year old son said that it didn't sound right and suggested rules of love. So that's what I named it. Gotta support his support and interest in what the ole' Momster is doing!}

I had an {a-ha} moment the other day...the family/house rules poster has been such a success, why not showcase the rules of love, too. So I did.

The print is available in other colors. The apple green was suggested by a prospective customer, I listed it this morning and she bought the first copy within 5 minutes of it being listed! Thank're my first Canadian customer!

If you'd like to purchase this poster, but want a different color...just ask. I am so happy to work on creating the color you need.


  1. Love the posters and the tie! It's so hard to find cute boy stuff sometimes....


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