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5 on the 5th | august 2014

8.15.2014  at 8:00 AM

Half of the fifth day of August had already passed before I even realized that it was #5onthe5th time. Not one to be outdone, the decision to document our everyday, normal afternoon routine was made. It was noted in my Filofax, but it still slipped my mind. 

So, here we go with an afternoon in our life.

#photo challenge #5onthe5th
What is 5 on the 5th? Read more here.

August 2014

#5onthe5th #photochallenge #documenting life
1  |  One smart cookie picked up and eating her snack and we're in the school pick-up line waiting for smart little cookie number two.

2  |   This is the extra long middle school pick-up line that extends off school property onto the highway where cars park along the median to wait. 

photo challenge
3  |  Smart cookie number two is on board and eating her snack as we do our daily run to the post office to ship fun packages to my customers all over the world.

photo challenge
4  |  The afternoon #5onthe5th escapades continue as Spunkerdoodle snoozes during the 4 minute ride home from the post office. 3rd grade is wearing her out!

5  |  Our day is always better with a little ice cream smothered with fresh fruit. We sliced our load of peaches, thinking that we may try to make another batch of homemade peach ice cream.

TIP OF THE DAY: Dunk your peaches in boiling water for a bit, the skins will then easily peel off. 

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all photos made using my iPhone 5s

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