from 11 days to 11 years

Yesterday, our dear, sweet and loving Isabella celebrated her 11th birthday.

Gordon and I, and our entire family, waited many, many years to be blessed with a child. And blessed we were. She has had our hearts from her very first minute, tiny thing that she was. 

She continues to amaze us with her charming spirit, witty nature, quiet demeanor and academic abilities. Yeah, we think she's something special.

oma, papa and nana with isabella | august 13, 2003

Zach was 11 when Isabella was born and he was, and is, the best big brother his two sisters could ever want. He has adored her, his Bellstar, and spoiled her and loved her from day one. People would ask me if Zach was jealous of her, and I never saw that in him. 

If he would find the time to call more often, they would be in heaven. But, when he is with them, he is all theirs...building forts, watching Scooby Doo, playing outside and reading bedtime stories. Yeah, we kind of miss him.

zach with isabella | august 4, 2003

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  1. Happy Birthday Isabella!! So glad you had a happy celebration with all the people you love! I hope your 11th year is full of fun, adventure, and new discoveries!


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