the best is yet to come

As a Mom making her second run at motherhood, Zach is 22 now and the girls are 11 and 13 years younger than him, I knew that this would happen. I knew that the girls would become more independent.

I was totally unprepared to hear Isabella utter the words, "I want to go into the dressing room by myself." when we were at the mall last week after her 11-year checkup. I heard her say those words while at the same time seeing the grandmotherly dressing room clerk glance my way, take pity on me with a sweet smile, and then address Isabella and compliment her on wanting to learn how to go to the dressing room by herself.

I had my big girl pants on and waited just outside the dressing room and tried not to think about it while I checked my phone for e-mails. Then it hit me, I should take a picture of this. So I did.

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JOURNALING | This is me. Waiting on you. It broke my heart just a little bit when you said you wanted to go into the dressing room by yourself. But...I know that this is just a part of you wanting to grow up and be you. One day, I think, we'll be back in that dressing room together picking the absolutely perfect pair of jeans. At least I hope so. 

Gold Doily and Enamel Dot Detail |
Layered Stickers Detail |

I felt sad for not getting to go into the dressing room with her. I feel happy that she's growing up and wanting to be independent. 

And this I know, the best is yet to come.

DESIGN NOTE | I asked a question on Instagram, when I posted three paper choices, on which one I should choose. I liked the mint polka dots, too, but the gray just fit my mood and seemed the right fit with the yellowish photo and layered stickers. The gorgeous gold doily was in a goody package from my friend Gina, here's the glassine bag, the embellies are from My Mind's Eye and the grey shipping tag is from a deal site.


  1. It turned out great. This is my favorite kind of scrap page, simplicity at it's best.

  2. I feel your pain & joy!
    Just moved my son far away


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